"Death …"

"Is it dead?"
The working girl stammered.
Others didn’t answer, one by one, looking solemn and desperate.
If the sad flower core is destroyed, the green vines outside can’t still be covered by all the white green vines in the capital and Taiping government.
Everyone was surrounded by groups.
Prison Libra is really dead!
But he died to protect the sad flower core. Without punishment, it may be more dangerous for Libra to have only sad flowers.
The core is not far ahead.
But …
People have the strength to watch several green vines spread and wrap the fist-sized green crystals around the core.
But the blink of an eye is even denser than before.
Even if everyone’s strength is intact and damaged, it is estimated that they can’t get close to it again.
It’s late
Alles showed despair.
"Crack …"
Zhao Fujia picked the side head of consciousness between the eyebrows.
On one knee, Brown slowly looked up with a face of surprise and looked at the figure in the field.
Others have reacted in succession and looked surprised, especially in the expression of the military, which is deeply fearful.
Working girls look a clot.
She gave warning signs at the right time in battle.
When you find a high concentration of energy nearby, please stay away from it! Stay away from it! Stay away from it!’
Since wearing this dress, she has never encountered a warning sign of a dangerous level, even before Zhao Fujia.
Zhou Jia …
How is that possible?
The roar echoed in the field.
The vines near the foot soil were suddenly shattered on the spot by several fine lights
Tianpingxing is good and evil!
Reward good and punish evil, king of the underworld
Source star goes into the unknown sea, and the source force rolls with the influx.
Jingyuan third-order peak!
The second peak of Shenyuan!
The second peak of vitality!
Physical force …
Beyond the third order!
The strength that broke out when the essence, qi and spirit were integrated with one heart was beyond the description of the so-called third order.
Take a step up!
Five thunder!
Double the power of Lei Fa Men!
God is good!
Double speed!
Five elements of thunder!