Xiao Shi was so cold and arrogant that Feng Tai did such a thing, not only did he not get even with him, but also called his uncle. It was really shocking.

Compared with other people’s thriller, Su Wan laughed, and her mood got better. She turned around and saw one side of Muqian’s eyes stare round and almost didn’t fall out.
Su Wan asked Mu Qianqian humorously, "Is it so exaggerated?"
Muqian nodded "yes"
After she finished, she pinched herself and then said for sure, "Cousin Xiao, is this a ghost?"? Otherwise, he should tear up Feng Tai. "
Su Wan glared at this woman. What do you mean, tearing Feng too hard? Xiao Huang was afraid that I really wanted to tear my uncle, but he couldn’t tear it. It was really because my uncle was very good at martial arts. Besides, he was also her uncle. He couldn’t tear it, so he had to bow his head in the end.
But she remembers him and what she did.
Sue wan satisfied with the light smile and didn’t notice that Xiao Huang had sat down in front of Feng from the night with a face of eagerness and talking with Feng from the night.
However, when others are not paying attention, Xiao Huang said in a low voice, "Don’t how much I like you."
Phoenix chuckled at night. Xiao Huang has a long brain.
"same to you"
After the two men muttered to themselves, they all smiled and talked about things. In the eyes of outsiders, they were two stunning and elegant men who talked freely.
Both of them are from absolute beauty. It’s more attractive than painting. Women admire and look over from time to time, but they neglect Wang Junli.
Wang Junli looked at the two men beside him with dim eyes, chatting and talking, and he was slightly lost in his heart. He was more afraid that Xiao Huang would not let people marry Su Wan, and finally Su Wan would marry him.
What about him? Jun Li thought suddenly and he chuckled. Even if Su Wan didn’t choose him in the end, he would wish her happiness.
Jun Li thought about looking into the dragon finch platform and saw Su Wan talking with Mu Qianqian, so I couldn’t help smiling.
My little girl wants your heart better than me. I am a broken person. I want to bless you for the rest of my life.
Jun Li let go of her mind and stopped turning around when she heard two men talking about choosing a husband in Japan and Su Wan.
Xiao Huang looked at Feng from the night with a gloomy face and said, "Can you cancel my uncle’s election of a monarch’s husband? You know, ladies, she’s my fiancee. Now what’s the name of another monarch’s election?"
Phoenix looked at Xiao Huang from the night and said seriously, "Lonely nature has said it without waste, but I am optimistic about you."
Phoenix reached out from the night and patted Xiao Huang’s shoulder. Xiao Huang’s eyes were surging and he wanted to slap the man’s face.
He called him uncle, soft and low-profile, and he even wanted to give ladies a husband, a dead man and a smelly man.
However, Xiao Huangcong will never turn against Feng at night, because if he conflicts with this man again, ladies will be angry, then he will lose more than he deserves.
Even if he hates this guy, he has to endure it.
Xiao Huang’s heart is not carefree. It happened that someone next to him stabbed him.
"How can the Japanese princess choose her husband? The king still wants to run. But the king is ready. Maybe he will win the beauty in the end."
Xiao Huang turned around and saw Jun Li looking at him with a warm smile, but this smile was extremely bad.
Xiao Huang looked at Jun Li with a smile. He couldn’t do anything to Feng Li at night. Should he be polite to him?
Xiao Huang looked at Jun Li Huerlang and chuckled, "Duanwangdian is not boasting that the world needs a little finger to crush you. Do you think you can stand this small body?"
Chicken from the night to listen to this guy crazy words corners of the mouth take a smoke.
Duan Junli looked at him with a black line. Can you exaggerate a little more? Isn’t he sick? Isn’t it exaggerated to crush him with a little finger?
Jun Li’s face remained unchanged and he said with a light smile, "So Xiao Shiyisi is running for election in Japan?"
Phoenix couldn’t help but chuckle at night and Xiao Huang said faintly, "Things will change day by day, thinking about whether to crush you with a little finger tonight."
Jun Li grinds his teeth and really wants to vomit his face, but many people in Taiwan are rude if he really fights with this guy, and this guy’s eyes are here, right?
Xiao Huang is much more refined than before, and he will never express his disapproval to anyone in front of Su Wan.
If you are dissatisfied with who, you will never be able to kill who you want. You will definitely make a secret move, which will not provoke ladies to be angry but will make you angry.
Xiao Dashi’s stunning double-sided face melted into a shallow halo at the thought of it, which made his whole person look like a pearl jade and stared at many people’s eyes perfectly.
And he looked at the phoenix from the night with a warm smile on his face, so he couldn’t say how kind.
The fact is that Feng Li Ye and Xiao Huang know each other and really hate each other.
But phoenix saw Xiao Huang do this at night, but he also thought highly of him. This guy finally knew that he was pretending. It seems that his mind didn’t move less.
It’s not so surprising that people like him are willing to do this, but it’s not enough to forgive him.
Phoenix leaves the night, squints slightly, and your eyes twinkle.
Just then, there was a eunuch screaming in front of the Dragon Quetai, "Ning Wangdian to Donghai Guotai to Donghai Guoprincess."
They looked into the front of the dragon finch stage and saw several figures coming in front of the tall and gorgeous gate.
There are three people in the first place, one left and one right. There is a woman between the two men.
The tall and handsome man on the left can’t say how noble and domineering he is. As soon as he appears, everyone talks about it.
The East China Sea country is too easy to escape from the clouds, and the money tassels around the clouds should be the princess of the East China Sea country.
On the other side of Princess Xi, it was this time that she was responsible for entertaining the envoy Ning Wang Xiao Ye.
Xiao Ye accompanied the envoys of the East China Sea countries all the way in from the outside of Longque Terrace. As soon as he came in, he was conscious of looking around.