Phoenix shallow by his look very not since slowly withdraw the line of sight "YunLuo don’t say when I have amnesia, such as because I am still in the stage of amnesia and didn’t remember"

She paused and looked up at him again, and her eyes narrowed slightly. "But you call me Xiaoqi-this name was once called by Mo Shaoyuan. Although I don’t know who he recognized me, but … do you know me well?"
Mo Shaoyuan is a wanted man. He knows it very well.
It’s not that he can’t be familiar with Mo Shaoyuan. After all, it’s no big deal that he used to be familiar with the court official. It’s because she asked him in such a tone that it seems that if they are familiar, what’s wrong? Chapter 855 Still feel that they are lying very high?
Yunluo looked at her with a look of expression, and her eyes were too gloomy and complicated, so that Phoenix could explore what he was thinking. After a while, she withdrew her sight and the stagnant atmosphere made her feel a little embarrassed.
"The empress needs to have it now, to have powerful children in pairs, and to spoil you alone. Is there anything that will make the empress feel bad?" Yunluo didn’t respond to her words just now when she suddenly asked that.
Feng’s shallow pupil shrinks slightly. "Maybe it was misdiagnosed?" She smiled. "I don’t know my own body. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s just some fatigue from running back and forth recently."
"Misdiagnosis?" He snorted coldly. "Does the empress look down on the medical skills of the late generals or think she is a liar?"
"Yunluo!" Feng shallow suddenly looked up and stared at him. "The palace is an imperial concubine. What do you mean by talking to the palace like this?"
The figure of the opposite person seems to be stiff.
It took a long time to pull out a smile with a gloomy atmosphere. "It’s natural to be responsible for finding out the root cause of the empress’s depression at the end of the day. If the empress doesn’t want to cooperate, she will directly tell the emperor to let the emperor talk to the empress. There is nothing wrong with it."
Threaten naked naked threat!
Phoenix was so angry that he bit his teeth and said with a cold face, "I touched the assassin with the emperor when I was in southern China."
She looked at Yunluo’s pale face and seemed to listen carefully. She shook her hands. "The assassin caught my child and saved it. I fell off a cliff with the emperor. It was very painful and horrible. I still have a big shadow in my heart. Maybe this is why my heart is not smooth. So is General Yun satisfied?"
Yunluo was silent for a moment. "I know."
"Empress’s prescription will be handed over to the slave of Fengyang Palace later. If there is nothing for him, I will go back first."
Say that finish also ranging from chicken shallow mouth turned straight toward the outside to go out.
When his back disappeared, the footsteps in the temple gradually drifted away, and Feng shallow body softened and fell into bed directly.
Really tired
Yunluo went out and saw Yunguifei waiting for him at the gate of Fengyang Palace.
He glanced at her with a dim look, and walked on without stopping, as if he had not seen the man.
Yun Guifei took a sip of her lips and told the "big brother" behind him. It would take her a long time to step with him. "Feng shallow her … did you regain your memory?"
She still won’t talk to herself, but the man suddenly stopped in front of her and turned to look at her coldly.
"What do you think?"
His face was so gloomy that he seemed to drop water. Although Yun Guifei felt that she had not offended his heartbeat recently, she missed a beat for no reason. "I think …" She barely kept her face unchanged. "It is likely that she has recovered."
"In that case, why do you ask me?"
Yunluo dumped her and turned around again with a cold expression.
Yun Guifei’s heart gave her a hard shock. Her face expression was a rare distortion. "Does the eldest brother think so? Then why … Chapter 856 Because she likes you.
Before she finished asking, she was forgotten by Yunluo’s glance. She continued to be very cold, but her eyes were too deep and deep, which made people feel that he was trying to restrain some emotions from bursting out.
"I don’t know"
For a moment, there was confusion in his eyes. Yun Qian always thought that he said he didn’t know if he was answering her question, but in a second she reacted. He said he didn’t know if Feng Shao had recovered his memory.
For the first time in her life, she saw him like this
Slightly pantothenic acid in my heart or just a calm tone. "Eldest brother, I have always suspected that she will be crazy when she restores her memory after giving birth …"