Su Wan closed his eyes and ignored this guy. When he heard Xiao Huang suddenly, he couldn’t help but open his eyes and said, "My business with them is my business and your business."

Xiao Huang’s eyebrows sank and he said coldly, "The world just doesn’t want you to get hurt. Xiao Qing and Xiao Ye are not simple people, and it is necessary to be involved in the imperial strife. It is safer for you to stay away from them."
"They’re just my friends. I’m not involved in what they did to me."
Xiao Huang felt a little better when he heard that Su Wan treated Xiao Qing and Xiao Ye as ordinary friends. Of course, he didn’t go into his mind at the moment.
"That being said, if you have much contact, how can you not be affected?"
Xiao Huang really doesn’t want Su Wan and Xiao Qing Xiao Ye to get too close to each other. First, they are an eyesore and in a bad mood. Second, those two guys are not idle roles. He is afraid that Su Wan will be in trouble if he gets too close to them.
However, Su Wan was too lazy to pay attention to his words, provoking a slender eyebrow and sneering at him coldly. "Xiao Shi, that’s my business. What do I do like you?"
She stopped suddenly and said, "I found one thing. You seem to hate the royal family. Aren’t you a royal brother? You are a Jing Wangfu, but you are a relative of the royal family. Why do you hate them so much?"
Su Wan’s words fell to a good man, who suddenly stopped all over and gathered the cold charm’s murderous breath. His eyebrows screwed up slightly and passed in his eyes. The light was like two drawn swords, and it was cold and abnormal. Even when he spoke, it was cold and there was no temperature.
"Ladies, have you ever heard a word? The more you don’t know, the faster you will die."
Su Wan first stared at Xiao Huang with an ugly face. "Then get out of here. I don’t want to know anything about you. My name is Su Wan."
Su Wan’s fire, Xiao Huang’s cold and grumpy body slowly dispersed. He picked thick black eyebrows and smiled in his eyes. "This is my exclusive name after I gave it to you. I think this name is better than yours."
Su Wan was directly laughed at by him, pointed at his nose and said, "Who are you? You even gave me a name. Are you my father or my mother?"
After she finished, she thought this sentence was very funny. She looked at Xiao Huang and blinked her eyes. "Xiao Shi, do you say that you are my father or my mother, or should I call you father?"
This time Xiao Huang’s face turned black, and the little witch was asleep, and he told his father to get out.
"Ladies, ladies, what do you think you did to me is worse than an animal? You can call my father a good daughter with the cheek. You call me a try. I’d like to see how animal you are."
Xiao Huang black face grinding his teeth and then faint sneer.
As soon as Su Wan heard about him, he settled down, raised his hand and beat the soft couch around him, hating what he wanted to sleep with, and what he would sleep with.
Xiao Huang also next to faint said, "you don’t know when I was scared, there was such a big woman in this world who stripped people by hand."reads;

He didn’t have to go behind. Su Wan has a black face and thundered, "Shut up and say one more word and I’ll tear your mouth off."
She said that she didn’t give Xiao Huang a chance to face the outside of the carriage and asked, "Why hasn’t the gate arrived yet?"
NieZhiYuan heavy child.when outside "miss the horse will arrive"
On one side of the carriage, Xiao Huang smiled faintly, and his eyebrows could not say that he was happy. It was really cool to win once, but he didn’t dare to over-stimulate the little witch again, for fear that she would fight for a larger foe. Besides, the two of them were a little explicit. Although he was closed, Nie Zhiyuan was very skilled and could not hear anything, so let’s not say anything more.
The carriage drove all the way to the city gate.
There is a sea of people outside the city gate at this time, so there is no excitement, because there is a play going on here, and many people come to watch the excitement.
I don’t know when a wooden stake was erected high outside the city gate, but a naked man was tied up with no clothes on. Of course, this is not the point. The point is that this man’s private parts were destroyed by someone with blood stains. At this time, the man was already in a coma. In the past, his wooden stake was pasted with a blank sheet of paper to write the crime committed by this man. It turned out that the concubine was caught in the act of stealing others, and then he destroyed his body and tied a wooden stake to let everyone see this bitch field.
Because of the crime written in white paper, everyone is talking about it. Most people speculate that this guy must be some big official or concubine, or else he wouldn’t have been put into this mess. Although the man was tied to a stake, no one dared to move at the moment, and the soldiers guarding the city gate didn’t dare to be motivated. I don’t know who was behind this man. I quickly sent someone to inform General Wei Cui Ying.
Cui Ying, the general of Wei, controls and guards the 16th Battalion of Tiger Riding in Beijing. These soldiers are responsible for protecting the public order in Beijing. It is natural to report this to General Wei.
General Wei has not arrived.
Anguo Houfu carriage arrived at the carriage. When Su Wan heard the excitement outside, he gently lifted the curtain and looked out. He saw that the person tied to the stake was the former Xia Jia Xia Nan who rode her body and strangled her predecessor.
This man Su Wan didn’t want to let go, but he has been busy all the time since he crossed over. Besides, this man hasn’t been in Anguo Houfu since the accident that night. She didn’t find a chance. I didn’t expect that now he should be ruined and stripped naked and tied with a stake. What a pity!
Su Wan’s face is full of pity, but her eyes are shining with brilliance. This is the world newspaper. I don’t know how many women have been destroyed with such a villain. Now it’s ruined and ugly.
Su Wan couldn’t help muttering "It’s really ugly"
When she said that Xiao Huang leaned against the carriage, his face was black and his eyes were dark. He wanted to take her to watch the fun, but he forgot that Na Xia Nan was naked and even exposed her private parts. If this could make ladies see it, Xiao Huang leaned over and covered Su Wan’s eyes and dragged her into the carriage.