At this time Xia Lingyao suddenly realized that he was rude and let go of Lu Zhan.

Lu Zhan felt a little embarrassed when he touched his nose. He didn’t look at other people’s eyes.
"Lu Zhan, how did you come?" Xia Lingyao repeated the question just now.
But before Lu Zhan spoke, Su Huanjen had laughed.
"Ling Yao, the next time I talk to you, my sister won the game, but the team got tickets to the wg finals. The team that didn’t win is already here."
Xia Lingyao was a little surprised to see Lu Zhan nod. She looked at Lu Zhan’s teammates again and finally "snow" a smile at once.
Xia Lingyao such a big beauty smiles amorous feelings let Xiao Chengjiang and Yang have some eyebrows.
But then Xia Lingyao returned to normal expression and said, "Okay, let’s not gossip about these things. I’ll say later that I just searched a lot of South Korea’s jb team videos and made a detailed study of them. I can show you."
Then she glanced at Lu Zhan lightly chastising and went over to study tactics with Su Huanjen.
After receiving more than two hours, Xia Lingyao explained something to Su Huanjen, and the whole ghost team was still training with ZG team.
In the process of observing their training, Lu Zhan felt that he had learned a lot that he had not paid attention to before.
Professional teams have been working together for a long time, and many seemingly urgent moves are often hidden.
This time, Lu Zhan finally knew who omefeng was and who omeyi was.
It turns out that the two men are twin brothers, but their personalities are completely different. The eldest brother Liu Yufeng is domineering and aggressive, and the second child Liu Yuyi is relatively tepid.
It’s not easy for two people to fight wild and assist, but at the same time they hit the first place in the country. It’s not easy for twin brothers to be so strong and look around the world. Maybe this is the only one.
"There are ghosts and wings, and there is a super god, Su Huanjen, who strategizes and thunders and shoots through the sky."
Lu Hong’s personality is masculine, the nocturnal god is unruly, and Su Huanjen’s gentle wings are compared with the last two land exhibitions in the first five countries of Xianguo.
Although this has been the top name a year ago, it is still fascinating.
Relying on such a strong background, the team of the Ghost should have the strength to win the championship, but this time the team sent by South Korea is also very strong
CJB team names CJ and Blaze are the strongest teams in the ogn League in South Korea, and their strength is not lost to SK1 led by Faker. This time, there is a quota in wg Korea, and CJB killed SK1 through its own efforts.
There are many core output points of this team that are relatively difficult to target, but Lu Zhan has been watching it for so long, and it is generally useless to look at the ghost team. It is aimed at the other road, and the other road is recently good at making the dragon girl Flame collapse and then spreading its advantages to other roads.
I don’t quite agree with this tactical land exhibition. After all, they don’t know what other cores of the other side will play then.
However, there should be no other way for the Ghost Team to study each other’s routines through post-group observation.
"Well, that’s all for today. I have invited many teams from other countries to play training matches. Let’s give full play to our reserved strength but play our own style."
Su Huanjen announced the end of the whole day’s training in one sentence. At this time, it was already seven o’clock in the evening. It seems that the ghost team has been training for a long time until this time, and it was really achieved through several efforts behind the glamorous outside of professional players.
"Your meals have already been bought back. Let’s eat while it’s hot!"
At this time, I waited for a long time before the team leader said this. He went out to buy food and came back, but he waited for the players to finish training before speaking.
Lu Zhan’s five people also got their own box lunch. Although it seems crude compared with high-end villa meals, it is also interesting to eat box lunch in this place.
Xia Lingyao naturally got together with Lu Zhan when eating, and others didn’t know where to go. Although two people have been talking, there are still some words at this time.
"How about my heart?" Lu zhanwen
"Of course my heart is!" Xia Lingyao’s mouth is happy.
"So remember you made a promise?" Lu Zhan asked again
"Promise what promise?" Xia Lingyao don’t know is forgotten or playing dumb said
"Don’t try to muddle through, that is, give me a kiss promise when I come." Lu Zhan whispered in Xia Lingyao’s ear.
Chapter 24 the strongest king promotion?
"oh? When did I say this? " Xia Lingyao panic but hide said
Lu Zhan didn’t cheep, but first took out his mobile phone and shook it and said, "Don’t deny that I recorded it."
Xia Lingyao blushed and finally compromised, saying, "Then I won’t do it until you promise me a condition."
"What conditions?" Lu Zhan has some bad theories.
"That’s to test your performance. I have a friend who hit the strongest king with two games left in the promotion, but she didn’t dare to play. She gave me the number and wanted me to find someone to play for the team, but the team is busy now. I can’t play before the game. Now I’ll give it to you. If you can play the strongest king, how about you?" Xia lingyao queer expression said
As soon as Lu Zhan mentioned it, Bai Xia Lingyao meant it. She must have been shy and didn’t know what to do, so it was difficult to move it out.
However, she didn’t expect that Lu Zhan was no longer the former Lu Zhan. A month ago, Lu Zhan still relied on the help of the team to barely stabilize in the middle. But now Lu Zhan’s strength has risen a lot compared with a month ago, even in the face of robbery, it will not be empty.
Xia Lingyao has been busy with training recently, and she certainly didn’t have time to check Lu Zhan’s record. She didn’t know that Lu Zhan was already very high at the personal level. Although I don’t know whether there is the strongest king, Lu Zhan is confident that even the strongest king can’t qualify for the tournament.
"Good!" Lu Zhan just agreed when he thought about it.
Seeing Xia Lingyao’s reddish lips, Lu Zhanxin has been rippling and wants to kiss before she is willing.
Xia Lingyao didn’t expect Lu Zhan to promise so quickly, but he seemed to have some regrets, but he couldn’t get back what he said.
"When will you call?" Lu Zhan asked
"Come to my room later. I have my own room." Xia Lingyao wanted to mean to say.
Lu Zhan nodded. He listened to Su Huanjen’s arrangement just now. He knew that it was the night when the players were free to move, but the players usually took their notes back to their rooms and continued to practice through the wifi network. At this time, Xia Lingyao would return to his room to continue collecting information and formulating tactics.
The ghost team has Xia Lingyao, a girl who naturally lives by herself. The thought of revisiting it with Xia Lingyao in the evening is full of confidence in his heart.
The king’s promotion? I just need an experience. Let’s take a look at this! Lu Zhan thought in his heart
In the evening, when Lu exhibited in Xia Lingyao’s room, his face was wry.
In terms of housing distribution, he and Xiao Chengqiang shared a room with Ayang and a foreigner Bloom, and Su Yueran actually took the initiative to share a room with Xia Lingyao.
It’s natural for two girls to live together. Su Huanjen agreed without thinking, but it’s not the case for Lu Zhan. Come to my heart and think about it. When it comes two months ago, a light bulb will be added to make him very speechless.
What makes him even more talkative is that Xiao Shengqiang heard that Lu Zhan wanted to "explore the girls’ dormitory at night" and he had to follow whatever he said. As a result, the world of two people eventually evolved and three people watched the game of Lu Zhan.
These two people naturally don’t know their bets, but the appearance of these two stooges means that their fighting is about to spread.
At this time, Lu Zhan already knew that Lin Wankuo had gone out to contact other teams for the training match this day. I didn’t meet him until I came back to my residence today.
This coincidence delayed Lin Wankuo’s meeting with Lu Zhan’s enemies for a while, which was good news for Lu Zhan to play this game with peace of mind.
Xia Lingyao’s friend, this account ID is very feminine. It’s called Weiyu Nianhua. It’s probably a girl. This is the Ionia in Xinyi District, which means that this game has been regarded as the highest-ranking passerby in China.
As soon as I entered the game, the land exhibition was Ranked on the third floor, which means that the hidden rank scores on the first two floors are higher than the land exhibition number. You know, this account has already played the number of the strongest king promotion tournament, so the two people on the other side are obviously the strongest king and the lowest challenger level.
The so-called challenger is to give a title to the strongest king when he has successfully played the promotion of the strongest king, but there is no quota for the strongest king at present.
Lu Zhan remembered what Lin Zhengzheng had said. The strength of the strongest king is also different, but the strength of the strongest king in Xinyi District is very strong with the least amount of water.
Because the strongest king has five people, many times the strongest king will match their ranking with diamond one or diamond two if he doesn’t rank in the competition.