It’s hard to imagine that a busy boss would take time to learn about a game, which shows how much he attaches importance to his daughter’s affairs. After knowing F, he will also know about Ye Qinggong and his daughter’s career.

He finally knows that big honey investment is not an industry with no future. The F professional competition is now very mature. Although the profitability of major teams is not ideal, this thing is just like football, and its advertising effect is very good.
The former Guangzhou Evergrande was just a small and medium-sized real estate company that developed in second-tier cities. However, after investing in football, with the rise of Evergrande football team, Evergrande Group also expanded, and now it has become one of the largest companies, and their real estate projects have also expanded to first-tier cities. This is the advertising effect.
Dami’s father is a man with a business mind. He knows that many young people like to play games now, and these young people are the main consumers. If his flag restaurant can be among these young people, the sound will definitely be much better than before.
He thought about it for a long time and then asked his company’s planning department to come up with a planning case. He was going to spend some money to invest in F team and then advertise in his own restaurant, which might get good results.
He’s going to invest in the F team, of course, his daughter’s team. As the saying goes, he should support his daughter’s career. He hasn’t told Dami because he wants to surprise her. This time, Dami is ill, so he wants to make Dami happy. He told Dami this idea when he was eating.
When Dami heard that her father wanted to support her in the F team, she couldn’t help but run over and hug her father’s face and kiss him. Then she said with great heart, "Dad, thank you. That’s very kind of you. How much are you going to invest?"
"I think your team is not big now, and there should be few places to spend money. Should it be enough for me to invest another two million?" Big honey father with a faint smile way
Ye Qing gasped at the smell speech. Nima, this is the rich man. His mouth is 2 million and his expression is very calm. It seems that he didn’t take 2 million as one thing. It seems that honey has invested less than 2 million in the team training facilities so far. Moreover, the club is well decorated and the players’ lounge is very warm and humanized, which is better than most professional teams.
If Dami’s father invests another two million dollars, Ye Qing is thinking in his mind where the two million dollars should be. It seems that there is no place to spend money, and the team will slowly return to profit after it is on the right track
Big honey immediately cheered when she heard her father’s promise. "Great, with this two million, I can dig people aggressively and I’m not afraid that I can’t afford to pay the liquidated damages. Hahaha … I’m going to dig 7kg and even…… …
Hear big honey Ye Qing finally understand where the money should be spent. Two million to dig two professional players is simply a relaxed pressure. How many professional players in the professional circle can resist two million * * *?
Big honey can be described as a big deal. In her opinion, digging someone is either money hitting the other party’s heart and stopping at the contract. You can breach the contract at any time. It is a big deal to compensate for the liquidated damages. Generally speaking, the liquidated damages of professional players are hundreds of thousands, and most of them are tens of thousands of dollars.
Professional players generally have a low income, with tens of thousands of dollars enough to tie them to death. They can’t afford it, even those superstars are unwilling to breach the contract. Although they can afford the liquidated damages, they still can’t bear the money after all. Of course, it is another matter for someone to help them pay the liquidated damages.
Big honey’s father couldn’t help laughing when he heard big honey’s rhetoric. "Let’s go and do it. Come home and find me if you need my help."
"Dad, I feel a little strange. Why did you suddenly get it today? Before, you always said that I was wasting money. Why did I become so generous today and directly invest 2 million? Honestly, is there any conspiracy? " Big honey suddenly questioned hurriedly asked gravely.
"Ha ha ha ….. dad is such a person? Of course, it is conditional that dad will definitely not invest in your team for no reason! " Big honey father laughed and said
Big honey immediately pursed her mouth and was very upset. "I knew it … how could you be so generous as a profiteer? Tell me what conditions I can promise if I don’t go too far, but one thing I will never agree with is that team management can’t be handed over to you and must be in my hands."
"Silly girl, I want you to team management? I see that you are afraid that I will intervene in the team management and then get rid of your boyfriend for personal gain, right? " Big honey father jokingly asked.
Ye Xie couldn’t help feeling very embarrassed when his face turned red. He didn’t think that he would be shot when he was lying down. Honey’s father would suddenly realize that he was also blushing. I’m very embarrassed to tunnel, "I don’t think so, Dad. You are quick to say that your conditions are less rambling."
"Well, my condition is that your team’s clothes must be printed with the name and logo of our restaurant. Isn’t that too much?" Big honey father said with a smile
Big honey breathed a sigh of relief. "This requirement is simple. Then we will just print the restaurant name and logo in the team. It turns out that Dad, you want to borrow our team to advertise. You are a profiteer!"
"Ha, ha, ha, where is this profiteer points is a business mind? And when Xiaoye becomes famous, I’ll sign him as the spokesperson of our restaurant. Won’t those young people who admire him often go to our restaurant to see if they can meet him? Our business will be very good then! " Big honey father very proud tunnel
Ye Qing felt very funny when he saw that honey’s father had planned everything in the future, but he did have the confidence to make a name for himself. When he came, his fame would spread far and wide and he would worship others. Naturally, honey’s father made him a restaurant spokesperson, which was really a good move to attract many young people to eat.
Big honey also felt that his father’s idea was very good. "Then you have to give our family more endorsements, but you can’t do it without it."
"You this wench leaves your home so soon you get married? But don’t worry, I’m now one of our own, and I know that no matter how much money he has, it won’t be spent on you in the end. If I give him money, I will give you money willingly! " Big honey father smiled and said
"This analysis is really good, so it determines when the money will arrive?" Big honey reached out and asked in front of her father.
"You’re really anxious. When you get back to the club, I’ll ask me to call you secretly, and then you send him an account and he’ll transfer the money to your card with the finance department. Are you satisfied?" Big honey’s father patted her tender palm and was very kind and tunnel
Big honey nodded his head and smiled. "That’s more like it. It’s so heart-warming tonight. After the original leaf came, my illness has been cured by half. But now, dad, you took a dose of strong medicine, and I am cured. I feel very good now. There is nothing wrong with it!"
"That’s good for you to be healthy. Dad can promise you anything." Big honey’s father looked at Big Honey with spoil.
"Then you promise me to associate with Ye Qing? I really like him. Anyway, I will not marry him in my life! " Big honey took the opportunity to ask what her father had just said, and she could never go back on her word. So this middle-aged man with a good business mind was killed, and the army couldn’t help laughing. "Can I stop you even if he doesn’t marry?" Do you want to be a nun for a generation? Come on, you guys go out. I agreed. "
"Ha ha, it’s great. Ye Qing, did you hear that you often come to our house for dinner after my father didn’t object?" Big honey cheered and Ye Qing felt very happy to show her a smile. She immediately looked at her mother and said, "Mom, do you agree?"
Her mother smiled slightly. "Didn’t I say that your father is in charge at home? He has always been uncompromising. Where am I qualified to object and agree?" And lobular this child came back for the first time, I like it very much, whether your father supports it or not, anyway, I support you together. Now those rich second generations are all different, or lobular this child really doesn’t have any bad thoughts. "
Ye Qing was a little embarrassed by Big Honey’s mother, and quickly smiled and lowered her head. Big Honey smiled and said, "Mom still has the same vision as me. Then you won’t object that he often comes to dinner?"
"I welcome everyone to come, but you’d better close the door when you two are alone!" Big honey’s mother smiled mysteriously, and big honey’s face suddenly turned red and said, "I don’t know if I need to wake up specifically!" "
Chapter 547 Harvest a lot
After a meal, Da Mi was full of energy and everything was fine. Ye Qing was officially recognized by her father and mother. This day’s harvest was quite big, and Da Mi was very moved by her determination not to marry.
After dinner, the family sat on the sofa in the living room and chatted for a while. One day, the servant put the cut fruit on the coffee table, and they chatted while eating fruit. They were all household words. Honey spoiled her father and mother from time to time, and the family was happy. Yuzryha was envious.
At this time, honey’s father suddenly asked about Ye Qing’s family situation, which is normal. Generally speaking, the woman’s parents will first know about the man’s family situation. These are all necessary procedures. Ye Qing is not ready to be asked by honey’s father, which is a bit embarrassing because his family is really ordinary and his family background is not prominent enough. Parents are ordinary people, and they are really a little ashamed in front of such giants as honey’s family.
Big honey pricked up her ears when she heard her father’s question. She had known Ye Qing for so long and never asked him about his family. Fortunately, her father was more cautious and helped her ask for two contacts. You have to know the family background of this person, otherwise you have no sense of security.
Ye Qing hesitated for a moment or decided to tell the truth. If Da Mi’s father looked down on their home, he turned his head and left. It’s no big deal. After that, he just struggled on his own and got back. Thought of this, he said to Da Mi’s father, "I am the only child in my family. My mother works as a handyman in a small company. My relatives are also ordinary people who can’t compare with you."
At this point, Dami couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed. She was worried that Ye Qing’s self-esteem would be hurt, so she grabbed Ye Qing’s arm. Ye Qing understood her meaning and smiled at her. Then she continued, "There are too many families like ours in the state. I never feel inferior. After all, rich people are still a few. It seems that rich people seem to be superior. I never feel that I have reached the heights when I associate with Mi Er, because I have never considered her family background. Even if she is a poor child, I will still be with her. Even if we get married, I won’t be
Big honey’s father saw that he was excited and knew that he had asked abruptly, and he also saw his backbone and determination from Ye Qing’s words. He couldn’t help but be moved. He was more fond of Ye Qing, so he was very gentle and tunnel, "Xiaoye, I just want to know about your family situation. After all, now you are dating our honey. I don’t mean anything. Don’t think too much about how you will develop after you get married. It’s hard to say now, and it needs the consent of both parents. When do you want to call your parents out and meet our two families for dinner?"
Ye couldn’t help but calm down after listening to Big Honey’s father’s words. Obviously, Big Honey’s father didn’t look down on their family at all, and he wanted to meet his parents. According to China, meeting both parents meant that he and Big Honey had settled down.
Big honey couldn’t help feeling very geocentric when she heard her father’s words, but she was a little shy at the same time. She stole a look at the leaves and her expression was very serious. It took a long time to say, "Well, I have to go home and discuss with my parents. You don’t know that my father is a stubborn person. To put it bluntly, he taught me not to follow the trend and find a wife. He always thinks that rich girls have bad temper and will make others gossip that I eat soft food."
"I can see from your description that your father is a very important person. You probably didn’t tell him what you are doing now, did you?" Big honey father asked.
"I dare not say that I am afraid that he is worried that I will tell him that I have found a good job after graduating from college. No, he has called me to live. Speaking of which, I haven’t been home for a long time. I will go and have a look this time." Ye tilted his head and said.
Big honey took his arm and leaned her head against him. "Do you want me to go back with you?"
"I still don’t want my dad, who has a bad temper. I’m afraid he’ll give you a hard look and his words are mean. I’m afraid you can’t stand it. I’ll make it clear to him. I’m confident that he can rest assured, and my mother has always been on my side. It’s no problem to have her as my ally." Ye Qing smiled at Da Mi.
"And my dad has stomach trouble and may not be able to eat spicy food. If we have dinner together then, please give him two light dishes to make him unhappy." Ye Qing said apologetically to Da Mi’s father.
Big honey’s father nodded and said, "This is because you are right to wake up, and we care about our appetite and ignore our guests."
"Then it’s a deal. I’ll go home after the Qi Lele Cup competition. If my dad agrees, we’ll book another time to have dinner together. Uncle, do you think this is ok?" Leaf tilting at big honey father way
"ok!" Big honey father is very frank tunnel
Ye Qing saw that this conversation was almost over, so he got up and said to Big Honey’s parents, "Uncle and Aunt, thank you for treating me. It’s time to go back. I’m relieved that Honey is well. I’ll come to see her again later!"
With that, Ye Qing took Big Honey’s hand and said, "Will you see me off?"
Big honey nodded with a smile, and her father stood up with a loud voice. "That’s good, Xiaoye. Don’t say that you can come to our house when you have it. You can open Honey at any time. You can go to the property another day and get an access card so that Xiaoye can go in and out freely."
"It’s still thoughtful of dad!" Big honey praised Ye Qing and thanked him quickly. He felt that Big Honey’s father really regarded him as a family.
He and big honey walked out of the villa, arm in arm, and the greening of the villa area was very good, and the lights were quite bright at night. They were walking in the shadow of the path and were stretched by the street lights.
At this time, the community is very quiet, and the quality of residents in this high-end community is generally relatively high. At this moment, no one is walking the dog in the community, and there is no square dance in it. Occasionally, people can be seen sitting on the roadside bench playing mobile phones or chatting.
Big honey enjoyed the silence, especially with Ye Qing. She didn’t say a word. Ye Qing was thinking about things and didn’t speak until they reached the door. Big honey stopped and looked up at Ye Qing. "Thank you for coming to see me today. I think today is particularly meaningful!"
Ye Qing saw her beautiful face and touched her tender skin. "I think I just had a meaningful life today. I have gained a lot of honey. From today, we are different."
"What’s different?" Big honey asked shyly, Ye Qing laughed. "Before we were together, we were in love, but now we are getting married for the purpose of falling in love. I’m not playing hooligans. Your father approved me and my father approved you. If our two parents can get along well, our foundation will be settled. There will be no more variables."
Big honey can’t help but feel shy and tunnel in a low voice. "Do you think your father can recognize me?"
"Of course such a beautiful daughter-in-law doesn’t recognize it. Isn’t that stupid? Being able to marry you is our old Yejia ancestral grave! " Ye Qing very exaggerated tunnel to make big honey happy.
Big honey laughed for a while, then pulled Ye Qing’s arm and shook his arm very sheepishly, pouting and saying, "Ye Qing, I don’t want to let you go. I’m so reluctant!"
"I hate to part with it, but even if I stay late, I can’t sleep in the same bed with you. Your father will tear me up!" Ye Qing joke tunnel
"I am reluctant to let you go and didn’t say to let you stay and sleep with me. Are you going to die?" Big honey is very language to Chen way