"All we need is for people to see that we will have greater benefits after helping us through the difficulties for nothing."

"Luan falling into the city can not help us much."
"But not without"
He took out a letter from his sleeve, which was bought from Yunlai Pavilion at a large price, and it was a lot of information about the strong silver in Luan Luocheng.
Most of the silver has its own foundation and will not enter his small business.
And some silver doesn’t like trouble.
There are not many people who can try it.
"Zhou Jia?"
The last name, Yuzryha, hesitated
This is a recent visitor. Silver shouldn’t have any foundation in the past. Maybe it’s a success, but she’s a little old.
In bianhuang
Old silver often means unpredictable danger.
"Well …"
"Keep it for future use"
Chapter 13 Going out for the first time
Before Qian Ji entered the Taoist school, his surname was Zhang, and his younger generation was Zhang Niannian, 43, a middle-aged man with a simple and honest face.
This man is taciturn and handles things quite neatly.
Just a few days after I came to Zhou Jia, I managed the courtyard in order and hired several maids and maids to help.
Dozens of stars a month is really not expensive.
Pack up the outer court. Zhang gradually came to the second room. This is the deepest part of the courtyard that he can reach. It is forbidden for the second person outside Zhou Jia to step in.
Including him.
"main home"
Shake a shake sleeve Zhang gradually chuishou way
"Three months later, when the elder Shan Bangshi sent someone to send a gift sticker to invite him to his 400-year-old banquet."
Shi Ding?’ Zhou Jia shook his head.
"People who send gifts will not go."
Speaking, he was also examining Zhang gradually standing in the field and slightly forehead.