But in the end, when she left, my Lord patted her on the shoulder and then came back, her child almost disappeared.

Is that a warning?
It’s a warning 48. Chapter 48 Perhaps only the Lord of Fengyang Palace.
Princess yee really didn’t understand why when she said that Feng Shao was leaving the organization, the adults were so calm and smiling.
But he was so cruel to her that he refused to let go of a little life.
Fortunately, fortunately, the child was finally saved, otherwise she would regret it for life.
I don’t know what the boss thinks now. The only way is to steal things from the emperor and give them to the adult, and then discuss other things.
At least the adult is safflower, so division hasn’t killed her yet.
The emperor told several times to leave when she was fine.
Princess Yee has no idea to keep her now. If she used to be, maybe she would have tried to persuade the emperor to stay. However, at this moment, besides knowing that the emperor is going to accompany him, the shallow imperial concubine will definitely not stay. On the other hand, she is not in the mood to cater to anyone but to smile.
There are some things that she needs to think about alone.
After leaving Huazhang Palace, the emperor went back to Fengyang Palace and followed him all the way.
General manager Li De is looking for someone to check the "safflower" thing.
At the moment, there are only two people in the dark night, the emperor and the court.
"You did a good job tonight, but you must remember not to let others know or you will lose your head?"
The court immediately guaranteed that "I am white, even if someone takes a tool holder, I will never reveal any wind."
"Give it back."
Courtyard is then respectfully did a ceremony to see the emperor away before leaving.
A heart has been hanging for a long time and cannot be calmed down.
The wat in this palace is indeed deeper than he thought.
There is no one in this palace who is not so deep that people feel afraid and tremble with terror.
So is the emperor and so is the princess.
If the emperor hadn’t given red flowers to Princess Yee, he wouldn’t have thought that the baby in Princess Yee’s womb turned out to be fabricated by taking medicine by himself.
Although it is not unheard of before, after all, this kind of thing happened frequently in the harem of successive dynasties, but there has not been such a thing in the management of the emperor today, so he is really shocked
Now fake pregnancy, will you still get the lie of circle and then frame others for a fake abortion?
That’s terrible
However, Princess Yee’s calculation is no deeper than the emperor’s.
The court suddenly feels that everything in this palace is under the control of the emperor. These small tricks of scheming can’t get into the eyes of the emperor, but in the end, they are manipulated by the emperor to applaud.
The other day, when the emperor asked him to give Princess Yee red flowers, he almost didn’t scare him to death-tiger poison doesn’t eat yet. How can anyone hurt his children?