Gazing at her intently, he said with a few words of comfort in his cold voice.

"Don’t be afraid"
Poof bursts a LeBao pure smiled "ha ha dismiss me? ! I’m not afraid of her. Hey, you didn’t see it. Haha, she was so angry with me … "
"oh? !”
In his heart, my little girl was a little nervous. She deliberately skipped those words just now, and a burst of embellishment rolled out of her mouth like a bamboo tube.
Say that finish stuffy giggling in his arms.
A man laughed for a long time and didn’t hear a response from him.
She suddenly looked up and saw his burning eyes and a face as black as Bao Gongjun.
Little dream reached the throat in an instant. She swallowed and kissed his lips sweetly.
Men don’t talk, but there are clusters of sparks in their eyes.
"… angry with what? Isn’t it a compliment? Not every man can bear the word’ big and good’, so be beautiful! "
Little girl really dare to say?
Leng Xiao gritted his teeth and had a mania to crush her directly.
Section 14
His eyes were so scared that Bao Qi immediately shrank his neck and drooped his eyelids that he dared not collide with his eyes and grabbed his sleeve to please and tell.
"Officer person calm down!"
Officer? ! What an ambiguous name
Lengxiao’s throat tightened and stared at her with burning eyes and boiling soup.
One second …
Two seconds …
….. Ten seconds!
Treasure and pure by his heart beat faster face is eyebrow eye curved smile "chief comrade don’t get excited! Don’t get excited. You have to calm down. You have to calm down … "
Slowly took a drag on the dangerous eyes of the air-cooled owl and squeezed her face hard. She asked coldly, "Can a chicken decide if it moves its eggs?"
What do you mean by that? !
Looking at his serious face, Bao Qi hesitated for a few seconds, and then he came back to his taste. His charming face was flushed and he finally burst out laughing.
"SEC. Uncle didn’t expect you to this kind of meat? ! But who said that if a chicken moves its eggs, it can’t be fixed? !”
As he spoke, he tried to suppress his voice and laugh.
A cold hum and a cold owl suddenly provoked her, and her look remained unchanged, and the cold sound burst out from her lips.
"Try it?"
Hook the lips, treasure and purity, smile, hook your arms, hit your neck and hit your eyes, dump a fascinating person, don’t want to make eyes at you, and say, "What are you trying?" Uncle, how are you going to try? Try a chicken or an egg? "
This tease …
In an instant, let Xiao Ye’s heart melt into three thousands of feet ice and scratch his fingers and soften his body. The fire in her cold eyes is burning …
"A little crazy can’t kill you."
"well! It’s getting late, and it’s better for us to go to bed early! " Giggly, Bao Niu’s face looks like a thin layer of rouge. Well, how can she not feel the big monster clinging to each other through the thin material at the moment?
For a second, he didn’t give her a chance to be loquacious, so he got a kung fu, and then he made her stick to her in every way, or he made her delicate little body tremble …
Another Durex was killed in this battle.
After the battle, it’s already midnight when Bao Qi leans against him and falls asleep, and he feels more and more infatuated with this sport. However, I have been fighting between heaven and man for more than 20 years, and there is no problem. Why does it come every time she provokes him? It’s fucking killing me to enjoy doing this little brain work.