After all, it will take a lot of risks for her to support the children’s ascension. If it fails, not only her Yuan family, but everyone will be unlucky. She dare not take this risk, so she will settle for second place. King Hui will try to run to the emperor and tell him to marry Yuan Jiahui and Wang Zhengfei.

The queen mother figured this out and sent eunuchs to Xuanhui Wang’s palace.
The Empress Dowager of Yongshou Palace Hall sat down with a loving face and looked at the center of the hall gently, saluting Hui Wang Xiao Qing.
"Grandchildren have seen the emperor’s grandmother."
The queen mother nodded and smiled deeper, of course, it doesn’t mean how much she smiled deeply. None of them in the charity palace is good.
The queen mother smiled and motioned for King Hui to get up. "Get up!"
"Grandma Xie Huang"
King Hui got up and then secretly guessed what the Queen Mother had called him into the palace. The Queen Mother didn’t beat around the bush and said bluntly, "Grandma Qing’s grandmother called you into the palace to discuss something with you."
The queen mother said to discuss Xiao Qing’s heart thumped and sank. What the queen mother said would not be to let him? Xiao Qing thought about his face and said, "Grandma Huang, please say it."
The queen mother won’t beat around the bush with him. Today, she will give Xiao Qing a word. Do you really agree to marry Princess Yuan Jiahui? If he agrees, she doesn’t want to be so much. Be her queen mother, whether the emperor is close to her or not, and whether the children will die of old age or not. Quyang, she dare not take Yuan Fu risks.
"Qinger, do you think it is appropriate for Yuan Jiashen to marry you as a side princess of Huiwang?"
The first Xiao Qing’s face was dark and his eyes could not tell the truth. Although Su Wan turned him down twice and again, Xiao Qing’s mind was full of thoughts about her charming and charming, but she was cruel and everything was the best. He felt that other women were not as good as Su Wan, but he was bored. He knew that he loved Su Wan, and even though she didn’t want to marry, he still wanted to marry her.
If it weren’t for Su Wan, he married Yuan Jiahui, Wang Zhengfei, but there was nothing to show him. How could anyone in his heart give the position of Princess Hui to others? Xiao Qing thought about looking up at the Queen Mother Wen and said, "If you go back to the emperor’s grandmother, Qing Er will obey the arrangement of the emperor’s grandmother."
The queen mother’s face was dim. Xiao Qing said that she was playing Tai Chi with her. He said that obeying her arrangement was to ask her to tell the emperor about it.
If the emperor had agreed, he wouldn’t have pointed Yuan Jia out to him. Now it’s not the same.
She came here to ask him to find a way to get Princess Yuan Jiacheng Hui. I didn’t expect this guy to push the matter into her hands.
The queen mother looked at Xiao Qing with a Gherardini on her cheek and said slowly, "Qing Er, this is your thing. Didn’t your father say that if you want to marry a princess, you can tell him that he will definitely marry you. If you talk, your father will definitely agree."
Xiao Qing said calmly, "Grandmother, father has made a will. If the grandchild speaks, the father will become angry from embarrassment. Then the grandchild will lose his father’s heart and dare not take the risk."
Xiao Qing’s sincere attitude and sincere words made the queen mother itch with anger but reprimanded him.
I can’t find anything wrong with her words. He agrees with everything she does and doesn’t want to disobey the emperor’s will. Look at this grandson who can talk.
The queen mother smiled directly at Xiao Qing and said, "Qing Er, your wings are hard. Grandma Huang can’t move you."
Xiao Qing said with a smile, "Where are the wings of Grandmother’s grandchild hard? Grandchild is afraid of provoking her father’s anger, but Grandmother will tell her father that no matter how she says it, she will not give her face."
This is a slap in the face of the queen mother, because if the emperor looks at her,
The emperor wouldn’t have pointed Yuan Jia to Xiao Qing’s side princess when he saw her face.
The empress dowager’s heart is full of anger, and both of them want to grieve her. They mean to add to her resistance, right?
The queen mother looked at Xiao Qing with a sneer and said, "Does Qing Er mean that if your father agrees to show you Yuan Jia, you will marry Princess Hui?"
"I will certainly obey the will of my grandmother and father."
Xiao Qing’s supercilious kneeling at the bottom means that he will never disobey the queen mother and the emperor.
But he lowered his face with a meaningful smile. In his father’s heart, he was a great candidate. Yuan Jia had been saved by guards. His father was afraid that he would not agree with Yuan Jiahui’s Wang Zhengfei, even if the Queen Mother went, I’m afraid he was not worried at all.
The queen mother couldn’t say how upset she was when she saw Xiao Qing. She wanted Xiao Qing to talk to the emperor, but it was a pity that people were partial and asked her to talk. She also said that the emperor would see her and agree.
The queen mother felt gouged out at the thought of this, but she wanted to try it with her again. She wanted to see how distracted the emperor was with her. The queen mother looked at Xiao Qing with a sullen look in her eyes and said, "Well, you go home. I will tell the emperor about this matter, but if the emperor asks Princess Yuan Jiahui, don’t give me any moths."
"Grandchildren obey orders"
Xiao Qing thanked him and backed out. When he walked out of Yongshou Palace, his handsome face flashed a sarcastic smile. How could it be that his father instructed him to point out Yuan Jia to Princess Hui? Xiao Qing’s feet are not worried about such things at all.
Xiao Qing of Yongshou Palace left soon, and the queen mother left. She really couldn’t sit still. She wondered whether the emperor would give her a face this time or, as always, suppress Weiyuan Houfu and didn’t want Weiyuan Houfu to come out.
The emperor’s room manager heard the eunuch report that the empress dowager had come, and the emperor picked an eyebrow and asked the empress dowager to come into the room.
When the Empress Dowager entered the room, the Emperor got up and helped the Empress Dowager to one side of the room, then sat beside the Empress Dowager and asked, "Is there something that the Empress Dowager came to the room specially to tell me?"