A baron can come up with such an auction venue? This still surprised Feng. After all, baron is the lowest rank, and even the lowest rank has such energy. It is even more unimaginable to be at the higher end.

After about ten minutes, people came in one after another and took their seats.
At this moment, a man dressed in a suit walked to the big stage in front of the auction hall and bowed to everyone. He said, "Thank you for coming today. I am your most loyal friend Terrence, and I will introduce the auction today. I hope everyone will be satisfied."
After Terence finished, there was a clap in the venue.
Terrence made a gentleman’s salute after hearing this. "Thank you for clapping. So today’s auction is official. Please focus on the stage first."
Terence snapped his fingers, and then the huge magic crystal lamp went out. The whole venue suddenly fell into darkness, with a stage and several magic lamps still shining.
"ah! ! ! ! ! ! !”
Just at the moment when the whole venue was in darkness, a panic call broke out in the left corner of the venue.
"What’s the matter? What’s wrong? "
"Who is so rude?"
"That … what is that! ?”
"Wow, what is that strange thing?"
The whole auction hall looked towards the screaming place and saw something that surprised them and kept talking about it.
At this time, the auction place was gathered, and the center of someone’s eyes was Delina. She was just chatting with her good friend, but when the lights went dark, she suddenly cried like a ghost. Just when Delina wanted to ask her what was wrong, she found that everyone around her was staring at her with strange eyes.
"What’s the matter? What are you all looking at me for? " Delina asked strangely
"You … are you really Delina?" The first call female asked carefully.
"What are you talking about, Priscilla? It’s not funny," said Delina angrily.
"You … you have to see your face yourself." Delina said that Priscilla took out a mirror and handed it to Delina.
"My face …?" Delina took the mirror with a strange whisper.
"ah! ! ! ! ! !”
At the moment when Delina looked into the mirror, the scream was more harsh than before. She was horrified and stroked her face and said, "This! What’s going on! " At this time, her whole face gave off a faint green light and looked like a ghost.
"Ha ha ha ha! Delina, I told you to buy those alchemist potions instead of beauty. It seems that you have bought a surprise. Ha ha ha ha! " It’s not far from sitting. Betty saw Delina for the first time. She was shocked, too, but when Delina screamed and made a frightened expression, she couldn’t help smiling.
After hearing Betty’s words, people in the backcourt seemed to have lost sight of what was going on and laughed in succession. After all, the blue face in the dark was so sudden and funny.
"No … I didn’t buy it. I didn’t! ! !” Delina screamed a few words at Betty’s side and then took up her skirt and rushed out toward the auction house.
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to be continued
Chapter one hundred and thirty Local tyrants’ behavior
After watching Delina rush out of the auction house in tears, Betty laughed her head off for a long time before patting Feng on the shoulder and asking, "Is that you, Jay?"
"Is Miss Betty satisfied?" Maple asked with a smile
"Ha, ha, ha, satisfied. I’ll reward you when I get back." Betty smiled again.
"You gain experience points by completing [wonderful farce]"
Ouch ….. experience reward is quite high’ maple regrets a in my mind after hearing the unified display.
That Delina’s face glows green. Of course, it’s maple’s tampering. He bought several "good things" in the mercenary guild store yesterday. One of them is a kind of phosphor that glows green only in the dark, and when there is light, it should be to identify teammates’ positions or track them in the dark. But Maple immediately thought that it would be very useful to trick people, especially those who love beauty. But I learned from Betty that Delina is a girl who loves beauty very much and often buys some alchemists to make high-grade makeup.
Yesterday, after he and Griffin sneaked into Delina’s house, he saw a dresser in Delina’s room with all kinds of small boxes filled with some fragrant powder, so Feng was happy to mix the fluorescent powder into it immediately, which made this scene today.
"After receiving this group of potions, it is called not afraid of the storm. After drinking it, your spirit will become stronger than that of others. Even if you are in a mana storm, you will be afraid of it. How many things you can do when your spirit is strong enough? I believe you are also very white. So the reserve price of 1 gold coin can’t be less than 1 gold coin each time. Please put up a sign," Terence said after knocking on an auction hammer.
"11 gold coins"
"12 gold coins"
"13 gold coins"
Soon, the price was fierce, and it was cold to listen to Feng’s heart. Even if he took out his reserved 6 gold, he could never afford it.
And sitting on the other side, Griffin looked equally excited. After all, it depends on whether his family can live!
"16 gold coins"
Just then Betty suddenly raised her card and shouted
This surprised both Feng and Griffin, and Feng immediately asked, "Miss Betty, do you need this spiritual potion?"
"The man next to me is shaking and falling apart, scaring me to put up a sign." Betty laughed after putting down the sign.
"Are you … are you going to buy it for Griffin?" Maple surprised way
"Otherwise, I think he really wants it." Betty said and raised the card and shouted "1 gold coin."
"Miss Betty, I appreciate your kindness, but I really can’t afford it …" Griffin said sadly.
"I didn’t say I wanted you to pay it back," Betty said unconcerned.
Griffin heard this and said, "No, it’s too expensive. I …"
At this moment, Feng stopped Griffin and said, "Miss Betty’s kindness really touched me, but it’s too expensive. It’s too unreasonable not to pay it back. Well, I’ll take the debt with him, and Griffin and I will adjust it at will before we pay it off."