Just before this idea came into being for a second, Lao Pei warmly catered to his lips and stuck out his tongue to explore his tongue, and what little reason Lin Feng had left became swaying ~

(PS onion looks at the red ticket in front of him, and the little bit of reason left in the onion has become swaying ~ vote for one more vote, handsome guy, don’t stop and keep voting ~ What’s gone? Are you kidding me? Onions give you the essence to make you have a good time ~)
(PS, an old tree, has more than one million words of the classic Xianxia friend "Creation Fairy Road". I like Xianxia friends to watch it ~)
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Dreaming addiction
In the training room of EH headquarters, two closely intertwined bodies constantly adjust their postures, and at the same time, the room temperature keeps rising with time.
Just when the temperature of the whole room is about to reach a critical point that will burn all the senses, an untimely sound rings outside the training room, which makes the original still immersed in sweetness and pleasure, greedy for and careful exchange, and the men and women are equally divided.
"Lao Pei ~ Lin Feng ~ Eat, eat ~ You have a baby in the training room, huh ~?" I don’t guess this is Luo Qi’s signature cry.
When the two men touched each other, I came to look at the delicate and charming face before me. Lao Pei’s face was already red, and I was so excited that I almost wanted to kiss those attractive lips before ~
But winding yee has pulled the training room door at this time.
Come good freehand LaoPei should winding yee a strange not refute winding yee nonsense.
Is to let the winding yee strange along while.
Lao Pei lowered his head and let Liu Hai cover his face and blushed, which also made Luo Qi not find any more abnormalities. Finally, when eating, Lao Pei looked normal again.
From time to time, I look at my eyes and feel a little more tender and sweet.
It was a big meal, but I can’t tell what’s different. After I fed her dinner, I still put myself in front of the desktop in the single dormitory.
Lin Feng doesn’t train tonight. What she wants to do is desktop DIY.
Which is desktop assembly
It was noon when Lao Pei and Lin Feng said that now Lin Feng is at least half a rich man.
When signing the EH contract, Lin Feng has already stepped into the ranks of the rich and officially obtained the certification of competitive professional players.
Actually, Lin Feng will not make a living by himself in this life, because even after he retires, he can’t be promoted to the billion-dollar club like Zhai Hao, so his certified professional certificate can at least ensure that Lin Feng can get a team leader or coach in the semi-professional league.
This business is so eye-catching, but the people who can enter the inner circle are so rare that people are envious.
Come now, all the money is in old Peika.
And LaoPei said let come modified a desktop come naturally obediently obey.
"Actually, this desktop is still when Xiaoqian and I are together …" When Lin Feng hit the desktop chassis and cleaned the dust of a chassis, he suddenly felt that he was pressed by his head and then a force that could not struggle.
Let yourself be handsome enough to kill a group of ants. The little face has a close contact with a layer of dust on the side of the chassis.
"Oh ~ my hand slipped ~" Lao Pei looked at the right side of the front come and smiled and said sorry to the front come.
Come incredibly naive to believe it.
Say come naive because come after what happened to white oneself actually believe such a bad excuse is a thing except two or two.
"What did you say just now? I just saw that you didn’t pay attention to pressing the force ~ You know that my hand strength is sometimes not very good ~" Lao Pei seems to sweep my right face or clean my right face, which makes me feel that I am really making a mountain out of a molehill
Then continue to squat in front of the desktop mainframe case and dismantle the processor and motherboard source line in the mainframe.
"Say it again just now ~ I really didn’t pay much attention to it just now ~" Old Pei said again behind come when she turned to work again.
Lin Feng swore that he didn’t really hear the implication when he heard this sentence, but this is also the prelude to Lin Feng’s second close contact with the chassis panel tonight.
"I said ~ this desktop was saved by Xiao Qian when I was with her as a tutor ~" Come this time, I deliberately slowed down and made it very clear word by word.
Clearly let Lao Pei behind him fully erect every hair on his body, and then press the right face of Lin Feng into the chassis ~
"Pa ~" A carton landed behind Lin Feng and was still in the carton. It was this time that Lao Pei deliberately wandered around the DIY market for a long time before he bought it carefully.
It was the first time I went shopping with Luo Qi, but Lao Pei did a lot of work before.
It is said that it is much more difficult for a woman to study a bunch of production parameters than for them to look at a word day, so that they can find the right parameter collocation suitable for the assembly order in a bunch of words days
It’s almost as maddening as letting a man go to a lady’s bellybutton shop to choose a warm cup.
Lao Pei can make a bunch of desktop configurations that meet Lin Feng’s needs in one day before anyone teaches him.
It’s not magic. It’s magic.
However, this does not affect Lin Feng’s jumping up and getting angry and looking for Lao Pei in front of him.
Come two glittering and translucent eyes flashing in front of winding yee with different thickness of dust on both sides of the face looks funny.
Very cooperate with Lao Pei’ sloped’ and smiled.
This smile looks forward to the appearance, but also makes the anger in front of me just ready to pour out in the chest. Come also forgot to get angry at the moment.
"Do you see if I bought anything from you and Xiaoqian in those days?" This sentence sounds confusing for no reason.
But let come instantaneous white something.
But there’s nothing really white. I feel like I’m talking to myself before.
What is falling to the ground?
Come for a while and can’t remember it, but it’s also uncomfortable to stand there with dust on your face. Shu Come pulls out a piece of tissue in the tissue bag next to it.
It doesn’t seem so embarrassing to change the edge.
Lao Pei didn’t say much about lying in bed with his eyes closed and catnap when he was lazy.
I just swung back and forth in the air without taking off my shoes, as if I were teasing Lin Feng so that Lin Fengbai could forget something.
"What did I say just now? Make her unhappy? " Come to think that Lao Pei is not the kind of girl who is often angry. Is this such a big reaction today?
"I just seemed to be saying,’ This is me and Xiaoqian in those days …’ This sentence was pressed by Lao Pei on the chassis panel." Come to install a pack of things one-way.
And I didn’t look at these accessories carefully
Actually, when I was working in the summer vacation, I also did the installation for people in the brain city. This kind of thing is still handy, although I don’t have much heart, but it will be assembled soon.
After assembling and checking the components such as the source plug, Lin Feng packed the chassis and dried the paper towel to clean up the dust in the chassis.
Just when the equipment such as the chassis and the source are assembled, Lin Feng presses the source key to hear the familiar’ Didi Didi Didi …’ machine sound.
The question that has been lingering in my mind seems to have suddenly been turned on and the source has become clear.
"Oh ~ turned out to be a small qian this thing …"
"This thing is that Lao Pei is jealous ~" Come and look at the big bed in the bedroom behind him. Old Pei Linfeng can’t help but scold himself for being a fool.
Ah … Lin Fengbai is really a little late, but it’s not too late.
Come after all, this layer of white is more than come. After considering it, you must be more concerned about Laopei around you.
Looking at the bed, old Pei Linfeng felt that it seemed more interesting to have another person to accompany him all the way after his life.
Of course, this interesting doesn’t mean that Lin Feng’s face hasn’t been cleaned up yet.
When Lin Feng assembled the brain and was testing the machine, Lao Pei took the clothes and went to take a shower.
Come also heard the water coming from the health room behind the sofa behind the desktop, only to find that Lao Pei, who was still in bed just now, did not know when he had reached the health room behind him.