The gods get a blood, which not only means 2 extra rewards, but also because sending a blood is opposite to C and getting a blood is the connection between Yunfeng gods and gods, SS will inevitably bear greater pressure.

The game went smoothly, and the referee saved the game when the gods took a blood and VS walked away and approached the Woods.
I just tensed my nerves and then relaxed. Just as VS and the gods were about to be busy separately, the shadow of the map was the road near the river. There was a group of 4422 wild monsters that had risen to level 2 with 6 mysteries. My younger brother just came out of the shadow and gave it to me. Just after eating a tree, he was ready to return his blood volume to half. huskar, an abhorrent god, was immediately dizzy on the spot.
Then six small mysteries and mysteries raise one’s hand and it is a volley.
(PS took a bloody wretched peak, can it save the day? How will Lin Feng, the first gunman, behave to make readers flutter and brush up ~)
The first chapter is blessed with double happiness.
I was shot by the mystery for a younger brother. The gods showed that I didn’t expect such a Cheng Yaojin to die halfway. At this time, Yunfeng Nerve was accepted by a round of volley, and the blood of the gods was severely stimulated. This thing is like meeting my mother-in-law with a brother just after a good night from heaven and man, but every normal man feels like a body blow.
Besides, the gods have been overexertion because of the siege of the crypt just now, but they are injured. They are preparing to find a quiet place to recuperate, which is a bit like the male pig’s feet in a certain film, and they have not recovered their combat effectiveness at all.
God in danger is not fighting alone.
Because the road ate a tree and delayed the journey, the god was actually behind VS, that is to say, when the mystery and the younger brother completed a volley and the god turned backwards, fuck VS Lin Feng, who had already played and walked to the front of the mystery. At this time, if VS raised his hand and held a magic arrow, then the mystery must give up and continue to point to the god.
But come didn’t release the magic arrow.
I have released the mystery of hatred and took away nearly half of the remaining blood of the gods in a volley, and because of my excellent body range, it is 1 yard longer than VS and the gods, which ensures that I am not exposed to the range of the gods, and my first six hands are a little short. Although I took a step forward, the volley fire was sufficient, and I also had 45 ranges to complete the explosion of the gods in the early stage and 4 yards.
The true revenge soul dares to face the bleak situation.
After the consciousness, the gods have always focused on the path of the mystery VS.
Lin Fengcao VS didn’t go out with bold bare shoes in the early stage. Because of the positioning and wandering assistance, three branches were called attributes. A group of artificial eyes controlled the rest of the field of vision and bought supplies.
Although VS decisively ate a tree around him at the moment when the mystery appeared, it was also dropped by a tower of Natural Disaster Road, and VS was not full of blood at this time.
295 moving speed For Lin Feng, it’s still no problem to get stuck in a married with children wretched stick to the forest and kill the gods, a surprise mystery.
Stuck a mystery and a small mystery pulled a distance, and because of the small mystery attack, the small mystery and the god pulled a distance. The god has spared a mystery in the forest on the left side of Luyedian and lost his view of the god.
The mystery of losing sight is that I am angry. Looking at the card position around me, VS raises my hand and wants to go back and give this coquettish woman some color to see.
Seeing that the situation is not good, VS behaves like an unarmed lamb, wandering around a tree behind the mystery in a hurry. It seems that he doesn’t know whether to continue to protect the gods or walk away from the tower alone.
Mystery watching your CD will hate you, and there will be a catch-up in front of you. VS has already figured out whether it is HIANDRUN or not, and then when two rounds of volley are violent, the front has always been desperate. VS is a magic arrow.
The mystery is so depressing. Looking at coquettish, this twist is a magic arrow VS, just like some cartoons have always been cute. It seems that the little girl suddenly gave the protagonist a sap on the street corner when the plot developed to a critical moment. Vertigo for 175 seconds was a nightmare at the end of the early stage.
Just around the mystery, my younger brother saw that his eldest brother was thrown by a woman’s hand with a plank brick, and less than half of his blood was missing. When he decisively moved evil thoughts on this figure, he saw the mystery. Six younger brothers spit a round of water VS less than half of their blood, and it was difficult to show that the black stockings were scratched, as if they were floating in the wind and broken.
A real man won’t give up. He made a shield on his escape route, got stuck, and took a round of obscene younger brother volley at women.
The situation is that Yunfeng and Linfeng, two passionate good friends, are good friends.
Although there are more than 100 points of blood in the red blood, the gods spared a circle and ate the second tree at the same time. At the same time, they went to the weak side of the mystery. For this bad guy who just made an enemy and the younger brother was still molesting his own woman, without saying anything, it was a fat beating superimposed on ten layers. Berserker’s blood cooperated with Yunfeng hiandrun to go back with him directly in two seconds. VS took the mystery away.
The magnetic baritone echoed in the natural disaster field, and Yunfeng and Lin Feng, the initiators of this mysterious crypt murder, successfully took away the crypt mystery and dedicated one blood and two blood.
Get one or two blood gods to swim smoothly and get assists. What wonderful performance will VS have after experiencing road fright?
Stay tuned.
A VS triggered a bloody case.
Chapter 9 The protagonist is not the point
Of course, you have to make a set when you come out to play. No, then how can you come out and hang out?
Lin Feng has always felt that he is a person with a very professional ethics. Every gunman has a gunman who consciously helps the gods to get one blood and then cooperates with the gods to get two blood. However, if it is only one or two blood, then this scene is not a set.
What will happen to a remnant blood VS online? Of course, I was thought of by a group of men with normal physiology across the street.
What kind of plot will happen around a man who has got one blood and two blood in the middle of the road and seems to want to continue to assist VS in the middle of the road? Is to assist teammates to assist? Or do you want to put out the fragrance and jade?
No, no, no, this is not a self-mutilation novel, but a cool novel.
So VS said that she was quietly eating a stealth, gently circling and then shooting at the wood! Of course, a girl as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade must have no gun.