Three feet

A foot
The teenager seems to have seen the girl’s frightened eyes and the wind blowing with regret and sadness, and a kind of abnormal pleasure suddenly rises in her heart.
"Go to hell for me" Feng Yang suddenly explodes and drinks a wind-chasing arrow in one hand, and suddenly cuts like a streamer, with a sharp wind-breaking blaster, and goes out to kill God and chop against Fang Fang’s long knife against time.
At this moment, whether you are sitting or lying down, you hold your breath. Everyone’s heartstrings are suddenly in your throat, and your heart rate is involuntarily accelerated.
Everyone is looking forward to the final result. Will genius doctor and genius doctor shoot the teenager to save Fang Fang first, or will the teenager kill Fang Fang first, but be shot by the wind?
The long sword chasing the wind and arrows is almost a time race.
However, Fang Fang, the party concerned, did not notice that there was no change in his general motionless look.
I’m afraid even the really strong will not be surprised to see this kind of performance in the face of death without emotional fluctuations
However, the long knife in the young hand is only one inch away from Fang Fang’s head. Fang Fang’s forehead hair was blown by the long knife and scattered on both sides. When the young body suddenly flew to one side to kill God, the knife in his hand was also deviated from Fang Fang’s head by his body.
The arrow chasing the wind finally hit the teenager’s body at an alarming speed and saved the crisis in Fang Fang, although Fang Fang was not afraid of this crisis.
The teenager was hit by an arrow chasing the wind and flew out of the side of his body ten feet away. The blood splashed into a blood fog, but a figure quickly penetrated the blood fog and chased him to the side of the boy who fell to the ground.
The boy’s face suddenly showed horror, but the murderous look in his eyes was undisguised in a face with evil spirits and awe-inspiring smile.
In the face of this kind of smile, the heart in the strong body of the young man became fragile, and suddenly a chill seemed to spread from the soles of his feet, making him tremble as if he had fallen into an ice cave
"Fuck you, this is your own death." Sen’s voice is as cold as ice, and when he enters the young ears with a biting chill, the wind has lifted his throat with one hand, which will make it easier.
A strong teenager feels that his throat seems to be caught by a clamp, which suddenly makes him feel suffocated. His face is also rapidly changing from red to white, and his eyeball suddenly bulges out, which is quite tragic.
The teenager opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but his throat was choked by the wind, which made him speechless and he could scream.
All this seems to be frozen at the moment.
The tall young man with his head held high is stronger than that of others. He is still indifferent to the struggle and pain of the people in his hand. He is firm and cruel. Everything makes the spectators not frightened.
The sun is shining, and the leaves are scattered in the strong figure of the young man. All these combinations are like a confusing painting and a novel.
Chapter sixty-two Flag victory
Welcome you to come.
With a look of panic and unwilling to wait for many complicated things, the well-built teenager should draw the knife to the ground and then die and lie quietly with his knife.
Feng Yang rummaged through the entry marks and immediately walked beside his four seriously injured teenagers with a sullen face.
Feng Yang hasn’t spoken yet. The four young people have already handed their entry marks to Feng Yang with trembling hands.
I’ve seen Feng Yang strangle a person abruptly, but even never knit his brow. The last line of defense of four young people’s hearts also collapsed.
They can see that this guy is a murderous beast who eats people without blinking an eye and doesn’t spit bones. Maybe he can get a life by cooperating.
After all, it has long been said in this competition that life and death are determined by fate.
Get five signs of youth competition. Feng Yang’s eyes suddenly fell aside and looked at the three girls.
The three girls saw the wind blowing and the line of sight projected on them, and their hearts trembled involuntarily, and they were suddenly scared to shame.
"You should know how to do it, right?" Fengyang looked at three beautiful girls whose flowers were pale and said that their beauty was not enough. Fengyang gave up fighting for the competition symbol chips.
"You can’t be so cruel. When these men scold you for overreaching, let’s look at this from your side and show some mercy!" She looks cute and petite, but she has a disproportionate body. She is great. Her face is pink and tender, and she is almost in tears. Downing said with a sad face, "Our sisters and they don’t know this generation. We only have a chance to join Feiyun Gate once. If we fail this time, we will never have a chance. Big brother, please be kind."
Downing impressively is the child’s face with a delicate and touching look on her lovely face just now, and it’s also a little pity for me.
"That’s right. Three sisters have always helped you speak, brother. You are so handsome. How can you be cruel and cruel?" Downing’s appearance is also quite beautiful. Liuman is also wearing a top hat for Fengyang, trying to make himself look more delicate and touching. Looking at Fengyang’s expression is like a hungry young woman in insatiability, expecting a macho man to moisten again.
The wind kept his hands on his chest and stared at the three girls thoughtfully.
Seeing that Feng Yang actually installed his own sweet and sour artillery shells with poor offensive, there was still no sign of softhearted performance, which made Tang Ning Liuman cry.
However, another girl is quite calm, with a light look, and occasionally takes a look at Feng Yang and doesn’t know what to think.
"Why don’t you take us with you? We swear we won’t hold you back. We have to be able to enter the top 100 entries and give you all the extra marks." Tang Ning stared at Feng Yang with eyes full of autumn water. If she hadn’t seen Feng Yang’s cruel means, she would have shaken her arms and spoiled her hair.
"Give me a reason." Feng Yang turned and walked to the side of the sword and tied it back again.