"Luo Er, besides his face, looks very similar to Ye, and when he grows up, Luo Er’s body shape is also very similar to Ye, and his head is also very higher than the birthmark …"

"No son was born in vain without a birthmark, but … when I was very young, I didn’t know when a little Zhu Shazhi was not very small and half as big as sesame! If you see that face, it’s easy to recognize! Exasperated "
"I will be able to draw a portrait today and send it to the Eleventh Palace for you! If I come back safely, Huei-fang, you are my great benefactor! "
She knelt down again and kowtowed heavily.
Yi Lee wanted to go straight back to the Eleventh Palace after leaving Anping Palace, but he finally went to do something else.
When he returned to the 11th Wangfu, he saw Zhao Yining’s servant girl Zhen ‘er waiting for someone at the entrance of the 11th Wangfu with a beautiful box of primitive simplicity.
Yi Lee saw the box and made sure it wasn’t the one he gave Zhao Yining.
When Zhen-er saw him, she smiled and snorted and walked towards Yi Lee.
"Li Gong is really a busy man. It’s hard to find you!"
She’s been waiting here for a long time, afraid that when she goes in, she’ll just wait outside from time to time.
"What’s the matter?"
Yi Lee indifferently asked a don’t put her cynicism.
Zhener came up to him and proudly lifted the box in Ba’s hand and put it in his arms.
"This is our country to give you a reply! Li Gong, this time, you have annoyed our monarch. Look back and see how Anping Wang will punish you! Don’t insult the princess if you are our princess and see that the man will be the princess in the future! "
Say Zhen son turned and walked.
Yi Lee’s training is somewhat puzzling. He is not sincere enough to send things. Zhao Yining doesn’t like it?
He didn’t insult her casually!
Yi Lee didn’t think much about holding the box and went back to the eleventh Wangfu. When he returned to his residence, he put the box on the table.
I went out to wash my face and looked back at the box on the table and smiled slightly. It was the first time I was given something by a woman!
But he didn’t mean that Zhao Yining gave something back since he didn’t like it.
She doesn’t look like such an educated woman!
Unless Anping Wang ordered?
Yi Lee was curious about what Zhao Yining would send back to him. Since it was given to him, he simply opened the box and felt a stench coming out, so that he immediately held his breath!
Cover your nose with your hands and see that there are several smelly bones in such a simple and beautiful box, and you can even see the meat residue.
The taste is really flattering. He immediately lifted the lid again and took a deep breath. Thanks to him, he just came back with this box all the way.
Yi Lee is also very fond of cleanliness on weekdays. After all, he has dyed a lot of habits with Fengjiang clothes for so many years.
Feeling that there was still a rotten smell in the room, Yi Lee immediately got up and lit the incense and opened the window again.
The cold wind poured in outside, but it blew away a lot of the stench.
In return …
I don’t know. Does Anping Wang know?
But he knew it would never be directed by Anping Wang!
But what are you going to do with these bones?
Yi Lee wanted to think about holding the box and walked towards the outside. When he saw the guards outside, he handed the chest box to one of the guards.
He ordered, "You should clean this box of meat bones, remove the residual meat residue from the bones, and then expose it to the hot sun for a few days without leaving any odor. Remember to bump the bones into this box intact and bring them back!"
Guards see is Yi Lee ordered to nod immediately.
Yi Lee was satisfied. Isn’t it just a box of smelly bones?
No matter what, Zhao Yining is not to be taunted. In case Zhao Yining knows that he threw her back, it’s not serious. It’s better to break her tricks first if he wants to make trouble again!
Chang Xiangsi didn’t directly return to the Eleventh Palace after leaving Xiangfu, but began to look for Xiao Mu. She knew that Qing Mu Gong must still be in the imperial city and Xiao Mu must still be in the imperial city.
Xiao Jin was arrested because Xiao Mu Xiao Mu undertook many things, and because of her clothes, Xiao Jin was arrested and she did nothing about it.
Anyway, it’s more important to find Xiao Jin first. Xiao Jin is only years old and looks like a jade carving. Xiao Mu is quite different because of his age. Xiao Mu has been spoiling Xiao Jin since he was born.
Xiao Mu is not hard to find. After all, in the imperial city, there are prominent people who know others, and it is even more simple to ask.
Before dark, I often missed it. Half an hour ago, Xiao Mu had had dinner in a famous Huang restaurant. According to the directions pointed out by the shopkeeper, I continued to look for it all the way, but I received two messages from Xiao Mu.
It didn’t take long for her to find Xiao Mu, while Xiao Mu was turning out from another street, and the two of them almost got hit.
At this time, it was already dark. When Xiao Mu saw the girl in front of him clearly, he couldn’t help but shine at the moment and feel happy "Acacia!"
Often acacia see is XiaoMu also relieved "finally found you! I heard that your brother Xiao Jin was taken away by Qing Mu Gong. Anyway, I have a lot of reasons for Qing Mu Gong to treat you like this! I will accompany you to find Xiao Yu! "
Xiao Mu didn’t answer, but only after a silence for a while.
"Don’t intervene in the matter of lovesickness. Qing Mu Gong will soon ask you about what happened that day. He is very interested in you and may take you away and imprison you!"
"I already know what you were imprisoned by him in the palace that day, so don’t appear in front of him again! I’ll send you back to the Eleventh Palace. Stay in the Eleventh Palace for a while. I don’t think the Eleventh Palace is as mediocre as everyone sees on weekdays. He has the ability to protect you for weeks! "