"I’m going to kill Yan Qin. He was the one who badly wounded me. If I hadn’t used my quick wits to jump into a cliff valley, I would have died."

Jun Ye took a bite of Su Wan and Ye Ting, and both of them looked at him in unison, thinking of the hardships that Jun Ye had experienced in his life, and they still felt sorry for him.
Although the emperor was born in the palace, he finally found himself a chess player. The most important thing was that he was seriously injured and almost died.
Even now, he doesn’t look very good.
It is worrying to look at the handsome face with a slight pallor because of physical loss.
Su wan once wanted him to die, but now she can’t bear to see him like this.
"Don’t be too angry and take good care of yourself when something happens. Don’t be impatient and angry. Remember to take good care of yourself when it’s bad for you."
She whispered jun ye tearing corners of the mouth with a light smile.
"I can."
Su Wan nodded his head and the topic shifted to the point.
"But you can’t kill Yan Qin Yan Qin. I have to take it back to the Western Chu State. I want him to have it."
Jun Ye looked at Su Wan with a puzzled face.
Su Wanhuo said, "According to the information we have, Yan Qin is the mastermind behind the Tianmen-eating. He immersed the Tianmen-eating hand in various groups in the Western Chu. At first, he wanted to win the throne of the Western Chu and Northern Jin Dynasties in the East China Sea, but later we cracked it one by one."
Jun Ye opened his eyes wide in surprise. "Is he crazy? How important it is for him to take the throne of the Western Chu and Northern Jin Dynasties in the East China Sea."
Su Wan hooked her lips and shook her head with a smile. "No, it’s not his business, but another person behind him."
Su Wan looked at Jun Ye and said slowly, "That person is likely to be the Queen Mother of the Northern Jin Dynasty. Once upon a time, Lady Jia Fei was a clever woman. On that day, Princess Guomin of the East China Sea was a master who ate Tianmen. She ordered Princess Min to enter the East China Sea and let her take control of my father’s brother. Things would be successful if we didn’t destroy them."
"Yan Qin, a Buddhist in the Western Chu, has always won the trust of the old emperor. If it weren’t for my uncle’s fear that he would succeed, even so, they also placed a lot of people in the Northern Jin State. Don’t you think he would become an emperor?"
Jun Ye listened to Su Wan and shook his head with horror.
He can’t imagine that a woman can plan such a powerful plan.
That person is probably his mother.
Jun Ye thought that his face might dim for a long time, but he couldn’t say how uncomfortable he was.
Because according to Wan’s words, the Queen Mother is so powerful, how could she not find that the emperor of Yanbei Jin State is not him?
Su wan, although some could not bear it, said directly
"I suspect that the queen mother in the palace knows that the emperor of the Northern Jin Dynasty is really interested in Yan Qin. What she really wants to push is never you. If she really loves you and likes you, I don’t think she will have the heart to send you to the palace of the Western Chu State. On the contrary, she likes that Yan Qin very much."
"Look, it’s her who eats Tianmen, but she actually let Yan Qin intervene in eating Tianmen. It’s not hard to see that she likes Yan Qin."
As soon as Su Wan’s words fell, Jun Ye felt pain in his heart. He looked up at Su Wan and chuckled.
"Maybe I’m not the emperor of the Northern Jin State, so who am I?"
Su Wan shook her head, but in the end she said, "Maybe you are the emperor of the Northern Jin State. If you are not the old emperor for so many years, you will not find it too much to stand up for you after you return to the palace, but even if you are the emperor, you will not be loved by Jiafei."
Su wan said no more talking.
There was a silence all around.
Ye Tingkou said, "Don’t think about how to do these things without eyes."
Su Wan interface: "We came here under the banner of peace talks. The Emperor of the Northern Jin Dynasty is sure to give us a banquet in the palace. Then we will play it by ear and try to catch Yan Qin and change Jun Ye."
"Yu Yan
"Yu Yanqin took us back to the Western Chu State to find out what was behind the eating of Tianmen. I think Yan Qin must know everything about eating Tianmen. With him, we will surely kill all the people who ate Tianmen."
"Okay, let’s do it."
Ye Ting firmly nodded and saw that Jun Ye didn’t speak on one side. Ye Ting pushed him "What do you mean?"
What can Jun Ye say? He is in poor health. At this time, he is hit by this fact. The whole person has no strength. He said softly, "Ok, let’s do it."
Jun Ye got up slowly and walked to the carriage on one side of the road.
Su wan looked at him behind him, and his heart was full of sufferings, but she didn’t know such things as comforting him
Ye Ting looked at Su Wan’s eyes and quickly shifted Su Wan’s thinking. "Empress, it’s getting late. Let’s leave quickly. We must be worried to get this done and go back to Beijing early."