The outer hall is full of candles and incense.
Feng Shao is not tired today. He has been lying in bed for a long time and hasn’t fallen asleep. He doesn’t want to think about anything, so he is in a state of relaxation.
I don’t know how long it took before the candlelight in the outer temple suddenly went out. Feng Shao came to his senses and knew that Jun Moying had finished approving the memorial, so he leaned out his head slightly to see him when he came in.
In winter, the bedding is thick and the bed is big, while Feng Shao has a head exposed, which makes her more petite and watery, and her eyes keep turning.
It is no exaggeration to say that he is like a child.
Jun Mo Ying suddenly evoked a strange smile when he picked his lip angle from his brow.
"Shallow don’t sleep so late is waiting for me?"
Phoenix shallow zheng shook his head again for a moment "no, I just can’t sleep"
"The mouth is not a small thing." Jun Moying smiled a little deeper. "You are not afraid that you have already thought about me, are you?"
Make a face!
Phoenix shallow eyes a stare "what are you kidding just met have what good want to? !”
"That’s not what I said."
Make a face!
Phoenix shallow eyes a stare "what are you kidding just met have what good want to? 148 Chapter 148 Who is the elder brother?
This night is really crazy.
It’s almost done when the early dynasty will be held by Jun Moying, who almost fainted and slept lightly.
It didn’t take long to get up early in the morning and feel comfortable and kissed him. Soon after he fell asleep, there was a trace of softness in the little thing’s eyes that he didn’t even realize.
In the early dynasty, the evidence of the fraud case was all gathered, and the family collapsed. It was still early in the season. When Princess Sunrise was sent, she had expected this ending, and she accepted this reality calmly, with almost no struggle to justify it.
Since then, the power of the left phase has been greatly reduced
Jun Moying hasn’t seen the Queen Mother for a long time, and went to Fengming Palace after the early court.
Jun Hanxiao came here and wanted to invite an Ann together, for fear that the Queen Mother would talk to him about Ye Ling again, or later.
Ye Ling, this woman can’t say well, and she can’t say well. At least he didn’t have a deep impression on this woman before she was banned. He didn’t touch this woman very much in these years. At first, he didn’t like the queen mother to give him a princess who had never even seen her face. Later, this dislike seemed to become a habit.
For a long time, he felt that walking with this woman would have a similar embarrassing and uncomfortable feeling.
Especially later, there was a little emperor sister-in-law, but for her brother’s generosity and a crime of deceiving the monarch, she suffered, even if she was the niece of the queen mother
No matter why a woman is so shrewd, he really doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to listen to the queen mother’s advice
I’ve thought a lot all the way, and some nai don’t know what kind of attitude to his princess in the future
There was a season before, and Pansi was a shield. What should I do in the future?
When he was about to walk to the door of Wangfu, he once again saw the figure from a distance last night.
It’s like her, but it’s not quite the same as last night. She sat by the lion with her arms around her knees and buried her head inside, shrinking herself into such a small ball. No wonder he didn’t see it when he went out in the morning.
Jun cold night some disgust to withdraw the line of sight heart way really is a crazy woman sitting on the ground in such a cold day is not afraid of death outside.
It was when I walked past her that I couldn’t tell what it was, and the footsteps of Jun Hanxiao inexplicably paused.
After waiting for a while, I didn’t see her look up. He coughed and frowned and said, "Didn’t Wang tell you not to stay here and watch it?"