The scenery of Yuexi Valley is so beautiful and quiet no matter when it comes. This quiet environment greatly affects players. All players here are gentle and not impatient. If you are tired of playing games, it is also a pleasure to visit Yuexi Valley and the moon. More importantly, the girls here are absolutely dazzling and lingering.

But if a man with a "family" in Yang Ye can do this!
Else, walk straight and walk like the wind. Yang Ye glanced at Qin Yan and read it and recorded the coordinates himself-it was not far from a small place in the valley of the moon.
Then what are you waiting for? The speed of drawing weapons is crazy. In an instant, Yang Ye disappears into the crowd like the wind … to be continued.
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Chapter 191 The most beautiful flower
In os, there are many things like vice industry and his life occupation, such as Yang Ye being an enchanter, which is considered as a kind of vice industry, while Qin Yan’s choice of a florist belongs to his life occupation. There are some differences between these two things, but there is no big problem. Although they are different, it is just a little finer.
For life professional players, it is always "leisure", "entertainment", "chatting" and "girls", which is mostly caused by the lack of passion in life career. After all, they will not be involved in pk and explosive equipment, and some of them will not leave the main city!
This seems to have really talked a little.
But it’s not a department, such as "adventurer". The career of adventurer aims at "exploring" and "discovering". This fun often goes in and out of some strange places where ordinary players can’t go. During this period, a lot of hidden things are revealed, and most of them are done by these adventurers.
This kind of professional death is also a common occurrence, and sometimes it is necessary to endure loneliness and terror. They will not meet any players in the places they go deep into, so there are not many female players who choose this kind of game, usually curious men.
A more relaxed and leisurely life, there are more occupations. Fishing, planting flowers and vegetables are no different from ordinary life. Shu Qinyan, a florist, is this kind-planting flowers.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that this kind of occupation doesn’t need to be upgraded. After all, some flowers will not be planted at a low level, and some flowers with bright looks and high prices will be poisoned if they are touched with poison. If the level is not enough, they will be poisoned directly!
How about upgrading the florist?
After changing jobs as a florist, the florist can receive a lot of experience during the growth of each flower and after it is completed. With this florist, the speed of continuous upgrading is not much slower than that of normal combat players, but there is no equipment.
However, good flowers can be sold out, np will buy many players, and sometimes they will buy the gold coins so that they can buy equipment or continue to buy flower seeds.
It’s been a while since Qin Yan changed her job as a florist, but it’s a pity that when she played too few times, the flower planting department withered and withered, which made her feel distressed. Florists are more dangerous than some life professions because they need to plant flowers in the wild after buying them, and they may be killed-strange or people.
Flowers can be planted and grown anywhere in the wild. It’s worth saying that there is almost no fertile land. First, some flowers are aggressive when they grow up. They will take the initiative to attack passers-by. If you accidentally hang up when passing through a flower field, it’s your bad luck-not only the equipment may be directly lost to the florist, but the florist will not bear the responsibility, and the evil value will increase.
Therefore, there have been cases before when florists maliciously planted aggressive flowers to attack passers-by. As a result, this flower field was directly destroyed by angry players! The reverse is also true. If there are flowers in the flower field that attack you, if you are strong enough, you can directly destroy the flower field without punishment.
On the way to find Qin Yan, Yang Ye passed several offensive flowers. There was a small card on the edge of the flower field, which roughly said that there were offensive flowers in this flower field. Please be careful! On the one hand, wake passers-by to pay attention not to enter the flower field, on the other hand, warn malicious people not to make trouble.
When you see this kind of Yang Ye, you choose to take a detour. He is not a troublemaker.
The farther you go to the novice village, the lower the flower level in the flower field. When you reach the junction of Yuexi Valley and novice village, the flower level here has been reduced to level 1, and the professional players who are busy living in the flower field are also about level 10.
Yang Ye saw Qin smoke in a small flower field.
At this time, she wore the most common floral hair suit, a long skirt with colorful flowers and strong color impact, which made people feel a kind of vulgar feeling. The skirt was so long that it almost mopped the floor and covered up the bust, and even the ankle could not be seen. This skirt with light green fabric left after the flowers were decorated wrapped around the collarbone, and two bright lotus flowers bloomed, which made people want to laugh for a while.
Qin Yan’s face hasn’t changed much. It’s still beautiful. She didn’t choose to change when she created it. She wiped it carefully on a delicate petal for fear of hurting it too hard. O, it’s a different kind of tenderness.
Yang Ye quietly looked at the person inside outside the flower field surrounded by a low fence with insufficient calf height.
Flowers are shining around her, and every petal is decorated with water color. In the warm sunshine, it shines with soft luster, and it folds and caresses her face, which is more touching and beautiful against her leisure cheeks.
She is the most beautiful flower in this small flower field.
"Hee hee ….. you wear so strange" Huatianbian Yang Ye and Qin Yan have sat two people talking lightly and seem to be interested in Yang Ye’s weird equipment. Qin Yan Xi Xi said with a smile.
It’s nothing for Yang Ye to look down, but it’s because the equipment of "Giant Bear Spirit" is too glaring and the fire throat suits on both sides are not right.
"Did you just change your equipment and get used to it?" Yang Ye smiled slant head eyes pointed to the flower field behind and then looked at qin smoke.
"It’s fun. In the game, it’s ugly and funny. That bug is so cute that I don’t want to catch them." Qin Yan smiled very much.
"Are you? How cute is it? I also want to see if I can’t grow flowers and teach me, "Yang Ye said.
"Yeah, I’ll give you flowers. My flowers are very expensive. It takes a gold coin to buy the best flower! You should be careful not to plant it badly. "Qin Yan looked at Yang Ye with a narrow mind and smiled at her wrinkled nose." Every flower is a baby. You have to take good care of them! "
"Yes, yes!" Yang Ye rushed to nod.
Yang Ye, a basic "florist", treated these "babies" cruelly and died one after another. No matter how much Yang Ye begged Qin Yan, he didn’t want to give him another seed. Finally, he couldn’t go to another low-level florist not far away to spend a few gold coins and buy some flower seeds.
When the florist saw a weapon shining with strange luster, he couldn’t see it, but he could feel the super-high level players coming to his ten-level flower field. He was speechless for fear that Yang Ye’s sword would upset him and plant flowers.
I bought a kind of Yang Ye and went back to the Qin fireworks field. In her eyes, she planted flowers like a child full of interest. A florist like Yang Ye can successfully plant fewer flowers and less than one hundred species, but it is impossible to succeed in one. A florist can plant one hundred species and can plant one hundred flowers for you! Or a florist?
Thankfully, Yang Ye, a "God-class miner’s hat" with a secret device, finally let him plant a successful bud after pinpointing the tiny time.
When Yang Ye succeeded, it was noon, and Li Yanxin was invited to take Qin Yan and several aunts to have dinner and reconnect.
After Qin Yan carefully watered and exterminated the "Yang Wildflower", Yang Ye took Qin Yan to the rainy city.
Pick up "the first shop" and "the first shop" at the same time!
"Boss, they’re back." In a dark corner of rainy city, a rat-eyed assassin sent such a sentence to his hair.
This single-handedly contributed to the np Hill and the No.2 person in the Huiyao Workshop. This period of time is uncomfortable. There is no other reason. It is the damn Hill np!
Somehow, the old man Hill kept saying that his technology has made great progress recently. Even the fairy equipment can add a very strong resistance effect to the abnormal state of the abyss, and it is necessary to send it to the fairy equipment for a try.
But where is the fairy level when the glory is dim? Even if he did, he wouldn’t be bold enough to experiment on this np. If he doesn’t, he won’t cry to death!
However, since this np says that his technology has grown, the low-level success rate should also be improved. The boss, Shuang Yi, combined, although it is too advanced, they can still make a lot of money even if they fail.
Such a thought is good and feasible!
So the boss gave Hui Yao a few dozen pieces of equipment, many of which have spiritual levels! It’s the first time that so many spiritual equipment are shaking hands. Without saying anything, I immediately sent it to Hill and repeatedly asked Hill to exercise carefully.
A few days later, I was dumbfounded at the sight of Lingzhuang, and there were only a few pieces of gold-grade equipment left, which was also pitiful! In one sentence, the old man needs to be cautious when experimenting with risky investments!
Well, there’s nothing to say about the fading of the glory. I have to report it with the rest of the equipment. Although there’s nothing to say verbally, the eyes are suspecting that he’s fading out of the equipment!
This can’t be done! It’s so wrong!
Just then, the detective reported that the promise war had entered the Hill Lab!
This news made Yao Hui dim and pay attention to it directly. No matter what Yao Shuang thinks of him, tell him directly that the boss over there is also calm and immediately make him stare at the promise war!
There was no news in the next few days, but just this morning, a post appeared in the forum, "The First Shop" selling Abyss Abnormal State Resistance Equipment!
Now, who doesn’t know that his Glory Workshop is the "first" seller who specializes in selling Abyss Abnormal State Resistance Equipment? What does it mean at this time?
However, after going in and out of Hill’s laboratory several times before and after the war, the promise sold the abyss abnormal state resistance equipment, which made the Huiyao workshop faintly feel that something was wrong, but what if the other party took the equipment as they did?
Well, it’s hard to say that there are shops waiting for him to open now
If it’s true, I’m sorry … to be continued.
Chapter 192 Sell!
The news that the "first store" will have a large number of special props and equipment for sale has been known to everyone in just a few hours after Yang Ye’s own post. There is no way that it is really the "first store" to sell things, which is too eye-catching and simply forcibly eye-catching
Without a promise, my friend squatted outside the door of the "first house" and waited for the door without eating lunch; More than a dozen friends with promises are constantly bombarding Yang Ye with news, that is, "Promise you won’t sell me any more, I’m in a hurry with you!" In this case
Yang Ye didn’t leave enough, let alone sell it directly to them and immediately refused to buy it by himself! You know, when this group of guild presidents make a move, the absolute price competition will be more intense, especially when the demand for weapon sharpening agents is calculated.
The presidents were shut out of the door, and Ned sent someone to run outside the "first house" and followed the working masses to squat down and guard the door.
Near noon, the "first house" was already full of people. Compared with the last two days, it was almost a day by day. Now, not only a large number of players gathered here, but also a large number of players from the top ten main cities were attracted. The scene was really lively.