"The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Heaven defeated the king in ten days."

"Poof" just took a sip of wine. zhaojie spat out a mouthful of wine and wiped his mouth in horror. "No?"
"Sun wu? It seems that I can’t let the wind fall. "Terhi calmly smiled and stretched his body in a cross shape to read a spell." The witch condensed in the dark was bound to the final dogma, and the first embryo gathered steel life … "
"Destroy Lilith"
With her formula, a huge steel palm overturned from the smooth ground and stretched out into tons of soil, and then a huge black angel mecha broke through the ground and reached a height of more than 50 meters. The huge body was indomitable, and the whole body of this steel mecha was full of softness like a weak body of a woman. The body was streamlined, sexy and slender, but it was as cold and horrible as fallen angels.
Black angel mecha eyes full of killing red light tightly staring into the Great Sage King.
Terhi’s hair floated high, and the whole body slowly descended to a huge diamond gem on the chest of the black angel mecha before stopping, and then slowly approached the black angel mecha. At the same time, the black angel mecha also stretched out its arms and posed as a cross.
A flash of brilliance flashed across Terhi and melted into the angel mecha. Then the angel mecha’s eyes lit up even brighter.
Then Terhi’s voice was amplified into a mechanical voice, and the situation showed, "Who do you think will take the wind when the twelve apostles of ancient Christianity fought against the Buddha, the strongest fighting god of ancient Buddhism?"
The heavenly king didn’t laugh and act funny like the Great Sage, but calmly said, "I won’t know until I’ve fought. What do you say?"
I don’t know if the heavenly king turned into a great sage is more like a fight against Buddha than the real Sun Wu. He is a little more rigid, a little more Buddhist and a little more orthodox than Sun Wu.
But it lacks humanity.
When two people are not human things? Why do you feel cursing? The blue smoke drifted into zhaojie’s nose when they collided.
"You … how did you know I was on earth …"
"Because I have long regarded you as my own man in my heart. Isn’t it something that every woman should do to help her man get revenge?"
"How can I live without you?"
"Jay, there are beautiful women around you now, but I’m still as ugly as before. Can I still have a place in my heart?"
"That’s a reward for you finally showing up after I waited so hard. If you do something that surprises me again, I may reward you."
"There is nothing I have to hide from you … I will answer you if I want you to ask."
"I’m going to continue to go back to the third order until I find you …"
"Jay … do you believe that I love you?"
Please remember that I really love you, and I am willing to let you do things so that I can always be with you, and it is worthwhile to pay more.
"Jay … I don’t know if you already know the truth. If you know this, please live bravely and don’t be sad …"
"I believe you … but please don’t come to me deliberately. Your current strength will bring you great danger. I don’t want to do this or do it … When you are strong enough to protect me, I swear I will come back to you, okay?"
"I haven’t slept with my man yet. I haven’t lived with him forever. I will never die. I will never die."
"Terhi" zhaojie roared holding his head.
In the battle, the black angel mecha suddenly looked back and saw zhaojie’s painful look. The body couldn’t help but quiver, and then the heavenly king waved the golden hoop and suddenly flew out hundreds of meters. The steel armor at the shoulder collapsed.
As two people together again, zhaojie also got up.
He didn’t understand why Terhi asked him so many puzzling questions before, and why Terhi couldn’t even make the fake field fight by himself.
She is cleverly testing whether she is the man in her heart, and she wants to see his heroic fighting spirit full of wisdom again and again.
Therefore, he can’t wait and dare not wait any longer. When he knows that she is the woman who keeps reincarnation, when he knows that she is the woman who has killed herself, he can’t face this terrible battle alone by his own woman.
So zhaojie suddenly turned around and grabbed Picasso by the collar and roared, "What are you waiting for?"
"What?" Picasso looked at zhaojie in consternation and didn’t know what this beautiful woman was saying.
"I ask you what are you waiting for? You should have seen that man is almost invincible, and you also saw that Terhi root is no match for that man. I ask you, what are you waiting for? "
"I …" Picasso a face of bitterness "I don’t know what you mean …"
Zhaojie tugged Picasso by the collar and pulled him to the front, pointing to Terhi, who had been suppressed in the battle, and said, "Don’t tell me that you are blind. She is being hurt. She can’t support it anymore. If you continue fighting like this, she will die in the hands of that guy. Don’t tell me that this is none of your business."
The fact that Terhi was caught in the wind was mainly due to zhaojie’s roar. If he hadn’t taken one look at zhaojie, he wouldn’t have cracked the shoulder bone of the mecha.
Lilith, a fighter with twelve apostles, still has real flesh and blood in his bones and bones, which means that King’s blow has not damaged the mecha but cracked the living people.
Lilith Terhi’s last skill is that his body can’t be easily repaired by the existing technique, but it takes a surprising time to repair it through Terhi’s own spiritual warmth.
But it also proves that this mecha is powerful from the side.
Because of the injury of the mecha, the king is a battle-hardened warrior. He naturally knows where to attack to achieve the greatest effect and let the enemy be tied behind his back. At this moment, Terhi still moved back to win the game, but that doesn’t mean that she will be so passively beaten all the time.
Picasso discovered this phenomenon. Although his strength is already about ten orders, his vision is still limited to underwater battles. The wars of Atlantis and Saif have been able to fight the biggest scenes for him.
Zhao Jie also saw this one eye when he said this … After all, if even a guy who opened his mouth wide and was so surprised that he couldn’t see that he was a hillbilly, zhaojie wouldn’t mix up.
He didn’t want to see Terhi face the king alone. Of course, there was male arrogance in it, but if it were normal, he would never say such a thing that made Picasso die in a pre-battle situation. The reason why he did this was that he described the most concise process in his mind when Picasso first appeared, otherwise he wouldn’t have brought Picasso into this when he split the blade.
To put it simply, Picasso’s presence in tales of mystery is equivalent to the female height. The split blade of the tower of the Guardian Corps of the Imperial Light Snow Mountain corpse tide is generally a simple way to complete, that is, the middle branch line.
Zhaojie has explained to many people that Princess Atlantis Niya is the one who must save lives. Now there is no hurry to announce the reason. Before the announcement, King zhaojie talked about one thing, that is, one person in the Ministry of Tianlong had already arrived. At that time, including looking for Jay, all the passers-by did not come to Atlantis, but one person in the Ministry of Tianlong actually had the same invincible force. Why not kill Niya first? Is it simply because Picasso is guarding you?
Of course, it’s not like Picasso’s ten-rank warrior who lowered his rank to seven. It’s not necessarily that zhaojie Ghost Corps summoned a ghost soldier opponent.
Zhaojie probably guessed two reasons. First, there is a strong power in her body, and Niya is likely to run away because Picasso suddenly came forward to protect her. zhaojie, a key figure of Niya, believes that her strength is really beyond the reach of a single Ministry. Of course, what she hates is the most. Second, Picasso has some ability, but he can wake up Niya from a’ deep sleep’. If this situation cannot be achieved by all the ministries one by one, it is likely to deliver food.
In addition, Gattuso, regardless of whether he is weak in feeling, just said that such a man appeared so suddenly to the whole milli and his ability was so bad that he could see something unusual, and zhaojie was always good at finding a breakthrough in the unusual. After everything was put together, zhaojie determined that Picasso was the one who could change the war.
Picasso was silent when he spoke out.
He could see that zhaojie’s pain after Terhi’s injury was the same as that when he lost Aletha, but he still didn’t want to make that ability, because once it was made, he would die, and then no one could protect Niya.
"What are you hesitating about?" zhaojie roared. "I know what you are thinking, but I’m telling you that the only one who can compete with the King of Heaven now is Terhi. If Terhi dies, we will all die. Are you white? Even if we die, it’s so-called for you, but if the king goes out, it will kill Niya. Can you escape him? "
"But …" Picasso looked hard at zhaojie’s eyes and bowed their heads to Terhi.
"…" zhaojie’s heart is really worried. Although he said these words half-truths, there are some words that are true. He really doesn’t want to see Terhi continue to fight like this. At this time, he can’t wait for Picasso to release his ability to reverse the war, even if he pays a heavy price … A man must help her solve her disadvantage from the side even if he can’t stand in front of his woman.
At this moment, Terhi was once again pumped away by a stick and rolled over from zhaojie and them.
Zhaojie eyes a cold hand a shake hand a leaf fell on the black mecha.
Angel mecha fully rubbed out a hundred meters away before stopping, and became the Great Sage. The king also passed by them like a gust of wind. This time, Terhi really fell into the wind, and zhaojie guessed that there was a deviation. The strength was very similar. Once two people had a slight imbalance in power, it would lead to an instantaneous reversal.
For him, he can get rid of these two small roles at any time. At present, the most important thing is that the woman must die first. She puts too much pressure on herself.
Seeing the heavenly king hit Huashan with a blow, zhaojie couldn’t help it anymore. He slapped Picasso in the face and scolded, "Coward, you deserve to watch others die."
Picasso fell to the ground severely, and when he looked up again, it was not the man named Jupiter but a huge angel mecha.
Conversion lingcao
Plant reversion
Zhaojie’s body holds a huge mask, and his body Terhi gets this.