Under normal circumstances, a commander with normal IQ would not rush into an alien warship in this situation, and Bruno thought the same thing.

But Bruno knows very well that his tricks can’t be concealed from the Americans. The reinforcements must have flown by helicopter at a speed of more than 100 kilometers, and the distance takes half an hour.
The alien warship is just around the corner. If he doesn’t hurry before reinforcements arrive, I’m afraid there’s nothing wrong with this warship in France.
Bruno personally took a group of soldiers into the warship-this is not the first time humans have entered an alien warship, but the French have broken through!
There are quite a few alien warships that arrived on the earth two months ago, but there are really not many opportunities to fall into the atmosphere. Although Europe is no longer the center of the world, many old military powers have crashed into Europe, and they were either blown up by anti-missile missiles or submerged by heavy artillery fire after landing. In the end, Europeans got nothing except some fragments of alien warships.
China, the United States and Russia have all been in close contact with alien warships in their own territories, and they dare not say how much they know about alien warships, or at least know a little about them.
However, other than these, the situation in his country is almost the same as that in France. There are no fragments, and I don’t know what the alien battleship department is like at all.
Today, I finally got a glimpse of the true face of an alien warship. Bruno found himself a little nervous at heart.
The hull of the warship is very thick, two or three meters thick, which is probably too long when it stops in the tropical rain forest. The cracks are covered with moss, which makes Bruno think that the broken surface of the hull is long enough to name plants.
Curiously, he touched the gun and pulled out his saber with a strong attachment. With a slight blow, he immediately scraped a half-finger-thick layer to expose the fracture surface.
Bruno has never seen an alien warship, but he has heard that the shell of this thing is not metal, nor is it a nonmetal known to mankind. Up to now, no laboratory has claimed to have cracked this substance.
Passing through the crack is a very tall cabin. There is no decoration in the cabin. It can be seen at a glance, but the bulkhead and ceiling caught Bruno’s attention. He found that the wall was a little rough, and when he looked closely, he found that it was the surface pattern of the wall.
Bruno said it was not a feeling, but his intuition told him that these patterns were not that simple.
Let him stay here for research when he doesn’t have time. Bruno simply ordered two soldiers to stay here and record all the wall patterns. It is a great achievement for them to do a good job. He doesn’t worry about them at all.
How high is the hatch for two people? Half the team continues to cross the hatch to show that there is a huge corridor in front of everyone that can accommodate two cars in parallel.
The corridor is very wide and high, but it is not long at all, but it is more than ten meters, and the corridor has a slope, which is high on the left and low on the right.
A group of French soldiers, like granny Liu, entered the Grand View Garden and looked around curiously for a small discussion.
After the alien warship landed, the base remained horizontal, but this corridor was inclined. The soldiers inferred from this that aliens did not know that there was such a thing as a gangway in this world.
Bruno thought the soldiers had a good discussion. He thought for a moment and led the troops to the right.
He didn’t know what was in the warship, but his intuition told him that there should be something unusual in the bottom cabin.
I walked along the corridor and turned several turns. There was a spacious cabin behind each turn, and each cabin was the same as the one when I came in.
However, the situation soon changed. When Bruno and others hit the fourth cabin, Bruno suddenly saw a tall alien in the cabin!
Bruno and the soldiers can raise their guns successfully, but the alien still doesn’t move.
Bruno can’t be careless. Just shoot him first.
The bullet penetrated the alien’s forehead, and the alien didn’t respond at all.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Bruno led the team to the aliens to study the body carefully. Unfortunately, no one was an expert in this field. Except for seeing that the body was equipped with the same materials as the warships, it was never found again.
Bruno hesitated and finally ordered the soldiers to drag the body into the corridor and take it out when they were ready to leave the ship.
Then he went on with his troops and found a large number of ant eggs in one of his cabins. Bruno gritted his teeth and threw two grenades into it.
Immediately, another particularly spacious cabin of the army found a viscous liquid nearly ten centimeters thick, which spread all over the cabin floor, but no one could tell what this thing was.
The ground in the cabin is lower than the ground level in the corridor, Bruno, so it is judged that this is what it was, and it was not formed after the forced landing of the earth.
There are also many speculations about the mucus. Some people think it is warship fuel, some think it is alien food, and some think it is alien building materials.
Bruno, the soldiers poured a kettle and filled it with mucus during the argument, ready to take it back and study it.
Playing a cabin with troops was still covered with mucus, but Bruno was dismayed to find a coach lying in the depths of the cabin, similar to goliath beetles.
If yip hon here will recognize that this is the giant beetle that escaped into the ground with aliens on its back, Beidu officially named this thing "Car Bug" two months ago.
Even more unexpected to Bruno, this car bug is actually alive!
Chapter 74 Hanchong
The car bug stayed in the deepest part of the cabin, and I don’t know what disturbed this big guy. Its head tentacles quickly shook a few washbasins, and its huge compound eyes stuck out and stared at the hatch.