"Report that the Lord was taken away by the glimpse!" Claw killer embarrassed scratched his head replied

"It seems that I will continue to play with him, but he really has something to do. If he hadn’t forced the two kings and the guards to separate this time, I really couldn’t find such a good opportunity. I should thank him!"
"Don’t just talk about getting something practical". It seems to be everywhere. Slowly, it seems to be thousands of miles away and close at hand, which makes people unpredictable.
Silent for a long time, silent, kneeling on the ground, the claw killer is sweating and shaking involuntarily. How is this possible? The blue robe man asked faintly, "How do you know there will be killers after you?"
The glimpsed figure quietly walked out of the shadows of the trees, and he walked beside him with a glimpsed smile of two Chinese kings.
I was even more frightened when I saw the predator. How did this happen? It’s dead. How did it happen? I checked it.
"According to her personality, how can I rest assured that I will kill Liu Yan? I think you are not the last resort!" Glancing at the rhetorical question with a smile.
"Ha ha maybe! It seems that you have made a good deal. "
The blue robe is still blocking the problem.
"Yes! It seems that my life-saving money is not wrong. Hahahahaha! " Flow inflammation looked at the blue robe people shivering figure couldn’t help laughing.
"Er Wang is in a good mood, but I don’t know if your master is dead, can you still plan to go?"
"What did you say!"
Liu Yan’s eyebrows are wrinkled, and he will deny that his sister’s frost will flow toward the hands of the Three Elders in Shenqu. After all, where is the backstage of the Three Elders in Shenqu? And dealing with a local master is not as easy as dealing with yourself.
Liu Yan will do everything he can to avoid the frost, but at the moment he is not sure that he has considered it when he hears the blue robe man across the street say this. He turns his head and looks at the glimpse in confusion.
The latter said without hesitation, "Your original plan was that neither of you could live."
When this statement came out, I felt very dizzy. I always underestimated my sister’s ambition.
"I really want to know how you saw through my ambush!"
The blue robe man didn’t look back, but the curiosity in his tone made him smile like a fox at the corner of his mouth. "You are begging me."
"Then you can tell!" When talking about telling the word, I suddenly caught a glimpse of my body.
"Ivylinna Lee"
When the time comes, everything is silent, but the blue robe opposite seems to be ready, and the blue light in his hand has disappeared in the same place, which turned out to be a multiplier.
I am not depressed when I shoot down a glimpse, but I look at the claw killer on my knees with great interest.
It’s very simple to go away just after a glance. When bargaining with Liuyan, you will feel a faint scent of blood when you glance at it, so you can call people in, but if you come in, you will find that something is wrong without an abnormal glance.
When that woman came in with Phyl, she caught a glimpse that the woman was dead, and the glimpse would deliberately delay. In fact, at that time, he could directly expose the claw killer to keep the infection, but the glimpse wanted to know who was behind the scenes. Although the shot down just now, the identity of the blue robe has only been caught. It is probably time to confirm another guess.
"Are you a person or a demon!"
Glancing at this sentence, the killer’s body trembled even more when it was exported, and the inflammation also woke up.
"My villain is human!"
Claw killer panic said
"There is a problem"
Flow inflammation came over and asked softly
"The second time he came in with Phyl, I felt wrong, but I couldn’t see the slightest flaw, so I tried to control Phyl to change you out. As far as I know, if it’s human, it’s only possible to deceive me unless it’s a prefecture-level peak strength, but you see that he absolutely doesn’t have this strength."
"You said you were human, so take off your clothes and I’ll see."
At the glance, the killer took off his clothes.
Glancing at each other and glimpsing at each other is the result. When they get this result, they can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. If someone is really colluding with the demon family, things will be difficult, because this person has no contract trace, not to recover like Ye Lingyu or glancing, but to reach an agreement with the demon, which is equivalent to giving the demon a chance to become stronger.
"You go!"
Glimpse lost interest and waved the claw killer away.
After hearing this, Claw Killer ran away without wearing clothes.
"Do you really want to kill the three elders of God?"
Flow inflammation at a glance asked slowly.
"Then you"