[Can’t be acting? Didn’t I shoot in the hospital before? I didn’t get sick and asked the doctor to stick such a long needle in the baby’s head. Can sue Ye Feng for abuse]

[I don’t believe how it is possible to play a three-and-a-half-year-old child so seamlessly]
[Then how do you explain that you never talk and jump directly into a flow of words? This progress is faster than riding a roller coaster in an amusement park]
[Can’t really have a pill to cure the specific medicine? Isn’t that an elixir? 】
Some parents of babies with the same neurodegeneration as Unicorn Chan only injected Unicorn Chan because of the similar condition of Unicorn Chan and his own baby.
Is this really an elixir?
These parents are obviously aware of this problem, and they all have similar children at home. They can tell whether Unicorn Chan is acting or not.
When Unicorn Chan was taking pills, the camera caught the name of the medicine bottle.
These parents usually come into contact with such exaggerated nutritional tablets. Although they see them, they are as poor as they are. Parents know that it is false, but they still refuse to give up trying for their children.
Until-Unicorn Chan suddenly began to speak, and the logic was clear and the answer was like a flow.
It’s only been more than an hour since I took nutritional tablets, right?
The medicine bottle is really cured when it says "one pill is cured"?
Is there really an elixir in this world
You have something to say.
Ye Feng, my dream is so beautiful that I really want to drag my wife in and dream together.
Thank you for irrigating a bottle of nutrient solution, Little Angel Yinyu;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard! ?
Chapter 11
The program group is about to be blown up by the families of these urgent patients.
The director is also confused.
He had a clear understanding of Ye Feng’s detailed information before inviting Ye Feng to the program.
He also saw Unicorn Chan’s baby state when he visited Ye Feng’s house in advance.
He absolutely doesn’t believe that a three-and-a-half-year-old child can play a patient with aphasia and dementia so perfectly
There is no need.
Ye Feng has long since retired from the entertainment industry to engage in other industries, and he does not need to rely on sick children to sell badly in public.
But Unicorn Chan’s baby is right here in front of the public, okay?
He wouldn’t believe it if it weren’t for the fact that he was the director and he knew it was really live.
What the hell is going on?
Anxious patients’ families are asking about the specific medicine and asking if it is an elixir.
The director thought it was funny, but he couldn’t laugh.
Unicorn Chan’s recovery won’t really be due to eating that little pill with exaggerated curative effect, will it?
The director also tried to contact Ye Feng to ask whether to temporarily suspend the live broadcast to see the baby’s situation
But Ye Feng said that the baby is in excellent condition and will wait until after the broadcast.
Is the baby in good condition? The director is not sure, but he is not in good condition now.
Now some patients come to ask questions, but if the temporary suspension of the live broadcast will definitely lead to more viewers questioning the hotline of the program group, it will really be blown up.
The director arranged for the wiring staff to appease the families of the patients who called the hotline. After this group photo, an exclusive interview with Ye Feng will be held to explain the problems of Unicorn Chan’s baby’s illness and other audience notes one by one.
Ye Feng is still in a trance, and he firmly believes that this is a dream.
When the director’s voice sounded in his headset, he asked if he should stop the live broadcast first and answer some questions about the audience’s heart, such as how Unicorn Chan recovered quickly

Suddenly there was a flash of blue shadow, and all the people were busy getting up from their seats and walking slowly at the landing place of blue shadow.

"Cold girl, is the Han family really gone?" Come to the blue shadow beside Lin Fu suddenly asked with a puzzled face.
Blue shadow looked back at the crowd and the crowd also looked at blue shadow at the right time.
Blue Shadow doesn’t know all the people in the field, but all the people in the field have already known Blue Shadow. After all, the owner of this blue shadow saved their whole cold forest school.
After Lengling sent Hanshan and others away, she was afraid that they would raid the Cold Forest Sect again, so she secretly followed Hanshan after she left.
The purpose of tracking is to find out whether the Han family really has to evacuate, but I didn’t expect that the foot of the mountain actually leaned out of Hanshan’s conscience
Lengling told them one by one that they finally understood Hanshan’s sinister heart was trying to dominate the whole ice sheet and snatch the title of Cold Family.
"So this old man still has such a heart!" I also heard Lengling tell Lin Fu that it was a face of atmosphere, and at the same time I regretted my promise to let him go.
"Don’t worry, I don’t think they will do anything recently, but you should pay more attention to their comeback!" See Lin Fu a face of concern color LengLing immediately smiled to comfort way
After listening to Lengling’s words, Lin Fu didn’t know what to say at the moment. As Lengling said, since the Han family has this ambition, it is bound to be well prepared before it will make a comeback.
But this is also on the one hand, if Hanshan finally changes his mind and attacks the Hanlin Sect again for a short time, he should always be ready to fight.
After some discussion, Lin Fu and others finally temporarily put their worries in their hearts, and at the same time, they also made enough psychological preparations for this fight against the Han family.
Feeling that the Cold Forest School has been delayed long enough, Lengling has also made plans to continue looking for Ye Han from the Cold Forest School.
But is it so simple to find a person in this vast ice field? Even if Ye Han has fate, it is not as difficult to find him.
It turns out that she can detect Ye Han falling with the help of Life Star Alliance, but it is bound to exert strong vitality, which will have a profound impact on the fetus in the womb.
On the one hand, it is necessary to protect the flesh and blood in the abdomen, on the other hand, it is necessary to look for Ye Lengling, and I don’t know what to do at the moment.
See LengLing a face of melancholy on the spot, Lin Jie naturally saw through her mind at a glance, so he smiled and laughed. "You don’t have to worry too much. Maybe Ye Xiong has returned to Ye Jia?"
Hearing Lin Jie’s words, Lin Fu suddenly turned white, so he nodded at Lengling. "Yes, Jay is right. Maybe Brother Ye has returned to Ye’s home now!"
Cold Ling, comforted by Lin Fulinjie and his father, immediately put aside her worries and smiled. "That’s right. In that case, the younger generation of Lin Zhangmen will leave first!"
As Lengling turned to leave, Ye Han disappeared. As a wife, she thought it was her responsibility to look for him. But at this moment, she listened to Lin Fuxiao behind her and laughed. "I don’t think there is any need to rush to this matter. Let’s stay here and wait for my celebrity to look for Ye Brothers in the ice sheet."
Hearing Lin Fu’s words, Lengling hesitated immediately, and then nodded at Lin Fu with a wry smile. "In that case, I’m sorry!"
"Cold girl, where is this? You helped us fight off the strong enemy of the Cold Forest Sect, and you are my former friend and daughter of Lin Fu. Even if we are your own home, why don’t you bother if you live in your own home?"
For Lengling’s words, Lin Fu was naturally busy denying them and immediately ordered Lin Jie to one side, "Jieer, you go and arrange one!"
Lin Jiewen immediately replied with Lengling and left the hall toward the place where Ye Lengling had lived before.
Looking at Lengling and others leaving Lin Fu, I couldn’t help sighing, and then I gave everyone a command and left the hall on my own.
Lengling didn’t sleep at night, but quietly looked at the stars outside the window alone, and inadvertently recalled what Ye Han had experienced.
"Don’t worry, Han Er, I will find you!" Long time passed before LengLing withdrew her eyes and glanced at her belly, and then she sighed a little slowly to the window.
Sitting at the head of the bed is cold and sleepy, so I am ready to practice a recovery. Once I have passed a big war, I will feel a cold place.
However, after a long time, Lengling realized that her physical strength had recovered as before, but her induction to Ye Han remained elusive.
I can’t move too many air-cooled Ling’s skills. I want to feel that Ye Han can’t be induced by this little bit of faith.
Moreover, when Ye Han disappeared, two people’s life stars slowly faded away, and it was not generally difficult to find Ye Han.
Originally, it was necessary to repair the high strength, so that the position of Ye Han can be detected by the life star. Now, even if the life star repairs the high strength, it will be of no help.
Besides, Lengling’s repair is not very high now. If it weren’t for Ye Han’s life star, she would have found out that it belonged to Ye Han’s life star.
Naturally, it’s not that there is no other way to induce Ye Han. If you want to awaken the spiritual ties between the two, you can also find Ye Han’s place by this route.
But now she can’t make such an exhausting method, otherwise it will definitely hurt the fetus in the womb.
She can also temporarily suffer from the worry of missing Ye Han and bury Ceng Gege’s method in her heart and dare not make it.
"Cold son, what do you think I should do now?" I have been trying to calm Lengling down, so I didn’t continue to practice, so I came to the window again and muttered to myself in front of the stars outside the window.
After a long time, when the dawn was coming, she returned to the bed and rested soon after putting her figure on the bed ~
【 458 】 【 Back home 】
In Xingyuan City, the scorching sun was extremely hot in the autumn, which was supposed to be crisp in autumn. However, at this time, the weather was still like that in summer, and the residents in the city also found their own places to escape the summer.
Yeh’s family’s house is also a bit empty everywhere, because the man is coming and going, but now, looking at the whole Yeh’s family, it is hard to see even people in the family.

Xiao Zhou didn’t say, "What happened to talents? Even if geniuses want to do stupid things, they still can’t escape the punishment of the French open. What happened to young people now? It’s really that one generation is worse than the other, and they don’t cherish their future and life."

He is pretending to be an age-old, but the nostalgia and regret in uncle’s eyes are even stronger when he hears this.
Chou sighed, "I don’t know what this guy committed and was brought here? But at least two people were killed when they were brought here. By the way, boss, don’t you know someone in the federal court? Why not ask around? "
"What are you asking about?" Uncle Nai said, "Li Dalong’s case is said to be a Class-A Class-3 major case, which is extremely important. The Supreme Court’s trials are all closed and even auditing is not allowed. How can I inquire about it? Even if you trust an acquaintance, there is a principle of confidentiality. You can’t hurt your friends, can you? "
His words are obviously contradictory. You are not related to Li Dalong. If you don’t know the slightest wind, you come here for no reason to send someone a bag of walnuts and ask a few key questions implicitly. Did you eat too much and hold on?
However, Xiao Zhou, a teenager, is still shallow, where can he get the taste? He can scratch his head. "Hehe, the boss said that there is also a confidentiality system. Anyway, the federal court never wronged good people, and we don’t need to be too divinatory."
Uncle shook his head. "All right, forget about the car. Let’s go for a while and go to Jiuyuan Star. There was a big case just now."
Chapter 26 MuZiXing eyes ling Zixuan
Uncle sent a total of 72 walnuts in the cell, but it was a great thing. Li Dalong shared it equally with Bald and Lin Zhi, each with 24.
This evening, the three people were very happy, especially Lin Zhi. He thought that Aaron, your relatives and friends must be great enough to tell them that they have nothing to do and come to see you often. Brother Dong and I can follow you.
Of course, he wants to know who came to visit Li Dalong. It is estimated that he will vomit blood on the spot. When Uncle arrested him, he was beaten a lot and suffered a lot. He was psychologically shadowed.
One night, the great Li madman "even if there is no loud noise in the sky, labor and capital will appear in the dark." It is true that he still walks, walks and walks behind the line. This time, after eleven days of long-distance travel, the great "I am a Buddha in the West Mountain"-Stefan Maierhofer Decheng finally appeared in front of me.
This is a very spectacular and gorgeous city. Compared with the village where birds don’t shit, it can be said that it is magnificent.
It is almost a medieval European court style, which is retro, luxurious, noble and elegant. Gothic architecture can be seen everywhere. There are plane trees on both sides of the wide road, and there are flower beds and fountains at every street corner.
In the past, there were a constant stream of players at the city gate, not only carriages, cars and other means of transportation, but also occasionally flying in the magic wand. The elegant figure and gorgeous trajectory of players all made this place seem like an exile, romantic and even more like a dream of several people to fight for heaven.
Curious Dragon Hillbilly was immediately shocked by all kinds of wonders and pictures when he first entered the city. Of course, if the visitors and Xiaodingding promised to despise and look at him, "It’s silly. This is not the central city. If you see the central city of Justice League, you will be scared."
However, there is no one to lead the way, and there is no way to get those materials.
Brother Great Soul has gone to the East. Brother Great East recently left his exile and stayed at home, relying on his parents to go out and friends. Who should I find?
Thinking about Mad Dog Dragon reminds me of Xia Xiaoqing. Why don’t you send a message? Although a big shot like that may not pay attention to himself, how can you know unless you try?
Unexpectedly, Xia Xiaoqing responded quickly and the reply in the sound box was very polite. "Welcome, please wait for me at the east gate for 20 minutes at most."
After ten minutes of practice, Xia Xiaoqing’s unique beautiful image appeared in Li Dalong’s sight.
"I said that once you have a chance to come to Hoefeld, you are welcome to visit us with purple eyes." Although Xia Xiaoqing is naturally business-oriented, this makes Mad Dog Dragon feel very warm in his heart. Anyway, people like this don’t forget their promises, which is really rare.
Mad dog dragon is wrong again. For him, Xia Xiaoqing is a big shot. Yes, big shots worry about big things. I didn’t play hide-and-seek with your friends, but Xia Xiaoqing came anyway, just like the great soul brother, always carrying his own bootleg.
In that cave war, Xia Xiaoqing was very impressed with the innate attributes of Mad Dog Dragon. She wanted to pull Mad Dog Dragon into Mu Zixing’s eyes. At that time, when Mad Dog Dragon was only at Level 2, she was wooed and given reasonable training. In the future, she would add another effective fighter with high loyalty to Mu Zixing’s eyes camp. However, at that time, she was entangled in Baiyun family feud and Mad Dog Dragon flashed quickly, and the opportunity was missed.
But it was only a few days before Mad Dog Dragon took the initiative to deliver the door, and Xia Xiaoqing quickly came to join us.
Mu Zixing Eye Headquarters is a huge purple building similar to a church, which is located in the east of the city. As a whole, it looks not only beautiful but also smart. Compared with the seven characters of "Mu Zixing Eye-Ling Zixuan" on the top of the gate, it is said that it is so brilliant and colorful, and the magic stone keeps shining all the year round. People should know that the strength of this guild is definitely among the best in Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer.
Mad dog dragon has seen the world this time. After entering the door, the hall is even wider than his imagination, comparable to the football field.
There are various murals, statues and memorials hanging around the walls, which record the profound heritage and past glory of Mu Zixing’s eyes.
Listening to Xia Xiaoqing’s explanation, Li Dalong realized that Mu Zixing’s eyes had a history of 15 years since it was founded today, which is quite rare in the guild of The Ninth Continent. Although The Ninth Continent has been issued for many years, it does not mean that a guild force can stand up all the time through ups and downs. If you practice to level 1, you will die at that time, and the guild will be annihilated with the dust.
"We are three generations’ efforts to develop our purple star eyes." Xia Xiaoqing pointed to the distance and said proudly, "See that sign? We bathe in purple stars, and everyone is proud of it. It is our greatest glory that it can shine in exile for fifteen years without going out. "
Li Dalong was also a little excited. People with faith are really different. Their words are infectious.
Looking in the direction of her gesture, I saw a purple half-moon sign hanging in the center of the hall and a bright cross star hanging at the tip of the moon.
Well, is this the Chinese logo? Mad Dog Dragon poked around and found that the players in the past nodded and said hello to Xia Xiaoqing from time to time. It seems that Xia Xiaoqing’s position in the guild is not low.
"Aren’t you a senior team leader in Section 1?" Mad dog dragon asked curiously, "You should be an official, right?"
"Position" Xia Xiaoqing light way "by the way, what are you doing in Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer? What do you need to see if I can help you? "
Mad dog dragon finally got caught. When he finished telling the story, Xia Xiaoqing first praised it verbally. "It’s hard for you. It’s only level 2 that you came all the way from the novice village, but your friend is fine because of your loyal friends."
A dragon can’t stand praise and immediately gets carried away. "That’s that’s that’s that’s a friend doing everything in his power. A woman doing everything in her power, a friend doing everything in her power, then a woman and a friend …"
Xia Xiaoqing immediately interrupted him, "It is hard to buy these things in the market, but the key is the technology and production equipment. I know a np who can help you, but …"
"But what?" Mad dog dragon is forced not to ask questions
Xia Xiaoqing said, "I can recommend you to go, but people will recognize the guild and will not recognize outsiders."
"What do you mean?" Mad dog dragon is at a loss.
Xia Xiaoqing’s eyes flashed a subtle cunning "that is, he accepted our eyes and people did not accept others."
"This is too hard? Why don’t I join you and bathe in purple stars? " Mad dog dragon finally became
Xia Xiaoqing stared at him closely. "Are you really willing to join us to bathe in purple stars?"


The outer hall is full of candles and incense.
Feng Shao is not tired today. He has been lying in bed for a long time and hasn’t fallen asleep. He doesn’t want to think about anything, so he is in a state of relaxation.
I don’t know how long it took before the candlelight in the outer temple suddenly went out. Feng Shao came to his senses and knew that Jun Moying had finished approving the memorial, so he leaned out his head slightly to see him when he came in.
In winter, the bedding is thick and the bed is big, while Feng Shao has a head exposed, which makes her more petite and watery, and her eyes keep turning.
It is no exaggeration to say that he is like a child.
Jun Mo Ying suddenly evoked a strange smile when he picked his lip angle from his brow.
"Shallow don’t sleep so late is waiting for me?"
Phoenix shallow zheng shook his head again for a moment "no, I just can’t sleep"
"The mouth is not a small thing." Jun Moying smiled a little deeper. "You are not afraid that you have already thought about me, are you?"
Make a face!
Phoenix shallow eyes a stare "what are you kidding just met have what good want to? !”
"That’s not what I said."
Make a face!
Phoenix shallow eyes a stare "what are you kidding just met have what good want to? 148 Chapter 148 Who is the elder brother?
This night is really crazy.
It’s almost done when the early dynasty will be held by Jun Moying, who almost fainted and slept lightly.
It didn’t take long to get up early in the morning and feel comfortable and kissed him. Soon after he fell asleep, there was a trace of softness in the little thing’s eyes that he didn’t even realize.
In the early dynasty, the evidence of the fraud case was all gathered, and the family collapsed. It was still early in the season. When Princess Sunrise was sent, she had expected this ending, and she accepted this reality calmly, with almost no struggle to justify it.
Since then, the power of the left phase has been greatly reduced
Jun Moying hasn’t seen the Queen Mother for a long time, and went to Fengming Palace after the early court.
Jun Hanxiao came here and wanted to invite an Ann together, for fear that the Queen Mother would talk to him about Ye Ling again, or later.
Ye Ling, this woman can’t say well, and she can’t say well. At least he didn’t have a deep impression on this woman before she was banned. He didn’t touch this woman very much in these years. At first, he didn’t like the queen mother to give him a princess who had never even seen her face. Later, this dislike seemed to become a habit.
For a long time, he felt that walking with this woman would have a similar embarrassing and uncomfortable feeling.
Especially later, there was a little emperor sister-in-law, but for her brother’s generosity and a crime of deceiving the monarch, she suffered, even if she was the niece of the queen mother
No matter why a woman is so shrewd, he really doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to listen to the queen mother’s advice
I’ve thought a lot all the way, and some nai don’t know what kind of attitude to his princess in the future
There was a season before, and Pansi was a shield. What should I do in the future?
When he was about to walk to the door of Wangfu, he once again saw the figure from a distance last night.
It’s like her, but it’s not quite the same as last night. She sat by the lion with her arms around her knees and buried her head inside, shrinking herself into such a small ball. No wonder he didn’t see it when he went out in the morning.
Jun cold night some disgust to withdraw the line of sight heart way really is a crazy woman sitting on the ground in such a cold day is not afraid of death outside.
It was when I walked past her that I couldn’t tell what it was, and the footsteps of Jun Hanxiao inexplicably paused.
After waiting for a while, I didn’t see her look up. He coughed and frowned and said, "Didn’t Wang tell you not to stay here and watch it?"

Dark leather leggings

Rarity 2
Ordinary defense
Special effects night movement speed increased slightly.
Remarks are not serious pants at first glance.
Although it can work at night, the attribute of high moving speed is very real, but after seeing the price, Feng frowned. This pair of trousers should be completely silver-finished. It is no wonder that there is no business in the store. Then Feng looked at other equipment and found that there are even weapons with rarity 3 for sale! But the price is even more expensive. It costs 55 silver.
"What do you think? Everything in Betty’s shop is the best in the city," shouted the red-haired beauty
"It’s good, but it’s too expensive." Feng was about to leave the store when she finished, but Betty grabbed her and said, "Hey, don’t leave in a hurry. Why don’t you do my sister a little favor and I’ll send you a piece of equipment?"
Oh? Is this going to be given?
"What busy?" Maple asked back.
"I need a batch of star iron now. If you can get five pieces, I’ll give you the equipment."
"Deal" maple nods
"It shows that you have accepted digging three feet."
After hearing the instructions, Feng asked Betty, "But where is this star iron going to dig?"
"It’s not far from the Blackstone Cave outside the city," Betty returned.
Feng nodded and asked, "By the way, did you buy equipment here?"
"Yes, but I have to see it before," Betty nodded.
"What do you think of this wristband?" Maple will treasure wristbands to Betty said
"Well, it’s not bad. I’ll take five silver coins," Betty said after looking at the treasure wristband for a few times
Feng didn’t doubt that Betty would cheat him. After all, this is just a piece of equipment that can be worth 5 silver coins in a novice scene, which is quite worthy of the special effect that it is very valuable.
After selling the treasure wristband, Feng walked out of the equipment store and took a look at the opposite potion store. He found that the primary recovery potion was just given by Tianma Hangke. Here, he actually sold a bottle of 1 silver and 5 quintals, and then looked at other potions. There are many powerful effects, but the price is even worse.
I’m a little puzzled to visit two stores in a row. This game store is also too expensive. Since these stores are set up, it should support players to buy it, but which player can accept such a black price? However, it seems a little white to think about the gap between NPC shops and players’ markets. All the products sold in NPC shops are really ahead of the times, and players who want to make these equipment or props ahead of time will naturally have to pay a high price.
After figuring it out, it makes sense for these NPCs to set up shops, and they will make money and buy them directly without money.
Although Feng is a little money now, he can’t afford to spend so much money, but he still wants to spend more than 1 silver. After all, the currency depreciated so fast at the beginning of the game. Today, you can buy a weapon with a silver coin, and maybe you can’t even buy two sesame cakes.
After thinking about it, Feng made another call to Tianma Hangke, "Do you have any good things there?"
"The big guest said that there must be one. Wait a moment." Tianma Hangke replied quickly, and soon he sent two things.
Amplifying agent (potion)
Consumable substance
Can make the number of times 1/1
Ordinary quality
Effective combat capability increased by 15 seconds.
Remarks to feel this short and powerful.
A scurrying medicine (potion)

"I saved you because you live in our Zhou family. I don’t want to lose our Zhou family’s face. Don’t yell at those four guys. You offended them today. They didn’t dare to retaliate against me, but they didn’t dare to retaliate against you. You’d better restrain yourself and don’t show off in an ostentatious manner."

Zhouyi threw a word and strode ahead.
"I didn’t expect my future cheap brother to be a fierce man. I picked four and won beautifully. Think about it. I was prepared to show off in an ostentatious manner before him, and I blushed. Now I am offended. I have to rely on Zhouyi to get along with this school."
Li Hao said to himself, "This elder brother, I really followed his tiger strength and followed him. I’m sure he’ll be very popular and spicy. Don’t blame me. I’ve allowed you to find a new man, so you won’t allow me to find a brother?"
Li Hao’s thoughts at this age haven’t been finalized until Zhouyi hit people, and that fierce energy suddenly impressed him. He had long forgotten what Ruyan Liu told him to keep his distance from Zhouyi.
"Eldest brother, do you want me to call people to repair the self-proclaimed Zhouyi guy in sophomore year? His grandmother capsized in the gutter for the first time. Today, if it weren’t for this small halfway to kill and sabotage our plan to blackmail Li Hao, it would have been successful. "
Mao Heping took a few younger brothers to the mountain dejectedly. He had seen Zhouyi’s malicious and complete knowledge that this was a perverted opponent, and he also admitted that he was unlucky. After all, although he did a lot of fighting, he really wanted to get a life-and-death fight, but he was still a little timid.
However, Zhou Jianping, his counselor, seemed to be unable to bear this tone before he walked out of more than 100 meters to get out of the sight of Zhouyi and cried indignantly.
"Yes, eldest brother, give this little lesson. This guy is really rampant. It’s a shame for a person to bully the four of us."
When Zhou Jianping said that Mao and his two younger brothers were tied, even though four pairs were a sophomore today, they still thought it was a great shame, but their memory seemed to be not very good, because they were scared off by the brave Zhouyi just now before they made their moves.
"Don’t talk as easy as it takes. You just arrived at Zhouyi, which is too small and cruel. No one is hard to turn over what he has done. Don’t move for the time being. Let’s investigate first. Li Hao and this Zhouyijun will get revenge. It’s not too late to come out and mix. You still know how to cut with a knife like a gangster." Mao and Pingyin said with a calm face that he didn’t listen to the advice of his younger brothers.
"it’s big brother"
Zhou Jianping and other three people nodded.
Wandering around the back of the school unexpectedly saved Li Hao from being blackmailed, which was also an unexpected gain for Zhouyi. Although Zhouyi verbally refused to let Li Hao shout his brother, he thought differently. After all, Ruyan Liu can fight with him and rely on Li Haoshen. If he gets Li Hao’s post, Ruyan Liu will become the hostess of Zhoujia, which will make it difficult for Zhouyi to frame Ruyan Liu in the future.
Zhouyi doesn’t worry about those newborn kids retaliating against themselves because he knows that these kids are arrogant, but they really want to fight to the death. These little bastards have long lost their legs. At best, they will retaliate against Li Hao. Although Zhouyi has little contact with Li Hao, he didn’t officially say a few words until today, but as soon as he came out, he was also an ostentatious goods. If he didn’t get killed, he wouldn’t be crippled. Zhouyi didn’t mind that this little rabbit was repaired several times. Today, he would have done it if he hadn’t met him.
In the afternoon, biology and geography classes were held, and he was not interested in biology and geography Zhouyi. He still had some feelings about the pictures of wild boar and tiger in biology classes, because he had heard from his grandfather, Master Zhou Shan, that when he was training special forces, it was in Changbai Mountain in Northeast China, when their special forces were training in the field. A bow or a gun was a dagger, and Zhouyi wanted to experience such a life, but he never had a chance.
The biology teacher talks eloquently, but Zhouyi picks up a pencil and doodles on a blank sheet of paper.
The paintings of Zhouyi are Chen Hu and Xiaoqing, the old men who once lived in seclusion by the West Lake. Although they have gone to the sea, they often appear in Zhouyi’s mind to make Zhouyi aftertaste.
In the two classes of biogeography, Zhouyi has finished painting the peerless tiger gun of the veteran Chen Hu until the last class, that is, during the self-study class, Zhouyi painted Xiaoqing, but Zhouyi didn’t have a pen for a long time because he felt that Xiaoqing’s feeling of floating out of the dust and being independent was difficult to express.
Self-study class is tantamount to a free class. Zhou Yi draws a short Jingge to sleep. Some people talk nonsense and some brag. Su Mengyao, a study member, secretly and quietly wrote a foreign novel "Jane Eyre". Of course, she is the original.
Wei Zhang, the monitor of the class, that is, Zhang Hao, the deputy secret secretary of the provincial party committee, is still the most nourishing class. Now there are m-girls around him in four positions. Everyone can’t wait to be physically committed. This m-girls is a few beautiful and watery Chinese cabbage in the whole grade. Of course, this is not that the teacher arranges seats, but that he deliberately changes seats when the boys study in class to facilitate Wei Zhang, a big dude, to flirt with these girls.
Zhou Yi is also a wan ku, but he is not as flamboyant as Wei Zhang. He has heard the story of his grandfather Zhou Shan and thinks that these guys who rely on their parents’ and grandparents’ accumulation are really nothing. It is true that they have worked hard to reach the top of the world by themselves.
"Boss, it’s almost the end of school. You haven’t announced where the event will be held."
A quarter of an hour before the self-study class, a tall and thin horse came up to Wei Zhang and whispered to him. This horse cloud is the vice mayor Ma Zhenger, who is as skilled as his father’s ass-kissing, so the horse cloud class is doing well and won Wei Zhang’s trust and esteem.
"What activities?"
Wei Zhang asked Ma Xiaoyun in some surprise, "Did I say there will be activities tomorrow?"
"Brother Wei, don’t you remember that it’s your twentieth birthday?" Ma Xiaoyun said with a smile. "Didn’t you just invite your classmates to have a big party last year?"
"Oh, I remember that you are a beautiful woman around me, and I even forgot my birthday. It’s rare that you have a little heart."
Wei Zhang first one leng and then laughed. "You go to arrange this matter. You are very familiar with the bar anyway. Go to the Linyin Bar by the West Lake. It has just been renovated. How much does it cost to shout for the class? Anyone who doesn’t go is going to have a hard time with me in Wei Zhang. I still remember this a few days ago. Teacher Ye Qingcheng, I have already made an appointment."
"It’s almost the end of school and it’s the weekend. I’ll announce one first."

Seeing that Chu Wen bought darts and came back, the temperament elder sister laughed. "Which one of the three of us does the Chu brothers want to invite?"

Chu Wen took one look at the three girls, and it seemed that they were very shy. The Queen Leng Yan didn’t look at him, but the temperament elder sister smiled very kindly.
Chu Wen smiled at Liang Jia’s little sister and asked politely, "I don’t know what to call this beautiful lady?"
Mad dog dragon chuckled. This guy really knows how to choose people.
A good little sister covered her mouth and smiled. "You can just call me Xiaoyu."
Chu Wen said, "So, Miss Xiaoyu, can we do it now?"
At this time, the eyes were focused on the fact that the two of them came to the bar. Center Stage Chuwen looked at the light box and the disc did not speak, which seemed to be in a state of concentration.
Suddenly he jerked his hand and flew out with five darts in a row.
"take it! Seize! Seize! Seize! Seize! "
After five consecutive light rings, the first three darts hit 2 points, and then the two darts slightly deviated, 19 points and 1 point respectively.
This score is not low. Men in other seats look a little envious, but mad dog dragon droops his eyelids.
However, it is obvious that Xiaoyu is by no means a semi-suspended level. She also used the same technique to fly out around with five darts in a row. The men soon looked dumbfounded at Chu Wen’s eyes and gloated a little, because Xiaoyu’s five darts were 2 points.
Chu Wen didn’t say anything and hugged his fist. "Excuse me!"
Then he walked towards the mad dog dragon. "You should be white now!"
Mad dog dragon nodded. "I always feel that I spent that one dragon coin in a nightclub much more wronged than you."
Chu Wen couldn’t help laughing. "What?"
Mad dog dragon said, "If I lose later, it will be that two dragon coins didn’t catch any bird hair tonight."
Chu Wen laughed. "It’s good to have an eye addiction at least."
Dou Bilong stopped telling him to walk to the bar and throw a lot of money. "I may order more darts later. Is this enough?"
The student respectfully replied, "No problem, sir. Go ahead and I’ll send the darts."
Tease than dragon this just swagger to three beauty field eyes fell on him again.
Men have a strange psychology. If they can’t get it, they are afraid that others will get it. When the mad dog dragon walks away, most people’s eyes are full of disdain and ridicule.
When I passed the fat position, Fat couldn’t help laughing, "Brother, can you do it?"
Mad dog dragon laughed. "Do you dare to gamble with me?"
Fat is interested. "How to gamble?"
Mad dog dragon said, "If I take one away tonight, you can call me Uncle Three."
Fat smiled disdainfully. "Are you kidding me?"
"I knew you wouldn’t dare." Mad dog dragon ignored his big thorn and walked into the booth, directly sitting on the sofa next to the jade.
"Who asked you to sit?" Queen Leng Yan stared at him coldly.
Mad dog dragon doesn’t care. "I can sit whenever I want. What if I think about it?"
You!’ Queen Leng Yan seemed to be about to get up, but she was caught by the temperament elder sister. She looked at the mad dog dragon with great interest. "This brother looks unfamiliar."
Mad dog dragon road "that’s not important"
The temperament elder sister said, "Oh?"
Mad dog dragon said, "Cut the crap and get to the point!"
Sister temperament smiled. "That brother has to invite one of us, right?"
Mad dog dragon waved his hand and said, "I’ll invite the three of you together."
As soon as this was said, everyone was surprised. Chu Wen opened his mouth wide. He felt that he had just made this friend and was crazy.
The temperament elder sister is still laughing. "That depends on whether the brothers are sincere?"
This time, Xiaoyu took the initiative, but the mad dog dragon decisively said, "Slow down!"
Jade curious way "huh? Do you have any questions? "
The mad dog dragon smiled, "You can’t!"
Xiaoyu was surprised. "You said I couldn’t?"
Mad dog dragon nodded slowly. "I said you can’t, you just can’t!" "

Look at four people. Zhuo Qiang led several people to drill out of the fighter plane and waved the fighter plane back to the Long Yun. They walked towards the road on the yellow turf in the winter field.

Bypassing a mountain ridge, I came to a provincial road and waited for ten minutes before I stopped two taxis and several people entered the county seat of Qing Jiang by car.
Lao Li Tou steamed bread shop "door" in front of the car Zhuoqiang several look at the front store are a little fast beyond recognition.
The "door" of Laolitou Steamed Bread Shop has a brand-new face, and it looks much fresher than before, and it is no longer that dirty.
And the Zhanghu boiled duck shop is even more changed. Not only has the signboard changed everything, but also the door with all kinds of colored bars and newly changed glass has been upgraded for several grades.
Although it is noon, the business of the two stores is very hot, and people come and go in an endless stream. The business is many times stronger than before.
"Boss, you used to be a buddy in this steamed bread shop?" Liu Xiaolei fought back a smile and asked.
Zhuo Qiang threw up his face and said, "It’s just that there is a different division of labor. What’s there to care about!"
Ye Chuchu looked at a shop on the corner and whispered, "Boss, let’s go buy some presents!"
"Yeah! Gifts must be bought! " Zhuo Qiang led the crowd to the corner store and bought two boxes of good wine, cakes and fruits. What made Liu Xiaolei and two powerful "female" soldiers walk towards the steamed bread shop?
A few people came to the "door" of the store. It was a surprise that Lao Li’s head and Zhang Hu didn’t entertain guests outside the "door". It was natural that several new guys didn’t know Zhuo Qiang.
"Buy steamed buns and line up in the back!" Steamed bread shop a 20-year-old boy unceremoniously said to Zhuo Qiang
In addition to rice, the northeast people also account for a large proportion of steamed bread staple food. In addition, there are many people who eat steamed bread because of the flow of foreign personnel.
Although business is not at its peak now, there are not many people who buy steamed bread, and there are five or six people waiting to buy steamed bread with money.
"Line up at the back!" A middle-aged man waiting to buy steamed bread echoed and gave Zhuo Qiang and others a sidelong glance as he spoke.
Ye Chuchu behind Zhuo Jiang smiled and said, "Business is really good! Fortunately, we don’t work as buddies here now, or we’ll tire you to death. "
Hearing Ye Chuchu’s remarks, the middle-aged man suddenly seemed to find something and shouted, "Hey, aren’t you strong in selling steamed bread here? You, you won’t be that half-beautiful "female" Ye Linlin! Why is the scar on your face gone? "
Zhuo Qiang walked over to look at the middle-aged man. There seems to be such a person in his memory who often comes to buy him to make steamed bread.
After listening to the words of the middle-aged man, another old woman recognized it. "Yeah, aren’t you the little guy?" I haven’t seen this child change so much for such a long time! "
The middle-aged man looked at several people next to Zhuo Qiangshen and fixed his eyes. Zhuo Qiangshen even said, "It’s really developed that I haven’t seen you for half a year!" Look at this dress, I’m afraid I can’t buy it for 30 thousand or 50 thousand! "
Several people talk about buying steamed bread and comment on Zhuo Qiang. More people are interested in Zhuo Qiang’s popularity.
Tang Qiuhe and Zhu Xiaoqian are not very beautiful and beautiful "women", but their heroic spirit is extremely rare and has a lasting appeal.
And the three men in this group also took a keen interest in Ye Chuchu, a beautiful woman. Although Ye Chuchu’s face had a scar, it could not hide her outstanding appearance. Now the scar on her face disappeared and replaced it with smooth and tender skin. This gap is naturally amazing.
It turns out that Ye Chuchu, who is always dirty, is now wearing a famous brand and her devil-like figure does not attract men to covet.
The noise outside finally attracted the two bosses in the room. Lao Li’s head and Zhang Hu walked out of Zhang Hu’s shop together and saw Zhuo Qiang and Ye Chuchu both being one leng.
But they soon came to their senses and cried, "Oh, dear! Qianglinlin, why are you here! "
Zhuo Qiang walked over and called "Li Shu" and "Hu Shu" and then motioned for Liu Xiaolei to bring them boxes of gifts
"Well, what do you think you are polite to buy?" Lao Li Tou and Zhang Hu both quit again and again, but where did they quit?
"Our old brothers are having tea in the back room. Come and sit down!" Zhang Hu quickly put ZhuoJiang them into the house.
Sitting in a newly decorated back room with Zhang Hu, Zhuo Qiang kept praising the two uncles for knowing how to do business, and now they are all "mixed" to the point where they are shopkeepers of cutting.
"This is not all Lin Linfu! If she hadn’t given the secret to our old brothers privately, we might all be drinking northwest wind now! " Khufu looked at Ye Chuchu words don’t feel "shock".
"Ah, ling ling, you have no scars on your face? How is this cured? " Lao Li looked at Ye Chuchu’s delicate face and asked in surprise
"Adventure adventure! Hehe! " Ye Chuchu can also answer this question.
"Are you here this time?" Zhang Hu inquiry eyes looking at ZhuoJiang asked
Zhuo Qiang said with a smile, "We’re here on a business trip. Let’s stop by and see the two uncles. Thank you for saving us both!"
Lao Li’s head was not happy. "Strong, what are you talking about! It was your brother and sister who saved our old brother! If it weren’t for you, we might not be able to do this business now! "
Zhuo Qiang feels strange. Listening to Lao Li’s voice, they seem to have encountered something more difficult.
Just as he wanted to ask them what their difficulties were, there was a noise outside, mixed with rude shouting.
revisit the old haunt
… 433 fights.
433 duels
"What’s the matter?" ZhuoJiang looked at Lao li head to ask

At this time Xia Lingyao suddenly realized that he was rude and let go of Lu Zhan.

Lu Zhan felt a little embarrassed when he touched his nose. He didn’t look at other people’s eyes.
"Lu Zhan, how did you come?" Xia Lingyao repeated the question just now.
But before Lu Zhan spoke, Su Huanjen had laughed.
"Ling Yao, the next time I talk to you, my sister won the game, but the team got tickets to the wg finals. The team that didn’t win is already here."
Xia Lingyao was a little surprised to see Lu Zhan nod. She looked at Lu Zhan’s teammates again and finally "snow" a smile at once.
Xia Lingyao such a big beauty smiles amorous feelings let Xiao Chengjiang and Yang have some eyebrows.
But then Xia Lingyao returned to normal expression and said, "Okay, let’s not gossip about these things. I’ll say later that I just searched a lot of South Korea’s jb team videos and made a detailed study of them. I can show you."
Then she glanced at Lu Zhan lightly chastising and went over to study tactics with Su Huanjen.
After receiving more than two hours, Xia Lingyao explained something to Su Huanjen, and the whole ghost team was still training with ZG team.
In the process of observing their training, Lu Zhan felt that he had learned a lot that he had not paid attention to before.
Professional teams have been working together for a long time, and many seemingly urgent moves are often hidden.
This time, Lu Zhan finally knew who omefeng was and who omeyi was.
It turns out that the two men are twin brothers, but their personalities are completely different. The eldest brother Liu Yufeng is domineering and aggressive, and the second child Liu Yuyi is relatively tepid.
It’s not easy for two people to fight wild and assist, but at the same time they hit the first place in the country. It’s not easy for twin brothers to be so strong and look around the world. Maybe this is the only one.
"There are ghosts and wings, and there is a super god, Su Huanjen, who strategizes and thunders and shoots through the sky."
Lu Hong’s personality is masculine, the nocturnal god is unruly, and Su Huanjen’s gentle wings are compared with the last two land exhibitions in the first five countries of Xianguo.
Although this has been the top name a year ago, it is still fascinating.
Relying on such a strong background, the team of the Ghost should have the strength to win the championship, but this time the team sent by South Korea is also very strong
CJB team names CJ and Blaze are the strongest teams in the ogn League in South Korea, and their strength is not lost to SK1 led by Faker. This time, there is a quota in wg Korea, and CJB killed SK1 through its own efforts.
There are many core output points of this team that are relatively difficult to target, but Lu Zhan has been watching it for so long, and it is generally useless to look at the ghost team. It is aimed at the other road, and the other road is recently good at making the dragon girl Flame collapse and then spreading its advantages to other roads.
I don’t quite agree with this tactical land exhibition. After all, they don’t know what other cores of the other side will play then.
However, there should be no other way for the Ghost Team to study each other’s routines through post-group observation.
"Well, that’s all for today. I have invited many teams from other countries to play training matches. Let’s give full play to our reserved strength but play our own style."
Su Huanjen announced the end of the whole day’s training in one sentence. At this time, it was already seven o’clock in the evening. It seems that the ghost team has been training for a long time until this time, and it was really achieved through several efforts behind the glamorous outside of professional players.
"Your meals have already been bought back. Let’s eat while it’s hot!"
At this time, I waited for a long time before the team leader said this. He went out to buy food and came back, but he waited for the players to finish training before speaking.
Lu Zhan’s five people also got their own box lunch. Although it seems crude compared with high-end villa meals, it is also interesting to eat box lunch in this place.
Xia Lingyao naturally got together with Lu Zhan when eating, and others didn’t know where to go. Although two people have been talking, there are still some words at this time.
"How about my heart?" Lu zhanwen
"Of course my heart is!" Xia Lingyao’s mouth is happy.
"So remember you made a promise?" Lu Zhan asked again
"Promise what promise?" Xia Lingyao don’t know is forgotten or playing dumb said
"Don’t try to muddle through, that is, give me a kiss promise when I come." Lu Zhan whispered in Xia Lingyao’s ear.
Chapter 24 the strongest king promotion?
"oh? When did I say this? " Xia Lingyao panic but hide said
Lu Zhan didn’t cheep, but first took out his mobile phone and shook it and said, "Don’t deny that I recorded it."
Xia Lingyao blushed and finally compromised, saying, "Then I won’t do it until you promise me a condition."
"What conditions?" Lu Zhan has some bad theories.
"That’s to test your performance. I have a friend who hit the strongest king with two games left in the promotion, but she didn’t dare to play. She gave me the number and wanted me to find someone to play for the team, but the team is busy now. I can’t play before the game. Now I’ll give it to you. If you can play the strongest king, how about you?" Xia lingyao queer expression said
As soon as Lu Zhan mentioned it, Bai Xia Lingyao meant it. She must have been shy and didn’t know what to do, so it was difficult to move it out.
However, she didn’t expect that Lu Zhan was no longer the former Lu Zhan. A month ago, Lu Zhan still relied on the help of the team to barely stabilize in the middle. But now Lu Zhan’s strength has risen a lot compared with a month ago, even in the face of robbery, it will not be empty.
Xia Lingyao has been busy with training recently, and she certainly didn’t have time to check Lu Zhan’s record. She didn’t know that Lu Zhan was already very high at the personal level. Although I don’t know whether there is the strongest king, Lu Zhan is confident that even the strongest king can’t qualify for the tournament.
"Good!" Lu Zhan just agreed when he thought about it.
Seeing Xia Lingyao’s reddish lips, Lu Zhanxin has been rippling and wants to kiss before she is willing.
Xia Lingyao didn’t expect Lu Zhan to promise so quickly, but he seemed to have some regrets, but he couldn’t get back what he said.
"When will you call?" Lu Zhan asked
"Come to my room later. I have my own room." Xia Lingyao wanted to mean to say.
Lu Zhan nodded. He listened to Su Huanjen’s arrangement just now. He knew that it was the night when the players were free to move, but the players usually took their notes back to their rooms and continued to practice through the wifi network. At this time, Xia Lingyao would return to his room to continue collecting information and formulating tactics.
The ghost team has Xia Lingyao, a girl who naturally lives by herself. The thought of revisiting it with Xia Lingyao in the evening is full of confidence in his heart.
The king’s promotion? I just need an experience. Let’s take a look at this! Lu Zhan thought in his heart
In the evening, when Lu exhibited in Xia Lingyao’s room, his face was wry.
In terms of housing distribution, he and Xiao Chengqiang shared a room with Ayang and a foreigner Bloom, and Su Yueran actually took the initiative to share a room with Xia Lingyao.
It’s natural for two girls to live together. Su Huanjen agreed without thinking, but it’s not the case for Lu Zhan. Come to my heart and think about it. When it comes two months ago, a light bulb will be added to make him very speechless.
What makes him even more talkative is that Xiao Shengqiang heard that Lu Zhan wanted to "explore the girls’ dormitory at night" and he had to follow whatever he said. As a result, the world of two people eventually evolved and three people watched the game of Lu Zhan.
These two people naturally don’t know their bets, but the appearance of these two stooges means that their fighting is about to spread.
At this time, Lu Zhan already knew that Lin Wankuo had gone out to contact other teams for the training match this day. I didn’t meet him until I came back to my residence today.
This coincidence delayed Lin Wankuo’s meeting with Lu Zhan’s enemies for a while, which was good news for Lu Zhan to play this game with peace of mind.
Xia Lingyao’s friend, this account ID is very feminine. It’s called Weiyu Nianhua. It’s probably a girl. This is the Ionia in Xinyi District, which means that this game has been regarded as the highest-ranking passerby in China.
As soon as I entered the game, the land exhibition was Ranked on the third floor, which means that the hidden rank scores on the first two floors are higher than the land exhibition number. You know, this account has already played the number of the strongest king promotion tournament, so the two people on the other side are obviously the strongest king and the lowest challenger level.
The so-called challenger is to give a title to the strongest king when he has successfully played the promotion of the strongest king, but there is no quota for the strongest king at present.
Lu Zhan remembered what Lin Zhengzheng had said. The strength of the strongest king is also different, but the strength of the strongest king in Xinyi District is very strong with the least amount of water.
Because the strongest king has five people, many times the strongest king will match their ranking with diamond one or diamond two if he doesn’t rank in the competition.

"Sparks shine in the sky"

The third type is four times.
Four times in the fifth form
The sixth form is five times
The seventh form is six times
In just two hours, 500 years ago, it took Yang Zhuo, the first man in mainland China, three months to master the first seven styles of Vulcan sword tactic, and the messenger from Yanglingtian’s hands was already round and smooth, with no hesitation.
Yangling Tianxin Bai all this should be related to the dark cave where he just died, but it seems that it has disappeared from his memory.
"Alas ~ ~ ~ ~" Silent for a long time, he sighed leisurely and finally shook his head from Yangling’s mouth. At the same time, he finally slowly hung his sword on the wall with some disconsolate hands and sat cross-legged full of hope to run the body.
It’s a pity that the body qi has not changed as usual.
What a month ago, it wasn’t Vulcan sword tactic, and even his four lighter skills were selected by him, but his body was still in the critical state of level 6 peak without any change.
One evening after January, the fiery red setting sun showed its last afterglow, and the surrounding area was dyed golden.
"Alas ~ ~ ~ ~" In some dark rooms, cross legs and close eyes, Yang Lingtian sighed and walked slowly out of bed. Some melancholy eyes looked at the roof. "It’s been more than a month, and I have chosen a martial arts skill, but" he shook his head gently. "It seems that my stagnation in martial arts should not be the reason."
"Yang Yushan, you come out for me" is arrogant and suddenly broke his meditation from outside.
"This seems to be"
Yanglingtian one leng looked up at the window.
Although he said that he was not familiar with it, he was definitely not a stranger. The newcomer should be his world sister-in-law Yang Yushan’s husband Zhu Qi.
Yang Yushan is twenty-one years old this year, and her husband is the nephew of the current dynasty.
In Yanglingtian’s memory, she once went home several times, and every time she came back, her face seemed to be sad, and then she was taken away by Zhu jiaqi two days later. The strangest thing is that Yang Ruoshan had to punish Yanglingtian for "closing" Suoyang every time Zhu jiaqi came to take people away. Gentleman Yang also heard of this Zhu Qiyin and had never seen anyone else.
"This guy’s voice is still so annoying. It’s rare that the old man didn’t punish me for confinement. Today, Master must see what kind of superhuman powers you are."
After a frown and a little meditation, he immediately bit his teeth as if he were a thief. He bowed slightly along the road looking for a dark corner and quietly sneaked to the front door of Xiangyang’s house. When he arrived at the door, he saw that Yang Ruoshan, Yang Haoxuan, Yang Yushan, Yin Meiqin and others had arrived before him.
"It turned out to be Zhu Xiong and Zhu Xian’s nephew. Let’s go and have a cup of tea."
It is obvious that Yang Ruoshan did not expect that this time Zhu jiaqi’s father Zhu Shou would come together and immediately meet him after a little leng. Although he was angry in the calm voice, he was still "smiling."
"No need" Father Zhu Shou hasn’t spoken yet, but Zhu jiaqi’s sleeve has been gently waved. "Anguo Wangfu is extremely tea, but my Zhu family is blessed."
"This ~ ~ ~" Yang Re mountain one leng twist a head to look next to Zhu Shou.
Unexpectedly, Zhu Shou’s hands are full of hair, indicating that it looks like talking to Yangre Mountain is detrimental to his identity.
This is not to mention that Zhu Qi glanced at Yang Yushan next to him and his face sank. "I said that my father-in-law is my father-in-law. Do you look down on my Zhujiajian?"
"My dear," said Yang Ruoshan, frowning and puzzled.
"From the start? Huh? " Zhu jiaqi a cold hum a full face of "angry" "if it weren’t for this Yang Yushan this wench is nothing to run home? Don’t I have no food in Zhujiajian? " He spoke with indignation, which made people feel as if he was facing someone who had made a mistake instead of his father-in-law.
Yang Ruoshan’s chest rises and falls, but his body can’t stop shaking, but he has already been speechless.
There was silence in the field.
"Zhu jiaqi, you’ve gone too far." Yin Meiqin finally couldn’t help but turn her pink face slightly blue with anger. "It’s that you’re out partying and bringing a prostitute home, and you let Yu Shan wait on you, and she was beaten out of the house because the woman suspected that Yu Shan’s foot washing water was too hot."
"Can young couples take their quarrels seriously?" Zhu jiaqi corners of the mouth become warped "I told her to go he really go? Then why didn’t she die when I told her to? "
Then he paused a little, and everyone’s face swept. "Isn’t there a wife who should obey her husband?" And Yang Yushan even complained about such a small thing as pouring foot water. Is there something wrong with the education of your Anguo Wangfu? "
I’ve seen shame. I’ve never seen such shame
Son shame also just hasn’t been talking Zhu Shou unexpectedly also gently coughed at this time.
"By the way, I said that you really have to talk about Yu Shan. It’s very common for young couples to quarrel. It doesn’t happen every time. Of course, I know that Qier has suffered some injustice in the past two years, but a wife should be measured. Besides, I have already said that Qier is a good boy. After he married Yu Shan, he became a little too much in the past two years." After that, he seemed to think of something, and his eyebrows slightly wrinkled doubtfully. "Before he got married, he was not like this, old sovereign. You should also know that otherwise you wouldn’t agree that Yu
The words are still gently sideways, and your daughter is ruining my son’s appearance.
Yang Ruoshan couldn’t help shivering, and his face was flushed with anger. His hand gently raised and pointed to the other side as if he wanted to say something, but his throat was already blocked by some kind of breath.
Zhu jiaqi’s proud mouth turned up and then her eyes turned and she gave birth to a "confession". "Rain Shan, I’m sorry. It’s my fault that I often hit you, scold you, and sometimes I want to ask you to accompany more than a dozen of my friends."
"But that can’t blame me for being satisfied when I see you and me. You like it." Finally, he added a sentence with his eyes down, but he proudly looked at the Xiangyang family.
Yang Ruoshan’s flush instantly turned pale, and he wanted to scold Zhu jiaqi for being a beast, but at the moment he had come to scold him or not. His head turned slowly and his eyes fell straight to the body and he couldn’t help shivering.
"Yu Shan, is this true?"
"This ~ ~ ~ ~" Yang Yushan’s face turned white with transient hesitation for a long time, and finally she nodded gently. "It’s just that my daughter is not willing to do what she wants. I don’t want you to worry about what I didn’t say." Then she timidly bowed her head and didn’t dare to look at her father’s white-haired eyes with tears.
Everyone in Yang’s family was stupefied. Yin Meiqin’s right hand gently touched Yang Yushan’s shoulder, and her eyes lifted as if she wanted to say something, but she didn’t say anything after all.
Because Zhu jiaqi’s face is facing the sky, that you can stand me and stab everyone in Yang’s family with pain in their hearts.
It is true that the palace of Anguo can do something to Zhu Qi! ! !