"Brother, let’s go."

Others have also persuaded that this is a group of people who have no intentions, as if life has abandoned all the noise and cut off all the darkness. The simplicity, kindness and kindness of the people in Xanadu are their purity. They have not. This is because the wind has brought trouble to themselves, but they admit that they have brought trouble to this kind teacher younger brother.
I felt deeply guilty and self-reproached when I heard that the master had been in contact with this group for a long time.
He knew that he might bring trouble to Yunfeng, a group of people, but he didn’t expect it to be so serious. He didn’t expect that the master of Dreadwind Gate in Chaoyang City should be so ruthless in dealing with his martial arts master and brother, just like dealing with the enemies with great hatred.
Heart anger, remorse, guilt and other complex emotions are intertwined and merged into a terrifying murder. His fists clenched his bones and made a crackling sound. His look was firm, "I must save."
"You hurry up and solve it. I’ll go outside and watch it." Hua Sheng Xue left a word and searched out the glowing red spar from a dragon body and walked along the stairs.
The wind Yang threw up the dragon’s blood sword and gently floated in the longitudinal body.
Facing Cao Zhufan, Feng Yang said, "Please be patient, master."
Said to the dragon blood sword suddenly toward the lock Cao Zhufan scapula chain cut in the past.
The metal impact produced a loud noise and echoed in the secret room like a muffled thunder exploding in the ear, which was not only deafening, but also echoed with a buzz for a long time.
However, the chain did not break as expected, but the chain shook violently due to the huge impact force, which affected Cao Zhufan’s body and made his whole body sway like a swing.
The shaking of the chain through Cao Zhufan’s scapula also directly tugged at Cao Zhufan’s wound, which was stronger than the flying dragon’s blood sword, and it was a little stronger to enter Cao Zhufan’s body along the chain, which had already seriously injured Cao Zhufan and shocked him to vomit blood.
Feng Yang hurriedly hugged Cao Zhufan with horror to stabilize his body, and he was also horrified. The dragon blood sword is an elementary magic weapon, and it is not too scary to cut these chains.
"These bastards should lock their stuff with such instruments of torture." Feng Yang’s body is more angry, but his sharpest weapon is the dragon’s blood sword. Although it is horrible, its sharpness is not enough.
Soul-eating blade can shake the chain into powder, but it can cut the chain sharply.
Once the chain is shattered into powder, the destructive power of such terror will directly destroy Cao Zhufan’s internal organs.
"Fuck" fire emit three zhangs wind Yang couldn’t help but burst a swearing, since cutting constantly, then pull it directly.
At the other end of the chain, the wind blows up to Cao Zhufan’s head in the top of the chamber of secrets, and he pulls a chain arm with one hand, and suddenly the chain at the top of the chamber of secrets makes a noise, and the stones at the top also drop some gravel because of great force, but the chain has no tendency to fall.
"Ah, ah," the wind roared, and all his strength was injected into his arms. The arms contained strength, which made the muscles bulge. The arms seemed to be thick and the tall body seemed to be out of harmony.
"Give me a break." The wind blows and drinks melodious and long roar, which explains his anger and remorse. He used his greatest strength to "scoff". Several sleeves and clothes on his chest instantly broke into pieces, while the muscles of his arms were split and splashed out. The blood arrow splashed on Cao Zhufan’s head.
The chain made a "click" sound, and the top of the secret room was constantly hit by rubble.
However, the effect doesn’t seem to be obvious. Although the chain was pulled out, it didn’t fall off
"Silly boy, forget it. This is the Dreadwind Gate to lock the titanium steel gold chain that poses a great threat to the enemy. Even if the strong warrior is locked, it is hard to escape. How can you break it?" Looking up, I saw Feng Yang’s miserable appearance and saw his face. The method concealed stubbornness and insisted that Cao Zhufan had the heart to be earnest.
"If they can lock you up with this titanium steel gold chain, there must be a way to loosen it," said Feng Yang, who never gave up.
Cao Zhufan said, "Yes, they do, but you don’t."
"There must be a way. There must be a way." To land again, the wind raised his hands tightly and paced back and forth in the secret room, frowning and having a high state of tension in his heart.
Cao Zhufan and others are quiet, and they don’t have much strength to talk anymore. They are also nervous about pacing back and forth, but at the moment, their hearts are also very entangled.
On the one hand, it is naturally good to be rescued and killed, but if Mu Yi figures out how to understand this titanium, steel and gold chain and force everyone to break through, he himself will be in danger, which is not what they want to see.
At this time, a hurried step broke the silence in the secret room. Seeing that flowers win snow, I rushed to Feng Yang from the stairs and eagerly said, "Let’s go, someone is coming."
"There must be a way" Feng Yang still repeats this sentence, and his head is running rapidly thinking about the method of unlocking the chain.
But without this knowledge, his mind was blank about the answer to this question.
It suddenly occurred to him that smoked moon, but once Dreadwind door smoked moon spoke, her yuan soul force would inevitably leak out, and then the strong Dreadwind door would surely sense the yuan soul breath, and the consequences would be unimaginable and the wind would rise, so she gave up asking smoked moon.
"If you want to find a way to wait until you leave here, there is no way to forcibly destroy the Dreadwind Gate. They are not afraid that they will not pay people." Hua Sheng Xue Ji Dao looked at the ladder from time to time. Just now, he was keen on the sensory system in his room. He had sensed that a large group of people came in the Feilong Hall.
"If you don’t leave, you can’t come. If you are also controlled, why talk about saving people?"
"Let’s go," said Cao Zhufan with all his might and majesty.
"Little brother, pull him away quickly," said Yang Qin eagerly.
Although Feng Yang was very nervous about the safety of Cao Zhufan and others, he didn’t lose his temper. He knew that the situation was not allowed to take risks by himself and said to Cao Zhufan and others, "Don’t worry, I will come back as soon as possible to save you."
Said, he turned and took the snow away from the chamber of secrets and returned to the room. Two people restored the bed to its original state.
The two glances pushed the door and ran out to kill the gods. However, at the moment when they left the room, more than 20 people dressed in black and covered their faces suddenly appeared at the other end of the corridor. There were also many Dreadwind door masters, and Shen Tianxiao, the elder, and Bai Yanhong, the door owner, actually won.
Feng Yang ran to Bai Yanhong and others with a flurry of panic in his heart. "The main event of the door is not good. We are going in to interrogate Cao Zhufan. They didn’t expect that we were mixed with an outsider. The man followed us into the underground chamber and suddenly tried to kill us. Fortunately, we reacted quickly and escaped for the first time. Now the man is still in the underground chamber in an attempt to save Cao Zhufan and others."
The door owner was shocked to "go" on the avenue.
After saying this, I passed by Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue first, and others quickly shuttled past Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue. Soon dozens of people rushed to that room.
However, when Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue secretly breathed a sigh of relief, the elder Shen Tianxiao suddenly stopped to "stop them" G.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-three Cast a net for manhunt
Bai yanhong’s fighting capacity is Shen tianxiao’s, but he can be the master of the door, but Shen tianxiao is better than Bai yanhong in terms of head. He suddenly thought of the flaw in the other party’s words. Baidu search 56 library is the fastest to update.
Dreadwind Gate is a sect with very strict status and hierarchy, and thirty dragons are not under the control of people except the dragon leader. Where there is a dragon leader and one person has a dragon leader, they will never report anything to others. After all, thirty dragons can be punished for breaking the rules, including the door owner.
At this time, the strong men, such as the door master and the dragon leader, stopped and turned to look at the same stopped, turning their backs on the two of them dressed in dragons.