Look at four people. Zhuo Qiang led several people to drill out of the fighter plane and waved the fighter plane back to the Long Yun. They walked towards the road on the yellow turf in the winter field.

Bypassing a mountain ridge, I came to a provincial road and waited for ten minutes before I stopped two taxis and several people entered the county seat of Qing Jiang by car.
Lao Li Tou steamed bread shop "door" in front of the car Zhuoqiang several look at the front store are a little fast beyond recognition.
The "door" of Laolitou Steamed Bread Shop has a brand-new face, and it looks much fresher than before, and it is no longer that dirty.
And the Zhanghu boiled duck shop is even more changed. Not only has the signboard changed everything, but also the door with all kinds of colored bars and newly changed glass has been upgraded for several grades.
Although it is noon, the business of the two stores is very hot, and people come and go in an endless stream. The business is many times stronger than before.
"Boss, you used to be a buddy in this steamed bread shop?" Liu Xiaolei fought back a smile and asked.
Zhuo Qiang threw up his face and said, "It’s just that there is a different division of labor. What’s there to care about!"
Ye Chuchu looked at a shop on the corner and whispered, "Boss, let’s go buy some presents!"
"Yeah! Gifts must be bought! " Zhuo Qiang led the crowd to the corner store and bought two boxes of good wine, cakes and fruits. What made Liu Xiaolei and two powerful "female" soldiers walk towards the steamed bread shop?
A few people came to the "door" of the store. It was a surprise that Lao Li’s head and Zhang Hu didn’t entertain guests outside the "door". It was natural that several new guys didn’t know Zhuo Qiang.
"Buy steamed buns and line up in the back!" Steamed bread shop a 20-year-old boy unceremoniously said to Zhuo Qiang
In addition to rice, the northeast people also account for a large proportion of steamed bread staple food. In addition, there are many people who eat steamed bread because of the flow of foreign personnel.
Although business is not at its peak now, there are not many people who buy steamed bread, and there are five or six people waiting to buy steamed bread with money.
"Line up at the back!" A middle-aged man waiting to buy steamed bread echoed and gave Zhuo Qiang and others a sidelong glance as he spoke.
Ye Chuchu behind Zhuo Jiang smiled and said, "Business is really good! Fortunately, we don’t work as buddies here now, or we’ll tire you to death. "
Hearing Ye Chuchu’s remarks, the middle-aged man suddenly seemed to find something and shouted, "Hey, aren’t you strong in selling steamed bread here? You, you won’t be that half-beautiful "female" Ye Linlin! Why is the scar on your face gone? "
Zhuo Qiang walked over to look at the middle-aged man. There seems to be such a person in his memory who often comes to buy him to make steamed bread.
After listening to the words of the middle-aged man, another old woman recognized it. "Yeah, aren’t you the little guy?" I haven’t seen this child change so much for such a long time! "
The middle-aged man looked at several people next to Zhuo Qiangshen and fixed his eyes. Zhuo Qiangshen even said, "It’s really developed that I haven’t seen you for half a year!" Look at this dress, I’m afraid I can’t buy it for 30 thousand or 50 thousand! "
Several people talk about buying steamed bread and comment on Zhuo Qiang. More people are interested in Zhuo Qiang’s popularity.
Tang Qiuhe and Zhu Xiaoqian are not very beautiful and beautiful "women", but their heroic spirit is extremely rare and has a lasting appeal.
And the three men in this group also took a keen interest in Ye Chuchu, a beautiful woman. Although Ye Chuchu’s face had a scar, it could not hide her outstanding appearance. Now the scar on her face disappeared and replaced it with smooth and tender skin. This gap is naturally amazing.
It turns out that Ye Chuchu, who is always dirty, is now wearing a famous brand and her devil-like figure does not attract men to covet.
The noise outside finally attracted the two bosses in the room. Lao Li’s head and Zhang Hu walked out of Zhang Hu’s shop together and saw Zhuo Qiang and Ye Chuchu both being one leng.
But they soon came to their senses and cried, "Oh, dear! Qianglinlin, why are you here! "
Zhuo Qiang walked over and called "Li Shu" and "Hu Shu" and then motioned for Liu Xiaolei to bring them boxes of gifts
"Well, what do you think you are polite to buy?" Lao Li Tou and Zhang Hu both quit again and again, but where did they quit?
"Our old brothers are having tea in the back room. Come and sit down!" Zhang Hu quickly put ZhuoJiang them into the house.
Sitting in a newly decorated back room with Zhang Hu, Zhuo Qiang kept praising the two uncles for knowing how to do business, and now they are all "mixed" to the point where they are shopkeepers of cutting.
"This is not all Lin Linfu! If she hadn’t given the secret to our old brothers privately, we might all be drinking northwest wind now! " Khufu looked at Ye Chuchu words don’t feel "shock".
"Ah, ling ling, you have no scars on your face? How is this cured? " Lao Li looked at Ye Chuchu’s delicate face and asked in surprise
"Adventure adventure! Hehe! " Ye Chuchu can also answer this question.
"Are you here this time?" Zhang Hu inquiry eyes looking at ZhuoJiang asked
Zhuo Qiang said with a smile, "We’re here on a business trip. Let’s stop by and see the two uncles. Thank you for saving us both!"
Lao Li’s head was not happy. "Strong, what are you talking about! It was your brother and sister who saved our old brother! If it weren’t for you, we might not be able to do this business now! "
Zhuo Qiang feels strange. Listening to Lao Li’s voice, they seem to have encountered something more difficult.
Just as he wanted to ask them what their difficulties were, there was a noise outside, mixed with rude shouting.
revisit the old haunt
… 433 fights.
433 duels
"What’s the matter?" ZhuoJiang looked at Lao li head to ask