Jiang Yuhan is another sniper. It is really difficult to hide in the enemy’s department. The key is that the other person will never come out and let you be killed. It must be behind the bunker.

Although Jiang Yuhan is an expert in dealing with this kind of endgame, he is one of the best in the world and often reverses the game alone, but now he can’t help but frown. It’s too difficult!
There are three machine guns on the other side, each of which forms a barrage behind the bunker, covering a large area. If he appears in the sight of one of the other machine guns, he will be attacked by three machine guns at the same time, which is unbearable.
The terrain structure of point B is very complicated, and it is difficult for snipers to get a view outside point B unless the other side comes out on its own.
He shot at one of the places, which was a temptation, hoping to arouse the other side to fight back, but the people in the Han Palace obviously wouldn’t take this as an experienced professional player. Who is more stupid than who?
Jiang Yuhan had to push forward a world-class sniper. He feels very helpless now, and he also knows that this mess can’t be handled. It’s a matter of luck to recklessly.
If he is closer, he still has a chance to win, because his blind sniper hit rate is also quite high, and he can only be regarded as the world’s sniper god if he is second to none in the world.
Blind sniper doesn’t need a mirror to shoot at a fairly fast speed, so he can shoot several times in a short time.
Jiang Yuhan’s hand speed is quite fast, and the speed of cutting the gun is naturally amazing. The second gun is extremely short from the first gun, which is extremely severe.
He broke into the other team’s package and killed one of the machine gunners with the first shot blindly, but he was soon retaliated by the other two machine gunners, and the fire was quite fierce.
His posture is quite flexible, but the sniper rifle is heavier than other guns after all, and his posture is not flexible and fast. He still got several shots before he got the second shot. Only then can he get the second shot in this situation. If someone else finishes one shot, he will definitely be swept away. Where is the chance? Even if he gets the second shot, he can’t hit the target. But he hit it!
"wow! That’s awesome! " There was a burst of exclamation in the audience that the sniper could do it at close range. It was really shocking. You know, there are three machine gunners on the other side!
Jiang Yuhan quickly cut the gun and was preparing for the third shot, but the other gunner never gave him a chance to directly blow his head off. After all, Han Gong people are not soft persimmons, so it is impossible for Jiang Yuhan to be killed at close range alone.
The gunner who killed Jiang Yuhan also breathed a sigh of relief. He was under considerable pressure and shouldered the honor of the team. If he was also killed, the Han Palace would lose face. Fortunately, he did not live up to the expectations of his teammates and defended the dignity of the team.
Many people want to kill Jiang Yuhan in the middle of the game, so that they can become famous, but killing him in this situation will not make people feel bad unless it is a one-on-one situation, but it is too difficult not to be killed by him.
Han Palace pulled back a point and the two sides drew one to one, which encouraged the audience and felt that the game should be quite exciting. Although there is a gap between the two sides, the resilience of Han Palace can drag the game on for a longer time, even if the nb team can win, it will definitely not be easy to win.
第1354章 半场领先一分
The machine gunner who was ambushed in the middle of the road obviously knew that he could succeed once, but he would never succeed the second time. If he continued to ambush there, he would definitely be retaliated by the other side. He immediately chose to retreat to point A and stay with his teammates to feel safe.
At this time, the Han Palace Army was at its peak, and five people were all in one bag. Four people’s defense forces were quite sufficient, and they needed to deal with the other two people. This was simply igersoeasy!
Shine and Yu Youhe quickly launched an attack and lost the flash bomb in an attempt to blind the other side’s vision, but obviously not all experienced professional players are quite reasonable and it is difficult to be flashed by the flash.
Although the flash was not big, the two men launched an offensive without hesitation, and the firepower was quite fierce. After all, they were good at marksmanship and the trajectory was straight, and they didn’t dare to be careless about Renye Fang.
The two sides frequently consume by shooting, which is quite unfavorable to nb team. Han Palace people can afford it, but nb team can’t.
Shining consumes the other person, and then he is killed by another person. Yu Youhe has always been the most inconspicuous one among the nb teams, and he is also quite low-key, but he is also a very good marksmanship, but he usually lives in the aura of several superstars without showing the obvious.
After all, he was mixed up in Heilongjiang province, and before he became a professional player, he was able to compete with those professional players who practiced guns in the melee, and even killed more than 7kg in the team competition mode, which shows that his marksmanship is quite good.
But this time, he faced too many enemies, and they were all the top machine gunners. Without a mediocre hand, he couldn’t carry it, and he was killed by the other side without killing one of them.
The two men died quite tragically, but the position of the Han Palace was rock solid.
In this round, the Han Palace won one point ahead of the nb team, which has never happened since the Star Game. No team has ever been ahead of the nb team. Usually, the nb team firmly dominates the wind and always controls whether to crush the opponent or sweep the root three times after the game is unstoppable.
Who would have thought that the Han Palace actually overtook the score on the first map? This is definitely a feat. Even if it lost the game in the end, it was a glorious defeat.
In fact, since the establishment of nb team, there has never been a team leading the score. The precedent says that Han Palace is the first of its kind today, and it is absolutely proud.
In the fourth round, nb team commander Jiang Yuhan finally faced up to his opponent’s tactics, and the tactics were no longer so single. Jiang Yuhan sat alone in the middle of the road, and Yuzryha Qing and Yan Yue went out from point A to point B to shine and Yu Youhe were still defending in the old place.
The purpose of doing this is that Yuzryha leans toward Yanyue and pulls him out to fight. If the other side doesn’t attack point A, then they can outflank point B and attack directly from the rear.
However, Han Gong people unexpectedly broke into the middle road again, or smoke bombs paved the way for Jiang Yuhan’s sniper rifle to play out.
Jiang Yuhan, of course, won’t always wait for the other side to outflank him. When he sees the first smoke bomb, he will know what the other side wants to do. He will immediately call Ye Qing and Yan Yue to outflank the middle road and let point B shine. They will come to the middle road to meet themselves.
Because Ye Qing and Yan Yue attacked as soon as they arrived, the speed was quite fast and they quickly outflanked the middle road.
Han Palace people have rushed into the middle road, but they didn’t go to Jiang Yuhan’s trouble or attack in the direction of point B, but went directly to point A rather cunningly.
Obviously, their command assumed that the people at point A would come to outflank the rear road and decisively took the people to point A, which took a big advantage and directly took a city.
Ye Qing and Yan Yue rushed into the middle road and saw the flash in a hurry. Yu You and the four men looked at each other. Where was the enemy?
Jiang Yuhan responded quickly and immediately shouted "Point A! Quick! "
Four gunners rushed towards point A and Jiang Yuhan followed quickly.
The Han Palace has already arranged the defense at point A, with four machine gunners scattered around and snipers in the bag.
Ye Qing, when they rushed to the periphery, was met by the other four machine gunners. The firepower was quite fierce. Of course, it was to make them unable to attack, so that Han Palace snipers could pack their bags from the ground.
There was a fierce attack and defense between the two sides, and the snipers in the Han Palace still had plenty of time to pack, and finally they installed the bags smoothly.
As soon as I heard that 4 was successfully installed, the nb team offensive became more fierce because they had to fight for unpacking.
Jiang Yuhan showed a leader’s temperament at this time. He hit the other two machine gunners in a row, which led to a drop in the firepower of the Han Palace.
Ye Qing and Yan Yue, two attackers, have no pressure, and immediately go forward to kill and approach each other’s packages.