"So you still have a way?" Downing asked curiously.

"Of course, there is a way and the effect should be good." Feng Yang smiled mysteriously and looked forward to a few curious eyes. Yang strode across suddenly and put his hands on his mouth and roared, "We are Feiyun’s younger brothers who were ordered to come and invite you to see us."
"Good idea" Xi Yu pulled the corner of his mouth.
The wind Yang yelled for several times without any response.
Luo Linshi couldn’t see it. He walked beside Fengyang and patted Fengyang on the shoulder. "You can’t look at me like this." He suddenly sank and drank. "Feiyun’s younger brother will come out to meet you and meet you."
The sound is vigorous, like a dull thunder, shaking the fields. That wave was like a series of ripples, and it was close to the wind. Xi Yu and others were not stunned by this wave.
Even if the wind blows up Yuan’s soul force, it is stronger than the head, and there is a brief slight shock. Downing, the weakest strength, is even paled by the shock.
The cloud is soft as expected. When Rowling patted the wind and raised her shoulders, she should put her hands over her ears and quit the wave attack range when she retreated sharply.
"Is this wave martial arts?" Feng Yang’s heart was surprised that this wave was extremely strong. Obviously, the order was not low, but a place like Bo Wushu had to be said to be a real talent.
"Hey, hey, don’t admire me too much." Rowling smiled back and was surprised by the admiration and love of Feng Yang and others. He was surprised to scream in his eyes, but he saw the expression of Feng Yang, Downing and others gloating and scheming. Rowling suddenly felt that the situation seemed bad.
"You talked" Tang Ning played with the taste.
"Ah" suddenly echoed around Rowling miserable than sound waves rolling out to kill god than he wave wushu is not weak.
"No, it’s not, it’s not, it’s Wushu, it’s not talking." Rowling was disappointed.
"I kiss. I want to kiss."
However, Luo Linbo’s martial arts is still very effective, and the door will be hit soon. This Han is still an iron bolt. At this time, his face has been covered with anger. "Don’t blame me for not leaving."
"We also mean well and really want to help your group through the difficulties," said Feng Yang calmly.
"Even if our mercenary group has any problems, it won’t be solved by you guys." Tie Shuan’s face didn’t despise disdain. It was because of his strong character that he was so competitive.
"Are you afraid that we will solve the difficulties of the Jimin mercenary group?" * Qin Hao, who has always disdained to talk, suddenly burst out with a word.
"What are you talking about?" The iron bolt immediately became furious and immediately made moves against Qin Hao.
Qin Hao feiyun’s younger brother has no respect for a small-town mercenary group, and he is not afraid to stand up and be tit for tat.
"Iron bolts are not allowed to be polite to Feiyun Gate guests."
Suddenly, a man who looked younger than the iron bolt came over with steady steps and immediately walked beside Feng Yang and others with a friendly smile on his face. "Please come in, several distinguished guests."
This is Wei Cheng, the housekeeper of Jimin mercenary group, who followed shi jun, the head of Jimin mercenary group, for many years.
I took a deep look at the resolute look on my face and followed the housekeeper Wei Cheng into the house.
The mercenary group of Jimin has indeed become more and more depressed. At this time, the garden was full of people who were everywhere, but the people were thin, leaving three ordinary people responsible for washing and cooking. The garden was already overgrown and devastated, and it looked like a sad scene.
On the side are two rows of wing doors, some of which are in tatters.
"Now the people’s mercenary group has already made ends meet. If it weren’t for the kind relief of some villagers in the displaced town, I’m afraid the people’s mercenary group would have already dispersed. I didn’t expect that the original mercenary group, which had been providing relief to the villagers, would have to provide relief to the villagers at the moment. You never know."
When leading Fengyang and others to meet the head of the mercenary group, the housekeeper Wei Cheng felt the vicissitudes of life and the changes of the world.
Soon Wei Cheng, the housekeeper, took Feng Yang and others to a room. At this time, a middle-aged man was strong and looked gaunt by the bed.
Wei Cheng told Feng Yang and others about their origin and purpose, and the man on the bed immediately said to Feng Yang and others, "This is the head of the mercenary group for the benefit of the people."
"I’m shi jun. Please sit down." Shi Junyou said.
"Colonel, can you tell me what happened to the Jimin mercenary group?" The wind Yang just sit asked.
"I said that there will be so many problems if you don’t intervene in the mercenary group." At this moment, the burly iron bolt pushed the door and came in, and if it was thunder, it said.