The waves told their own stories, and after they finished their stories, they came back to ask Zhang Yi about college life and details. They also laughed and asked Zhang Yi if he had ever had a boyfriend in college or worked as a class cadre.

When they were chatting, they passed unconsciously.
During the conversation, the waves took a message and made a call. It was Brother Bao who reported that Ah Cai had gone home to sleep. Two brothers, Ah Cai Lou, watched Ah Cai. In addition, there was no peace in the gym room. Four brothers watched the waves. After receiving the message, they made a message to Xiao Penalty, asking him to put all 20 brothers together and wait for his order.
After the deduction, the waves will continue to chat with Zhang Yi, and the war will soon be over. The gentle and touching night talk can ease the nerves and add a blush to the bloody shadow.
At one o’clock, the waves drove Zhang Yi to Mei Hotel, and then they kissed each other goodbye tenderly.
Seeing Zhang off, he drove in the direction of the red chamber according to the waves. He sent a message to Rainbow and Ling, two beautiful bodyguards, to ask them to get up and wait for him to act in the red chamber.
Let Rainbow and Ling take part in the operation. He doesn’t want them to be shields, but to increase their actual combat experience with long knowledge. If you want to find a shield as a scapegoat and send those 20 black security guards to Blue Moon, people will die if they die. He won’t feel bad about the waves. Rainbow and Ling, the two girls, have just entered the Jianghu, but they are close to ink and close to Zhu, and now they are following him in the waves. He wants to lead them to prevent them from following Blue Star to do evil things.
It’s less than a mile from Mei Hotel to the Red Mansion. The waves are afraid that the two girls won’t get up so quickly and drive slowly. When he arrives at the Red Mansion, he just sees Ling and Rainbow Mansion.
The two beautiful women are all dressed in black, spirited and capable, and they simply watch the waves and praise them.
The waves knew that Xiao Xiao had already gone to the security company from the Red Chamber to join the troops without waiting for him.
After the waves waited for Ling and Rainbow, they headed for Hong Kong Street.
Neon lights shine on the night, which is particularly beautiful. This beautiful coat is full of holes, scars and darkness. A bloody massacre is coming!
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five All confessed
The waves drove the car, Rainbow and Ling to Hong Kong Street and parked the car in the backyard of the nightclub.
The backyard is dimly lit, but it is full of dangers. In two minibuses, 20 strong-armed men are carrying guns, and some of them are holding small submachine guns.
Brother Bao and Xiao Xun came over before the wave car stopped.
The waves calmly walked into the car and asked, "What’s going on with Cai?"
Brother Bao said, "Xiao Gang called. Cai has slept and nothing has happened. I have arranged four brothers to watch around the gym. No one has come in or out for the time being. It seems that those killers have not acted tonight."
The waves said, "Did you give them some medicine in the meal?"
Brother Bao laughed. "As you told me, there is no poison, but the amount of laxatives is not big enough to make them feel weak."
The waves said, "Okay, the car operation is divided into two groups. Brother Xing, you take twenty brothers to the parking lot and ambush in the basement. When I come back, we will start a hard attack. If the other party detects you and tries to escape before I come back, you will go straight to Brother Huo and we will catch Ah Cai."
Brother Xing promised to drive out quietly with two CMB cars and ambush near the Cai gym.
The waves ride in the same car as Brother Bao, Ling and Rainbow. Brother Bao’s four brothers have another car.
Two cars drove back and forth out of the backyard to the house of Ah Cai.
Cai doesn’t live in his gym, but in a residential building 500 meters away from Hong Kong Street.
When the waves arrived, Hou Xiaogang and the other two brothers gently walked over to introduce the surrounding situation to the waves.
The waves listened quietly and said decisively, "Brother Bao Xiaogang and these two brothers, let’s go upstairs to catch Ah Cai Ling Rainbow. You two watch if Ah Cai escapes, you can take him alive, but if you can’t, shoot him."
After the waves are arranged, take Brother Bao and other four people to the building complex. When the crowd approaches, the waves suddenly stop and say in a low voice, "If we attack Ah Cai from the main entrance, we may sometimes send a warning signal to Shao Xuewu. We will attack back and forth without giving Ah Cai a chance to send a warning signal. Brother Bao, you four take the stairs to guard the main entrance. If Ah Cai comes out from the front door, you should shoot. Remember that it is best not to kill him. I will leave him alive and sneak into Ah Cai’s room from the balcony alone."
Brother Bao looked up at the balcony on the fourth floor and said in surprise, "How can you get there when Brother Hai is so high?"
The waves smiled and said, "You don’t care if you guard the front door and don’t let the corridor monitor capture you."
After Bao Ge’s four-person building, the waves came from the waist. He had already prepared the black silk thread. There was a steel grab at one end of the black silk thread. He came to the building with one hand holding the black silk thread and one hand measuring the distance. He swung the steel grab for a few times and suddenly let go of the steel grab and flew to the balcony on the second floor, ready to catch the edge of the balcony by mistake.
The waves jumped, and their hands quickly climbed alternately, and in the blink of an eye, they reached the second floor. He did the same thing on the balcony on the second floor and quickly came to the third floor.
On the balcony on the third floor, he stopped slightly, because the fourth floor is Ah Cai’s room. He had to wait for Brother Bao to arrive at the front door from the stairs, or if he disturbed Ah Cai, He would escape from the front door.
It’s almost time to calculate. The waves threw out the steel grab and quickly rose to the balcony on the fourth floor. This time, he moved very quickly. After jumping off the balcony, his hands shook, and he took out a pistol from the belt, leading the balcony to the door with an arrow step and kicking it out quickly.
When Cai was awakened by the sound of kicking the door in his sleep, he was very alert. After waking up, he felt the pillow pistol instead of the lantern. He quickly turned over the bed and hid behind the door. If someone came to hit the bedroom door, he would shoot at any time.
Cai didn’t hear anyone walking in the living room, but he could feel someone approaching the bedroom very quickly. Now he has pushed to the door, and there is no chance for him to call the police or send an alarm to Shao Xuewu.
A Cai’s nervous pistol was aimed at the bedroom door. He heard his violent heartbeat and felt a cold sweat pouring from his palm.
The bedroom door was suddenly shocked and kicked violently. A Cai pistol did not hesitate to shoot out and fired three times in succession, but it was shot because someone kicked the door and did not break in or stand at the door to wait for him to shoot.
At this moment, Cai heard two shots and immediately felt that his legs and knees were hit by bullets. He couldn’t help but scream and kneel down.
A Cai knelt on his head and just showed a pistol outside the door. He slowly reached out from the door and said coldly, "Drop the gun!" "
After the waves kicked the bedroom door, they quickly dodged and hid behind the wall to listen to the wind. From the sound of the gun, they heard the position of Ah Cai Li. He squatted down and stretched out his pistol, which accurately shattered Ah Cai’s knee by mistake. When Ah Cai fell down, he just hit his gun.