After struggling with the tide for more than half a day, Ye Shuang’s strength was greatly consumed. An angry tide came and his unstable body was washed away. He no longer reluctantly dragged his tired body back to the shore, but his face was still full of excitement.

"Well, I knew it was such a feeling to practice sword in the sea. I’m afraid I would have come early." Ye Shuang wiped to leave seawater along his forehead, a little regretful.
After sitting on the beach for a while and recovering some physical strength, Ye Shuang went to the sea to catch some fish, then found some firewood and began to roast fish.
After a hearty meal, Ye Shuang began to practice Yijinjing Meridian, and the dragon elephant Prajnaparamita’s power is pure and pure. It is a star-sucking solution that can’t be absorbed. It depends on long-term penance. Ye Shuang never relaxes Yijinjing practice, and at the same time, the dragon elephant Prajnaparamita’s power makes his physical strength bigger, which is of great benefit to epee practice, so that he can persist in the sea for a long time and have stronger physical strength.
From the first day when I arrived at the seaside, Ye Shuang devoted herself to the practice and forgot everything else. Every day, I struggled with the sea and the natural struggle between heaven and earth.
High tide and low tide, rising tide and falling leaves frost are cultivated by the sea day by day, and they go deep into the sea day by day, getting farther and farther from the shore.
The sea has completely submerged his head, and his feet are firmly rooted in the mud at the bottom of the sea. The submarine undercurrent is turbulent and unpredictable. The submarine threat comes from all sides. The speed of the iron epee in the water will inevitably be much slower and it will be more difficult to display. Every time, Ye Shuang is exhausted.
After Ye Shuang came to the seaside for half a month, the first storm was ushered in that night. Several meters high waves were set off by the seaside, and the sea was roaring. Ye Shuang saw what was really overwhelming. The conan the destroyer-like situation made most people feel scared.
However, Ye Shuang was particularly excited when he saw this. Instead of practicing his sword against the raging tide, he carried a black iron epee to display his flying skills and rushed to the sea through the surging sea.
It’s a changeable wave with both feet on the sea, and it may be overturned and swept away by the wave at any time. But the more so, the more excited Ye Shuang is. During this period, he also cultivated flying skills to walk on the sea, but it’s far better than wandering in it when the sea is angry in the storm.
As soon as Ye Shuang went deep into the sea, he had to try his best to avoid being involved in the wave. The whole person was like a butterfly flying in the rain of bullets, avoiding one danger after another. If he was not careful, he might be swept away by the hurricane and the waves would roll over and disappear, which forced him to do his best every time.
In the middle of the storm, the frost is very small, especially in the tornado, which has a great influence on lightness skill. After more than an hour, Ye Shuang feels that she has reached the limit faintly. If she continues, she may not be able to return to the shore and really die at the bottom of the sea.
Sensing the danger, Ye Shuang immediately rushed towards the coast. Fortunately, before rushing to the sea, he deliberately built a sentry post on the shore floor and placed some torches. At this time, he could vaguely see some flames not to get lost.
But even if you want to leave, it’s not so easy. The hurricane is getting stronger and stronger. Ye Shuang’s figure may be blown away by the hurricane at any time. At this moment, a giant * called to see that he was going to avoid Ye Shuang, and his eyes were angry and he shouted at the big waves coming at him.
Try your best to display the lion’s roar, and roar the big waves coming towards you. Most of them are already threatened when they reach him.
When he returned to the coast in great distress, Ye Shuang immediately fell to the beach and didn’t want to move. This was the first time that he tried his best to come back completely after he arrived at the beach. Look at Ye Shuang, who is still roaring at the sea, and he can’t help but feel worried. The forces of nature are really not what he can compete with now.
However, the feeling of wandering in life and death is extremely exciting, which inspires all his potential, especially his flying skill, which is more extreme than his display. Many times ago, I felt that I couldn’t do it. In the face of a life-and-death crisis, I often exceeded my ability and became impossible. Although it is dangerous, Ye Shuang is determined to practice like this.
As time goes by, the skin of the whole person becomes rough and dark, but the momentum is calm, and many swordsmanship, flying skills, fists and lions are growing steadily. He continues to practice selflessly at the seaside.
More than a year passed quickly, and when the storm came again, Ye Shuang stood tall and straight against the tide and waved a epee to meet him. After practicing his sword for a while in the stormy tide, he rushed into the storm again with his epee on his back. At this time, he was much more relaxed than at first, although he couldn’t say that he was walking around, but he wouldn’t always face the test of life and death. All this was greatly improved because of his lightness skill, and even if he couldn’t avoid it, he could resolve the crisis with a lion roar. Some small waves were usually smashed by his roar, showing great power.
On this day, Ye Shuang went to a small town by the sea to buy some life, and he had to eat grilled fish every day for a change. He was already tired of eating it.
In the only pub in the town, Ye Shuang asked for some side dishes and ate slowly with wine.
The pub is not very skillful, and everyone talks clearly and audibly. He was soon attracted by a table of two Chinese words.
"Alas, it would be great if the two of us were unlucky enough to be sent to this remote little place to follow Yue Gong but face the Heaven Meeting."
"Are you fighting skill? Still want to fight against the sky? You are going to die, "another person sneered.
"Can’t I go and see?" This man was obviously annoyed by his companion’s retort. "Besides, what’s wrong with my low martial arts? Didn’t Yao Yingxian already say that? Regardless of good and evil, martial arts strength should resist the day will do a heart. "
"Hey hey, it’s true that I said you want to see Yao Yingxian?" This person teased, "It is also said that Yao Shadow Fairy’s debut has shocked the whole Wulin for more than a year. Several young heroes are fascinated by her. Our Yuegong is attracted, and Yao Shadow Fairy is still alone to resist the invasion of the Central Plains. I don’t know how many young heroes will help her."
Hearing these two people’s words, Ye Shuang’s chopsticks in his hand can’t help but stop, get up and come to the two people’s side. When these two people come suddenly, Ye Shuang feels like he has crushed a mountain. Suddenly, he knows that the person in front of him is extremely superior, and his face immediately shows panic. One of them quickly said, "Hero, forgive me, and I hope that the two of us will show mercy if we are offended."
Ye Shuang naturally won’t argue with two little people. He wants to know the news of the day and asks, "Answer me a few questions truthfully and I will let you go."
"Hero, just ask us if we know enough."
"Has Tianhui begun to March into the Central Plains?" Ye Shuang asked the most heartfelt question.
"Yes, yes," one of them immediately replied, "For more than a month, the day before yesterday, it will suddenly start to March into the Central Plains. Although Yao Yingxian took many fellow Jianghu people to resist, it can’t stop it. Now it is said that Tianhui has attacked near Chang ‘an."
Ye Shuang frowned and said in his heart, "Is Master going out so soon?"
This is a lot more than Ye Shuang wants. Ye Shuang’s fifteen swords won’t be too long when he closes, but it will be normal in three to five years, and his eyes will start to fight in the Central Plains in about two years. This is a bit unexpected for Ye Shuang.
However, since Tianhui has already started to fight in the Central Plains, it is impossible for him to continue to feel at ease and practice here. It is necessary to return to Tianshuang Hall quickly.
After a moment of reflection, Ye Shuang asked the two men again, "Who do you think this Yao Ying is?"
Ye Shuang’s voice fell. Although the two men were afraid of him, they were still a little incredible. Looking at Ye Shuang as if he didn’t know what Yao Ying was, it was unreasonable. Ye Shuang snorted, "I have just been practicing for many years and I don’t know who Yao Ying is."
Looking at these two people’s eyes, Ye Shuang is also quite puzzled to say that he is the deputy director of the Frost Hall, and he is clear about some celebrities in the Jianghu, but he has really never heard of this Yao Shadow.
Hearing Ye Shuang’s explanation, the two talents suddenly realized that one of them couldn’t wait to say, "It’s no wonder that my predecessors have been practicing for many years."
He had just finished, and another man said, "Yao Yingxian, a senior, only appeared in the Jianghu more than a year ago. It is said that she is as beautiful as a fairy, and her martial arts skills are high. Almost no one in the younger generation is her opponent. There are several young masters. She is fascinated that she will enter the Central Plains this day, and she is the first to take people to resist it. Unfortunately, she has not been able to stop those people who will meet in the future."
Ye Shuang raised his eyebrows with a puzzled look on his face and asked, "Do you know which sect she came from and what martial arts she practiced?"
"Yes, I know," nodded a rush. "Yao Shadow Fairy was born with a kind of gentle air and quiet lent, but this generation. Her cultivation is naturally a kind of gentle air and sword. It is said that she and the sky will fly, the clouds will fly, the mainstream clouds will fight, and the sky will be crowded. Yao Shadow Fairy had to take people back, but it made her famous. Now several people are rushing to support her."
Cihang Jingzhai people? Ye Shuang suddenly realized in my heart that’s it.
Cihang Jingzhai has never appeared in the Jianghu for so many years, and people who rarely hear about this sect have never seen it in the Jianghu.
The whole Jianghu crisis appeared.
In the eyes of those decent people, the Jianghu is now in a crisis because of the Heaven Society, and the Heaven Society will surely cause turmoil in the whole Jianghu.
At this time, a savior is needed, and someone needs to come out to save the day.
Ci hang Jing Zhai appeared in line with the weather
The appearance of Ci Hang Jing Zhai people is just right. At this time, it is at the moment when the sky will March into the Central Plains from the western regions. From the beginning, it has established a brilliant and tall image of resisting the ambition of the sky, and once it appears, it shoulders the great responsibility of calming the turmoil in the rivers and lakes. It can be said that it is a mission
At this time, Tianhui is the enemy of all the major sects in the Central Plains Jianghu. Even some of them are prejudiced against Cihang Jingzhai, but at this critical moment, they have to express their support against their will. At this time, all factions in the Jianghu are fragmented. If Cihang Jingzhai starts, it will be a good way to get everyone together to jointly resist Tianhui, so as to save the factions from intrigue and protect their strength.
Now that we know that it is Cihang Jingzhai, so many things are clear. Ye Shuang didn’t ask much about this Yao shadow, and then asked some things about the meeting in the future.
For more than a month, the day before yesterday, the flowing clouds led Feiyuntang to take the lead and officially began to March into the Central Plains. Although some forces in the Central Plains were prepared for this, some small forces along the way were swept clean by the flowing clouds until they met Yao Ying. However, Feiyuntang finally won and continued to advance into the hinterland of the Central Plains.
No matter how many things two people don’t know, Ye Shuang didn’t continue to ask more questions, but it is certain that the sky will be fighting with many forces and masters in the Central Plains in the Western Region anyway. Some people are still far from the Central Plains, but it is different to enter the Central Plains at this time. It is bound to be resisted by all factions in the Central Plains, and the war will be extremely fierce.