"Sparks shine in the sky"

The third type is four times.
Four times in the fifth form
The sixth form is five times
The seventh form is six times
In just two hours, 500 years ago, it took Yang Zhuo, the first man in mainland China, three months to master the first seven styles of Vulcan sword tactic, and the messenger from Yanglingtian’s hands was already round and smooth, with no hesitation.
Yangling Tianxin Bai all this should be related to the dark cave where he just died, but it seems that it has disappeared from his memory.
"Alas ~ ~ ~ ~" Silent for a long time, he sighed leisurely and finally shook his head from Yangling’s mouth. At the same time, he finally slowly hung his sword on the wall with some disconsolate hands and sat cross-legged full of hope to run the body.
It’s a pity that the body qi has not changed as usual.
What a month ago, it wasn’t Vulcan sword tactic, and even his four lighter skills were selected by him, but his body was still in the critical state of level 6 peak without any change.
One evening after January, the fiery red setting sun showed its last afterglow, and the surrounding area was dyed golden.
"Alas ~ ~ ~ ~" In some dark rooms, cross legs and close eyes, Yang Lingtian sighed and walked slowly out of bed. Some melancholy eyes looked at the roof. "It’s been more than a month, and I have chosen a martial arts skill, but" he shook his head gently. "It seems that my stagnation in martial arts should not be the reason."
"Yang Yushan, you come out for me" is arrogant and suddenly broke his meditation from outside.
"This seems to be"
Yanglingtian one leng looked up at the window.
Although he said that he was not familiar with it, he was definitely not a stranger. The newcomer should be his world sister-in-law Yang Yushan’s husband Zhu Qi.
Yang Yushan is twenty-one years old this year, and her husband is the nephew of the current dynasty.
In Yanglingtian’s memory, she once went home several times, and every time she came back, her face seemed to be sad, and then she was taken away by Zhu jiaqi two days later. The strangest thing is that Yang Ruoshan had to punish Yanglingtian for "closing" Suoyang every time Zhu jiaqi came to take people away. Gentleman Yang also heard of this Zhu Qiyin and had never seen anyone else.
"This guy’s voice is still so annoying. It’s rare that the old man didn’t punish me for confinement. Today, Master must see what kind of superhuman powers you are."
After a frown and a little meditation, he immediately bit his teeth as if he were a thief. He bowed slightly along the road looking for a dark corner and quietly sneaked to the front door of Xiangyang’s house. When he arrived at the door, he saw that Yang Ruoshan, Yang Haoxuan, Yang Yushan, Yin Meiqin and others had arrived before him.
"It turned out to be Zhu Xiong and Zhu Xian’s nephew. Let’s go and have a cup of tea."
It is obvious that Yang Ruoshan did not expect that this time Zhu jiaqi’s father Zhu Shou would come together and immediately meet him after a little leng. Although he was angry in the calm voice, he was still "smiling."
"No need" Father Zhu Shou hasn’t spoken yet, but Zhu jiaqi’s sleeve has been gently waved. "Anguo Wangfu is extremely tea, but my Zhu family is blessed."
"This ~ ~ ~" Yang Re mountain one leng twist a head to look next to Zhu Shou.
Unexpectedly, Zhu Shou’s hands are full of hair, indicating that it looks like talking to Yangre Mountain is detrimental to his identity.
This is not to mention that Zhu Qi glanced at Yang Yushan next to him and his face sank. "I said that my father-in-law is my father-in-law. Do you look down on my Zhujiajian?"
"My dear," said Yang Ruoshan, frowning and puzzled.
"From the start? Huh? " Zhu jiaqi a cold hum a full face of "angry" "if it weren’t for this Yang Yushan this wench is nothing to run home? Don’t I have no food in Zhujiajian? " He spoke with indignation, which made people feel as if he was facing someone who had made a mistake instead of his father-in-law.
Yang Ruoshan’s chest rises and falls, but his body can’t stop shaking, but he has already been speechless.
There was silence in the field.
"Zhu jiaqi, you’ve gone too far." Yin Meiqin finally couldn’t help but turn her pink face slightly blue with anger. "It’s that you’re out partying and bringing a prostitute home, and you let Yu Shan wait on you, and she was beaten out of the house because the woman suspected that Yu Shan’s foot washing water was too hot."
"Can young couples take their quarrels seriously?" Zhu jiaqi corners of the mouth become warped "I told her to go he really go? Then why didn’t she die when I told her to? "
Then he paused a little, and everyone’s face swept. "Isn’t there a wife who should obey her husband?" And Yang Yushan even complained about such a small thing as pouring foot water. Is there something wrong with the education of your Anguo Wangfu? "
I’ve seen shame. I’ve never seen such shame
Son shame also just hasn’t been talking Zhu Shou unexpectedly also gently coughed at this time.
"By the way, I said that you really have to talk about Yu Shan. It’s very common for young couples to quarrel. It doesn’t happen every time. Of course, I know that Qier has suffered some injustice in the past two years, but a wife should be measured. Besides, I have already said that Qier is a good boy. After he married Yu Shan, he became a little too much in the past two years." After that, he seemed to think of something, and his eyebrows slightly wrinkled doubtfully. "Before he got married, he was not like this, old sovereign. You should also know that otherwise you wouldn’t agree that Yu
The words are still gently sideways, and your daughter is ruining my son’s appearance.
Yang Ruoshan couldn’t help shivering, and his face was flushed with anger. His hand gently raised and pointed to the other side as if he wanted to say something, but his throat was already blocked by some kind of breath.
Zhu jiaqi’s proud mouth turned up and then her eyes turned and she gave birth to a "confession". "Rain Shan, I’m sorry. It’s my fault that I often hit you, scold you, and sometimes I want to ask you to accompany more than a dozen of my friends."
"But that can’t blame me for being satisfied when I see you and me. You like it." Finally, he added a sentence with his eyes down, but he proudly looked at the Xiangyang family.
Yang Ruoshan’s flush instantly turned pale, and he wanted to scold Zhu jiaqi for being a beast, but at the moment he had come to scold him or not. His head turned slowly and his eyes fell straight to the body and he couldn’t help shivering.
"Yu Shan, is this true?"
"This ~ ~ ~ ~" Yang Yushan’s face turned white with transient hesitation for a long time, and finally she nodded gently. "It’s just that my daughter is not willing to do what she wants. I don’t want you to worry about what I didn’t say." Then she timidly bowed her head and didn’t dare to look at her father’s white-haired eyes with tears.
Everyone in Yang’s family was stupefied. Yin Meiqin’s right hand gently touched Yang Yushan’s shoulder, and her eyes lifted as if she wanted to say something, but she didn’t say anything after all.
Because Zhu jiaqi’s face is facing the sky, that you can stand me and stab everyone in Yang’s family with pain in their hearts.
It is true that the palace of Anguo can do something to Zhu Qi! ! !