Suddenly there was a flash of blue shadow, and all the people were busy getting up from their seats and walking slowly at the landing place of blue shadow.

"Cold girl, is the Han family really gone?" Come to the blue shadow beside Lin Fu suddenly asked with a puzzled face.
Blue shadow looked back at the crowd and the crowd also looked at blue shadow at the right time.
Blue Shadow doesn’t know all the people in the field, but all the people in the field have already known Blue Shadow. After all, the owner of this blue shadow saved their whole cold forest school.
After Lengling sent Hanshan and others away, she was afraid that they would raid the Cold Forest Sect again, so she secretly followed Hanshan after she left.
The purpose of tracking is to find out whether the Han family really has to evacuate, but I didn’t expect that the foot of the mountain actually leaned out of Hanshan’s conscience
Lengling told them one by one that they finally understood Hanshan’s sinister heart was trying to dominate the whole ice sheet and snatch the title of Cold Family.
"So this old man still has such a heart!" I also heard Lengling tell Lin Fu that it was a face of atmosphere, and at the same time I regretted my promise to let him go.
"Don’t worry, I don’t think they will do anything recently, but you should pay more attention to their comeback!" See Lin Fu a face of concern color LengLing immediately smiled to comfort way
After listening to Lengling’s words, Lin Fu didn’t know what to say at the moment. As Lengling said, since the Han family has this ambition, it is bound to be well prepared before it will make a comeback.
But this is also on the one hand, if Hanshan finally changes his mind and attacks the Hanlin Sect again for a short time, he should always be ready to fight.
After some discussion, Lin Fu and others finally temporarily put their worries in their hearts, and at the same time, they also made enough psychological preparations for this fight against the Han family.
Feeling that the Cold Forest School has been delayed long enough, Lengling has also made plans to continue looking for Ye Han from the Cold Forest School.
But is it so simple to find a person in this vast ice field? Even if Ye Han has fate, it is not as difficult to find him.
It turns out that she can detect Ye Han falling with the help of Life Star Alliance, but it is bound to exert strong vitality, which will have a profound impact on the fetus in the womb.
On the one hand, it is necessary to protect the flesh and blood in the abdomen, on the other hand, it is necessary to look for Ye Lengling, and I don’t know what to do at the moment.
See LengLing a face of melancholy on the spot, Lin Jie naturally saw through her mind at a glance, so he smiled and laughed. "You don’t have to worry too much. Maybe Ye Xiong has returned to Ye Jia?"
Hearing Lin Jie’s words, Lin Fu suddenly turned white, so he nodded at Lengling. "Yes, Jay is right. Maybe Brother Ye has returned to Ye’s home now!"
Cold Ling, comforted by Lin Fulinjie and his father, immediately put aside her worries and smiled. "That’s right. In that case, the younger generation of Lin Zhangmen will leave first!"
As Lengling turned to leave, Ye Han disappeared. As a wife, she thought it was her responsibility to look for him. But at this moment, she listened to Lin Fuxiao behind her and laughed. "I don’t think there is any need to rush to this matter. Let’s stay here and wait for my celebrity to look for Ye Brothers in the ice sheet."
Hearing Lin Fu’s words, Lengling hesitated immediately, and then nodded at Lin Fu with a wry smile. "In that case, I’m sorry!"
"Cold girl, where is this? You helped us fight off the strong enemy of the Cold Forest Sect, and you are my former friend and daughter of Lin Fu. Even if we are your own home, why don’t you bother if you live in your own home?"
For Lengling’s words, Lin Fu was naturally busy denying them and immediately ordered Lin Jie to one side, "Jieer, you go and arrange one!"
Lin Jiewen immediately replied with Lengling and left the hall toward the place where Ye Lengling had lived before.
Looking at Lengling and others leaving Lin Fu, I couldn’t help sighing, and then I gave everyone a command and left the hall on my own.
Lengling didn’t sleep at night, but quietly looked at the stars outside the window alone, and inadvertently recalled what Ye Han had experienced.
"Don’t worry, Han Er, I will find you!" Long time passed before LengLing withdrew her eyes and glanced at her belly, and then she sighed a little slowly to the window.
Sitting at the head of the bed is cold and sleepy, so I am ready to practice a recovery. Once I have passed a big war, I will feel a cold place.
However, after a long time, Lengling realized that her physical strength had recovered as before, but her induction to Ye Han remained elusive.
I can’t move too many air-cooled Ling’s skills. I want to feel that Ye Han can’t be induced by this little bit of faith.
Moreover, when Ye Han disappeared, two people’s life stars slowly faded away, and it was not generally difficult to find Ye Han.
Originally, it was necessary to repair the high strength, so that the position of Ye Han can be detected by the life star. Now, even if the life star repairs the high strength, it will be of no help.
Besides, Lengling’s repair is not very high now. If it weren’t for Ye Han’s life star, she would have found out that it belonged to Ye Han’s life star.
Naturally, it’s not that there is no other way to induce Ye Han. If you want to awaken the spiritual ties between the two, you can also find Ye Han’s place by this route.
But now she can’t make such an exhausting method, otherwise it will definitely hurt the fetus in the womb.
She can also temporarily suffer from the worry of missing Ye Han and bury Ceng Gege’s method in her heart and dare not make it.
"Cold son, what do you think I should do now?" I have been trying to calm Lengling down, so I didn’t continue to practice, so I came to the window again and muttered to myself in front of the stars outside the window.
After a long time, when the dawn was coming, she returned to the bed and rested soon after putting her figure on the bed ~
【 458 】 【 Back home 】
In Xingyuan City, the scorching sun was extremely hot in the autumn, which was supposed to be crisp in autumn. However, at this time, the weather was still like that in summer, and the residents in the city also found their own places to escape the summer.
Yeh’s family’s house is also a bit empty everywhere, because the man is coming and going, but now, looking at the whole Yeh’s family, it is hard to see even people in the family.