He told Hemenglou to prepare lunch. Chufei directly lay in the lounge chair and prepared to sleep. His spirit and physical strength slowly recovered, but he didn’t return to his peak. He wasn’t going to do anything else. It seemed that she was going to the forest to find some fresh fruits and mushrooms. The glutton hoped that she wouldn’t cause any trouble, but he was awakened before Chufei entered a deep sleep state.

"Ah, ah, ah, Chu, help quickly!" With a scream, Prissy appeared in the sight of Chu enclave, holding a bunch of fruits in her hand and calling Chufei to pat her head with a headache. This little bitch didn’t know to put her hand in the box, but she also led a thorn wood demon to rush over.
There is no doubt that this is a variation of the thorn wood magic, and it should also be a variation of the three evolutionary sledgehammer in the thorn wood magic. A few days ago, it also encountered the strongest variation of the white bones dwarf. It seems that it is necessary to change it now. This guy is the strongest since fighting with the mutant monster.
About five meters in height and two meters in width, this guy is covered with spikes and the density is like scales. His left hand is shaped like a sledgehammer, and there are several sharp fangs on his right hand. On the other hand, there are many branches. Chu Fei watched Bliss flash across one of the branches, and then the branch smashed a stone next to it. I’m afraid this is the second time that the magic species has mutated into a monster. It’s no wonder that Bliss ordered his shadow warrior to release the trap. The defense and damage are too strong.
Aging! Although the Bones Soul Chufei marveled at the powerful mutant monster, it was not necessary to get up and sit up slightly from the recliner to deal with this degree. Chufei immediately released the curse of aging, followed by the Bones Soul, the strongest skill of the necromancer monomer and the ability to attack independently.
"This guy has rebound damage ability and magical resistance attributes, which are freezing and flashing. It’s just that I’m the best at attacking these two elements." Bilaise * got a 60% increase in the speed of Chu Fei’s aura blessing, and the consequence was that he instantly dumped the hammer that was chasing behind him.
"You’re lucky to pick some fruits and you can meet this monster. Forget it. Think of it as a stomach dish today. Attack the steel golem." Chufei stared at Bilaise and first sent the steel golem out to hurt itself, which is a terrible ability for the skeleton soldiers. So he is going to send the steel golem to give it a try first.
The third chapter 57 Suffering weavers
Chufei intends to explore the strength of this second-generation mutant monster at present. He sent a steel golem, who just had the shelter aura. The steel golem obeyed and rushed to the iron fist to directly hit the giant hammer of the mutant thorn wood magic. Previously, it had been continuously hurt by this guy’s shelter aura, but it also gave the devil damage and accurate bonus. Those who changed jobs may be afraid of this mutant thorn wood magic hammer, but the steel golem did not hesitate to directly hit it.
Bang, the mutant thorn wood monster slammed his right hand like a hammer in the center of the steel stone monster’s chest. Its hammer and two fangs blasted into the steel shell of the steel stone monster, causing a big hole, and at the same time, the two fangs also broke in and prepared to tear the steel stone monster’s body. Unfortunately, his opponent was the steel stone monster’s thorn aura, and the melee damage rebounded, which immediately broke its right hand hammer spikes and fangs. Just at this instant, the steel stone monster also filled the life chest hole and responded with a punch, and bombarded the mutant thorn wood monster.
It’s really troublesome. Although the monster is huge in size, its speed is quite fast. It must have a particularly fast attribute after mutation. Just now, it all started to accelerate. Although it was in Bilise, it didn’t receive its own acceleration halo blessing, but its speed was already very shocking. The body is covered with sharp wooden thorns, but the hardness is not at all the same as that of steel attack and defense. Melee professionals pose little threat to it. Remote professionals must carry out Yuto and slow it down.
Look at the mutant thorn wood monster and steel stone monster. You punch me. I’m a little impatient with the bombing of Chufei. If I have this ability alone, then he will be disappointed with the second generation mutant monster. The steel stone monster can slowly grind this guy to death. Oh, it takes a little more time if it is a mutant monster of this degree. Even if he accepts the association of job changers and leaves Bilaisi, they can get along here if it is only this degree! This damn monster, are you Xiaoqiang? Don’t explode until you have one fifth of your life left!
Just as ChuFei was considering whether Beatrice and others could be trained here and was about to make a conclusion, they had been sheltered by the iron and steel monsters. There are three kinds of sustained attacks, namely, iron fist attack and thorn rebound damage. One fifth of the life variation of the thorn wood demon broke out. This has always been as crazy as Berserker and the steel stone demon fought each other. The thorn wood demon first stunned the steel stone demon with one punch, and then immediately retreated and shot a lot of vines from his left hand. The growth speed of these vines seemed to be hundreds of times faster, and then the steel stone demon was surrounded by some strange protrusions on the vines, and hundreds of small wooden thorns were sprayed outside. The damage was so amazing! Chufei immediately waved a tomb staff in one hand and released a recovery spell to replenish the life of the steel stone demon. Because this is not a melee attack, although the root method rebound damage can’t suck blood, the steel stone demon is bound by these vines and attacked by the method. I didn’t expect this mutant thorn wood demon to have such a trick.
"Beatrice will give you three seconds to prepare and then kill this guy." Chufei ordered the ability to mutate the wooden thorn demon. His base has mastered the ability to give birth to the tree vine to trap the enemy and launch a wooden thorn attack. This skill should be that the mutant wooden thorn demon is cornered to make the registration trick limited, and this wooden thorn attack also has a cooling time. Otherwise, two rounds of attacks will be able to hang up the steel stone demon. However, this trick is really insidious. If it is a job-changer attacking it around it, it will be used. When the life consumption is almost the same, suddenly the tree vine will entangle the job-changer, and then there will be a wooden thorn attack. It is estimated that the mage class will be directly hung up. This mutant monster can’t be underestimated.
White Price promised to step on the accelerated aura and rushed out with her shadow master. Two figures rushed over along the iron and steel bound stone magic tree vine, and their claws attacked three times in succession. Three shiny light balls lit up around the body, and the tiger struck to complete the gas gathering skills for three times. A light hit the mutant thorn magic when the second wave of thorns was about to be launched, which instantly turned it into a little sheep. Then Price and her shadow master made the dragon instantly bombard the little sheep in the day.
Beatrice Feilong’s kicking and striking damage increased by 300% in the sky, and the skill of gathering gas and striking tiger for three times at the same time increased by ten times. The combination effect of the two is that the thorn wood magic was instantly exploded. In fact, according to the variation, the thorn wood magic had no life left, and the lion beat rabbits should try their best to fly. This is also to cultivate Beatrice’s fighting spirit. The assassin’s tiger striking skill is really strong. After being kicked to the sky, the little sheep instantly changed back to the thorn wood magic, and its body was full of spikes, and it cried and fell to the ground and scattered green sap
"If you think this mutant monster will be faced if I don’t make moves?" Chufei didn’t rush to pack up and explode the equipment, gold coins and potions, but asked Bilaise and Hemenglow.
"First of all, the master of my shadow will entangle the mutant wood thorn demon and then set traps all the way to delay it. At the same time, I will choose Phoenix to freeze this area for three times to delay its speed. Then Hector and Monroe attacked it. I think it really needs a long-range attack to deal with it." Beatrice’s tactical arrangement is reasonable and feasible in general.
"If Lord Bliss delays, at the same time, I will release the skill bait to create an illusion to fix the thorn wood demon. At the same time, I also have a small amulet given by my master. It is estimated that there will be some people who can do the most damage. Monroe should sacrifice the arrow, and continuous flame damage should be the best solution when freezing it." Hector said while thinking.
"I think we should lead it to the other side of the river first. Although this guy is made of wood, he can’t cross the water because he is deeper than steel and stone monsters. It should be the best way for us to directly benefit the gap in the river to grind it to death." Monroe also said, but what she thought was not that the way of fighting should be closer to tactics.
"Well, you three summed up the experience from three aspects: coping, fighting and tactics. After you encounter this situation again, the three of you must exchange opinions. Although the thinking direction is somewhat one-sided, it will be a good battle plan if it is integrated. Even if I don’t follow you after a while, I will be relieved." Chufei applauded and praised Bilaise, saying that the three of them are all materials that can be carved. The tactics they considered are Chufei, but it seems that it is correct to put them in Lugaoyin for a period of independent fighting.
"What do you mean, master? Is there anything else?" Hector heard ChuFei words meaning immediately asked.
"Don’t worry about it. Chufei seems to be going to implement the headquarters of the Association of Job Changers after a while. He asked me to find two companions to form a team to make up for the shortcomings of the three of us in his absence. I have asked several elders in the family to estimate that they will find it after a while and forget to tell you." Bilaisi said.
"This is a precaution. After all, a director in the Association of Job Changers woke me up once. It is better to have two more companions in this forest, especially when I accept it. You can also train normally when I am away. After all, it is not necessary to delay it for two months and three months." Chufei explained one.
"All right, let’s pack up a piece of equipment and see if there is any good equipment?" Chufei ordered
"My Lord has a bright gold knot stick!" Monroe picked up all the equipment with the ball and then identified the scroll to identify the attributes, but the first two were white boards equipped with such a bright gold staff.
Suffering weavers (knotted sticks)
Hands injury 412
Durability 1745
Level 36 is required
+2 mage skill level
+2% Increases attack speed
Increases cold damage by 1244 points.
7% of life is stolen when hit.
+3 induced flashover
+5% damage to undead