What a coincidence?
Zhou Jia moved his eyes in his heart and couldn’t help but slightly narrowed his eyes. A stream of murder emerged from his heart and his hand holding the axe handle tightened.
"Teacher Zhou" Keser laughed in the previous step.
"Long time no see"
"Well …" Zhou Jia eyes flashing.
"What is the pavilion?"
"I’m Master He’s brother Keser." Keser Lang smiled and approached.
"How many times have we met in the martial arts school?"
"It turned out to be a senior brother." Zhou Jia’s face was slightly loose and he quietly pressed the murder
"It’s great to hear that Master He was killed in the Battle of Beast Tide, and other senior brothers have disappeared."
"After the riots, Zhou also went to the city, but unfortunately the original place was only in ruins and there was no way to contact others."
"hey!" Speaking of this, Keser couldn’t help smiling and shaking his head and sighing.
"There are too many facts that happened when the master was killed and his brothers suffered, and I don’t know where to start."
"But we should help each other after we are fellow disciples."
"Brother said yes," Zhou Jia nodded and looked back. A little anxiety emerged in his heart and he simply spoke frankly.
"It’s getting late. Brother is here for something?"
"Something" Keser nodded.
"I want to invite you to join the Second Elder."
"Two elders?" Zhou Jia raises eyebrows
"Not bad!" Keser should be
"In the words of the Dalin Dynasty, the chaos in Huojiabao today is just the time when the two elders are ambitious and ready to unite their own forces to form a Covenant to bind Huojiabao together. It is just the right time for our other disciples to take refuge."
This is exactly the same as Han Fat, but the two elders disagree.
"Sorry" Zhou Jia shook his head.
"Zhou has always been used to being alone, and his brother’s kindness is appreciated."
"Zhou don’t be ungrateful" Tan Dong squinting cold way.
"We saw you coming out from Han Pang. Have you joined the three elders over there? What are their plans? "
"I don’t know what you’re talking about." Zhou Jia’s side head was indifferent.
"Neither the second elder nor the third elder Zhou is interested. Please leave if there is nothing else."
"I really have something to do!"
He had to emphasize the last sentence.