"I saved you because you live in our Zhou family. I don’t want to lose our Zhou family’s face. Don’t yell at those four guys. You offended them today. They didn’t dare to retaliate against me, but they didn’t dare to retaliate against you. You’d better restrain yourself and don’t show off in an ostentatious manner."

Zhouyi threw a word and strode ahead.
"I didn’t expect my future cheap brother to be a fierce man. I picked four and won beautifully. Think about it. I was prepared to show off in an ostentatious manner before him, and I blushed. Now I am offended. I have to rely on Zhouyi to get along with this school."
Li Hao said to himself, "This elder brother, I really followed his tiger strength and followed him. I’m sure he’ll be very popular and spicy. Don’t blame me. I’ve allowed you to find a new man, so you won’t allow me to find a brother?"
Li Hao’s thoughts at this age haven’t been finalized until Zhouyi hit people, and that fierce energy suddenly impressed him. He had long forgotten what Ruyan Liu told him to keep his distance from Zhouyi.
"Eldest brother, do you want me to call people to repair the self-proclaimed Zhouyi guy in sophomore year? His grandmother capsized in the gutter for the first time. Today, if it weren’t for this small halfway to kill and sabotage our plan to blackmail Li Hao, it would have been successful. "
Mao Heping took a few younger brothers to the mountain dejectedly. He had seen Zhouyi’s malicious and complete knowledge that this was a perverted opponent, and he also admitted that he was unlucky. After all, although he did a lot of fighting, he really wanted to get a life-and-death fight, but he was still a little timid.
However, Zhou Jianping, his counselor, seemed to be unable to bear this tone before he walked out of more than 100 meters to get out of the sight of Zhouyi and cried indignantly.
"Yes, eldest brother, give this little lesson. This guy is really rampant. It’s a shame for a person to bully the four of us."
When Zhou Jianping said that Mao and his two younger brothers were tied, even though four pairs were a sophomore today, they still thought it was a great shame, but their memory seemed to be not very good, because they were scared off by the brave Zhouyi just now before they made their moves.
"Don’t talk as easy as it takes. You just arrived at Zhouyi, which is too small and cruel. No one is hard to turn over what he has done. Don’t move for the time being. Let’s investigate first. Li Hao and this Zhouyijun will get revenge. It’s not too late to come out and mix. You still know how to cut with a knife like a gangster." Mao and Pingyin said with a calm face that he didn’t listen to the advice of his younger brothers.
"it’s big brother"
Zhou Jianping and other three people nodded.
Wandering around the back of the school unexpectedly saved Li Hao from being blackmailed, which was also an unexpected gain for Zhouyi. Although Zhouyi verbally refused to let Li Hao shout his brother, he thought differently. After all, Ruyan Liu can fight with him and rely on Li Haoshen. If he gets Li Hao’s post, Ruyan Liu will become the hostess of Zhoujia, which will make it difficult for Zhouyi to frame Ruyan Liu in the future.
Zhouyi doesn’t worry about those newborn kids retaliating against themselves because he knows that these kids are arrogant, but they really want to fight to the death. These little bastards have long lost their legs. At best, they will retaliate against Li Hao. Although Zhouyi has little contact with Li Hao, he didn’t officially say a few words until today, but as soon as he came out, he was also an ostentatious goods. If he didn’t get killed, he wouldn’t be crippled. Zhouyi didn’t mind that this little rabbit was repaired several times. Today, he would have done it if he hadn’t met him.
In the afternoon, biology and geography classes were held, and he was not interested in biology and geography Zhouyi. He still had some feelings about the pictures of wild boar and tiger in biology classes, because he had heard from his grandfather, Master Zhou Shan, that when he was training special forces, it was in Changbai Mountain in Northeast China, when their special forces were training in the field. A bow or a gun was a dagger, and Zhouyi wanted to experience such a life, but he never had a chance.
The biology teacher talks eloquently, but Zhouyi picks up a pencil and doodles on a blank sheet of paper.
The paintings of Zhouyi are Chen Hu and Xiaoqing, the old men who once lived in seclusion by the West Lake. Although they have gone to the sea, they often appear in Zhouyi’s mind to make Zhouyi aftertaste.
In the two classes of biogeography, Zhouyi has finished painting the peerless tiger gun of the veteran Chen Hu until the last class, that is, during the self-study class, Zhouyi painted Xiaoqing, but Zhouyi didn’t have a pen for a long time because he felt that Xiaoqing’s feeling of floating out of the dust and being independent was difficult to express.
Self-study class is tantamount to a free class. Zhou Yi draws a short Jingge to sleep. Some people talk nonsense and some brag. Su Mengyao, a study member, secretly and quietly wrote a foreign novel "Jane Eyre". Of course, she is the original.
Wei Zhang, the monitor of the class, that is, Zhang Hao, the deputy secret secretary of the provincial party committee, is still the most nourishing class. Now there are m-girls around him in four positions. Everyone can’t wait to be physically committed. This m-girls is a few beautiful and watery Chinese cabbage in the whole grade. Of course, this is not that the teacher arranges seats, but that he deliberately changes seats when the boys study in class to facilitate Wei Zhang, a big dude, to flirt with these girls.
Zhou Yi is also a wan ku, but he is not as flamboyant as Wei Zhang. He has heard the story of his grandfather Zhou Shan and thinks that these guys who rely on their parents’ and grandparents’ accumulation are really nothing. It is true that they have worked hard to reach the top of the world by themselves.
"Boss, it’s almost the end of school. You haven’t announced where the event will be held."
A quarter of an hour before the self-study class, a tall and thin horse came up to Wei Zhang and whispered to him. This horse cloud is the vice mayor Ma Zhenger, who is as skilled as his father’s ass-kissing, so the horse cloud class is doing well and won Wei Zhang’s trust and esteem.
"What activities?"
Wei Zhang asked Ma Xiaoyun in some surprise, "Did I say there will be activities tomorrow?"
"Brother Wei, don’t you remember that it’s your twentieth birthday?" Ma Xiaoyun said with a smile. "Didn’t you just invite your classmates to have a big party last year?"
"Oh, I remember that you are a beautiful woman around me, and I even forgot my birthday. It’s rare that you have a little heart."
Wei Zhang first one leng and then laughed. "You go to arrange this matter. You are very familiar with the bar anyway. Go to the Linyin Bar by the West Lake. It has just been renovated. How much does it cost to shout for the class? Anyone who doesn’t go is going to have a hard time with me in Wei Zhang. I still remember this a few days ago. Teacher Ye Qingcheng, I have already made an appointment."
"It’s almost the end of school and it’s the weekend. I’ll announce one first."