In the Spanish national television studio, there is also a person who is envious and jealous at the moment and looks at others.

"Hernando, please evaluate the performance of our Miss Guti commentator." Manuel, the host, finally asked this question, which he didn’t want to ask.
Because Guti and Lei Dongduo were in front and behind this time, many viewers came or left messages online, hoping to know that Lei Dongduo’s evaluation of Guti’s commentator’s career was naturally good advice, and immediately added this question to the live broadcast program before the final.
"She did a good job, and she was proud of me." Lei Dongduo’s face was obviously smiling, and even her eyes were smiling, which showed how heartfelt this sentence was
And in the stadium, Guti heard Lei Dongduo’s words through headphones, and he also smiled, and the corners of his mouth curved so that one side was secretly looking at his commentary partner.
In front of the camera, the audience is also looking at Lei Dongduo with both hands holding their cheeks. I continue to say, "Fina’s voice is very beautiful. I think everyone will feel very happy when hearing her explanation. Of course, I want to say that she is very professional at the end of the explanation. I hope that everyone can think about her explanation rather than her identity. During the game, she has one identity, that is, football explanation. Of course, she will have other identities after the end."
Manuel regretted that he had inserted "such as?"
Lei Dongduo, "my love", once again threw a pink bomb at those who watched his program through live TV.
Obviously, the audience liked him very much. Many girls cried and then fell into a deep sigh. They didn’t have a boyfriend or husband who was as affectionate as Lei Dongduo.
What a shame! I’m going blind again This is the general view of Manuel on behalf of the majority of male compatriots. Before he got married, Lei Dongduo gave people the impression that the elegant king of the stadium was a very generous person, but since he got married, his painting style has changed and people don’t know how to shape it.
However, most men silently looked at their own collection of Guti photos and pictorial, and then silently forgave Lei Dongduo. If they had such a beautiful wife, they would show their love every day.
The live broadcast of the studio is over, and the signal is cut to the front explanation.
Guti was in a good mood when he heard Lei Dongduo’s words. When he spoke from his mouth, the audience felt that his tone was sweeter today, and they could feel sugar even in the tense competition.
Fortunately, Guti also has a commentary partner who is afraid of Guti’s level of commentary, but the Spanish national television station specially equipped him with the best commentator Torres, who has the same name as a player of the Spanish national team and has a lot of freckles but is not as handsome as the other team. The commentator brought the topic to the game very soon. When the players were still in line, he quickly read the starting lists of the two teams and asked Guti’s opinion.
"Portugal played in the 4231 formation today. I noticed that a large part of their starting lineup came from this year’s Champions League champion team Porto. It seems that coach Scolari’s idea is really to play around Porto players and build a team around a club team. This is a good idea, but after all, this is not a club to play for the national team. I think we can make a fuss about the cooperation between these Porto players and other club teams."
"Another point, let’s not forget the champions of the Europa League and the champions of the Champions League. How many games have they played from the European Super Cup at the beginning of the season to the European Cup final now? How much physical strength do they have? I think most of them are already kicking this last game with a sigh of relief. Once we score first, it will be a huge blow to them. "
Guti Kan Kan talks and listens, not only the audience in front of the camera is stunned, but also the senior commentator Torres is stunned. He has been working with Guti since the group stage, but every time he works with Guti, he will be more surprised. Is this young lady really an Oscar winner? Not some women’s football player or coach
"So what do you think of our team?" Torres unconsciously asked with a somewhat respectful tone.
Guti glanced at the Spanish starting list. "Today, we also played 4,231 Puyol and helguera. They firmly defended Xavi and Alonso, and then Belleron played in the midfield. My brother Sai and Raul played wingers, and the front was Morientes."
"On the whole, coach Bosco is very experienced in arranging troops. We have great problems from midfield to defense after the retirement of captain Yero and Guardiola. We must equip two midfielders to help defend Xavi and Alonso when necessary. Both of them have excellent organizational ability and overall situation, and they are willing to defend them. Together, they can do well what the coach has given them."
Torres interjected, "Xavi and Alonso can both play in the back. Why doesn’t coach Bosco let them play in the back alone and send a defender to stabilize the back?"
Guti secretly rolled his eyes. Are you a good defender like Chinese cabbage all over the floor, or do you cut one crop after another like leeks? Isn’t Italy, a country rich in good defenders, worse than the next? Spain is still short of good defenders, especially left defenders. Why didn’t Dad bring that guy Ramos? At least it’s ok! Guti couldn’t help thinking that he would join a real Madrid defender in a year’s time. What a miss!
Although my mind is full of thoughts, Guti’s mouth is not dull. "At one time, Real Madrid coach Bosco had a lot of experience in the formation of 4231. I think he should be most depressed at the moment. If we don’t have Lei Dongduo, if we have Lei Dongduo, as you said, we can make a single waist so that other positions that need reinforcement can increase manpower. It’s a pity that there is a Lei Dongduo in this world!"
It’s Torres’ turn to roll his eyes. At the same time, Manuel is in pain. The couple are so far away that they don’t forget to show their love. Just now, Lei Dongduo blew Guti in the studio. Now Guti doesn’t forget to blow Lei Dongduo in the live commentary, but Torres must admit that Guti is right. The Spanish team is missing Lei Dongduo.
Torres immediately chose to change the topic. "I noticed that Raul was positioned as a winger and Belleron was a front waist. We all know that Belleron has Spanish Zida, but he is not good at fighting him today. But can he resist the attacks of Figo and Ronaldinho?"
"Torres, I want to wake you up first and correct a name." Guti didn’t analyze the game, but said another question. "That Ronaldinho in your mouth is cristiano ronaldo, not Ronaldinho. You can’t be lazy and say a few words. Just call him that. There is a Ronaldo in this world, but there will also be a cristiano ronaldo. They are all different individuals."
"Well, I admit that I want to be lazy and say a few words. After all, the name of Manchester United’s new No.7 is too long." Torres changed his name for Cristiano Ronaldo in the future, but he still had some problems in his heart. He regarded Cristiano Ronaldo as a demon star and didn’t treat him as a superstar. "You haven’t returned to my question yet, Fina? Is it because two of the three Spanish midfielders are very close to you that you don’t know how to evaluate them? "
Guti smiled. "Well, let me talk about my own thoughts. In fact, I think that the positioning of the three midfielders is probably coach Bosco. Actually, the positioning of the three of them is not so accurate. Raul’s best position is the shadow striker. He will hide behind Morientes more often, and the attack range is wide. This can make up for the lack of confrontation between Belleron. And if they cooperate tacitly in the game, we will see a wonderful drama directed by two midfielders."
After the game, Torres and the audience in front of the camera noticed that Guti said that Spanish defenders appeared in many places, especially left defenders, who had to resist the impact from Portugal’s right winger Figo frequently. Fortunately, Figo has been old and his physical strength is poor after playing so many games. Xavi and Alonso can help stabilize the Spanish left.
At the same time, Cristiano Ronaldo, a young Portuguese left winger, also rampaged like an angry bull against Spain on the right.
"It seems that Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United, as always, is really good at choosing Beckham to replace him, but he is still too young," Torres said
Guti agree with him, "It’s true that Ronaldo is too young, and many of his bad habits have not been corrected. For example, he hasn’t learned to play football in the simplest way instead of playing all kinds of flowers like an acrobat. You see, he was easily broken by Puyol, who has seen through him this time, and it also caused us an attack opportunity."
Just as Guti said, C Ronaldo’s cycling was cut off and the Spanish midfielder made a dazzling attack.
Puyol steals the ball to Barcelona teammates Harvey and Alonso for a one-on-one match. After avoiding the oncoming Portuguese players, Harvey directly ferries the ball to Alonso and takes the ball back. Belleron knew that he was not good at fighting Belleron before the Portuguese players planned to come and force the ball. When Ma Niqie came to steal the ball, he blocked it with a straight foot. Raul took the ball to the front of the penalty area. At this time, Morientes also leaned over and knew that Morientes was threatening. Portuguese defender Carvalho and andrade intercepted and prepared to block Morientes’ shooting angle, but they didn’t expect Morientes to lean over at this time, not to catch the ball, but Raul’s strategic cover. He made a direct shot and scored a 1-0 lead in Spain.
"That’s great! It’s beautiful! Just now, Fina, did you figure out how many times did our players have a kick? It’s so beautiful! " Torres is a bit incoherent. After all, that cooperation just now was really wonderful.
"It’s really a beautiful goal. That’s what I call Raul’s threatening position in the shadow," Guti also praised. "But part of the credit should go to Morientes. He is a center who can play the ball at the same time."
"But then Portugal will show crazy counterattack because of this goal. At this time, the Portuguese team can show its strength. It should be almost the same as when they went out against us in the last game of the group stage. It is a pity that we rotated the main lineup because of the previous qualifying. Most of the players on the field did not play in that game, which may make them cope worse in a short time."
Guti calmly analyzed the situation and made the audience fascinated by the TV. Sure enough, such a wonderful game should be explained by a beauty who knows the ball. Miss Guti is not only beautiful but also beautiful. Sure enough, Lei Dongduo is not wrong
Just like Guti’s analysis, Portugal played a counterattack at home because they were the first to concede the goal. They desperately sent the ball to the goal of Spain with the support of the fans on the spot.
"Portugal is rich in wingers. Look at the wingers Figo, Ronaldinho bench and Simao they brought this time. It’s a pity that quaresma, who is the same as Ronaldo, was not selected. However, their center is really flattering that pauleta failed in the World Cup in Korea and Japan, and the final attack will fall on two wingers."
I’m telling Guti that the grape attack was instigated by Deco in midfield, but Figo, after all, was older and the attack point was more on Cristiano Ronaldo’s side.
"Manchester United’s new number seven is really good, and maybe it will become another excellent Ronaldo," Torres praised Ronaldo for causing a great impact on Spain’s left wing during this period
"He hasn’t grown up yet, and he still has many problems with young players. Look at him, he is too sticky with the ball, and his dribbling skills are beautiful, but he is not realistic. It’s really hard to say in the face of mature players. It is estimated that he will have to suffer for several years before he can understand these things."
Guti looked at today’s immature and rustic Cristiano Ronaldo and sighed with emotion. Who would have thought that this rustic scum would become an all-powerful football king in a few years?
Torres laughed over there. "It seems that Cesar is coming to play against Ronaldo."
Cristiano Ronaldo was very impatient. He felt that Portugal’s goal just now had something to do with him. If he hadn’t been intercepted in the restricted area of Spain, there wouldn’t have been a goal later. For this reason, he was particularly eager to score a goal after making meritorious deeds, and even more, he was eager to win the game with the support of the fans present. In the face of World Cup champion Cristiano Ronaldo, he was particularly eager to prove himself.
This time, Cristiano Ronaldo took the ball along the left to Spain’s half-court, and this time, he changed people to defend the plug and his teammates changed positions. Raul is still very experienced in defending Figo and Real Madrid teammate Raul, and Belleron is also trying to stabilize the middle to prevent Portuguese midfielder Deco from inserting.
Plug just saw Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance, so he wanted to have a little confrontation with him. When he saw a certain period in the past, he was still young at that time. He also liked to play small flowers so much, but he was severely taught a lesson by Lei Dongduo during training and later scolded by Guti. He was not angry, but later he realized that these tricks looked beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but they still hurt his health. If he wanted to maintain a longer football career, it was best to learn to be simple and realistic.
Now Cesc has finally come to play against Cristiano Ronaldo, and he has the heart to teach this Portugal a little lesson.
And Ronaldo also knows that this is the European Footballer of the Year and the absolute superstar of the Spanish captain. He wants to show his level in front of Plug, so his legs keep crossing as if to dance, so that the ball will be dribbled at his feet, even if his teammates have shouted for him in the distance.
Plug bent slightly and stared at Cristiano Ronaldo. He didn’t care about Cristiano Ronaldo’s dazzling dribbling skills. Suddenly, he stabbed the ball directly from Cristiano Ronaldo’s foot with a hook, and then his body was light and he chased the ball away from Cristiano Ronaldo.
Cristiano Ronaldo reacted after the plug stabbed the ball away, but his foot didn’t react. Inertia made two more sets before it stopped. At this time, the plug had run away and Spain attacked again
The captain of the Portuguese team, Figo, commanded his teammates to return to the defense, but Cristiano Ronaldo still didn’t react until the crisis in front of Portugal was lifted. Figo came over and patted his little teammate on the shoulder.
"Never mind that he has played a lot of games at your age. I remember that when he was a child, his skills were more fancy than yours. It was really …" Figo thought of playing against Real Madrid in Barcelona when he was young and could run fast, but now he can’t run fast. He is too old to continue running. This may be the last national team game in his life. He doesn’t want to end up losing.
"Captain …" C Ronaldo looked at the old captain who took many photos of himself.
"I still want to win the cup in front of those Spaniards. Cheer up for me." Figo didn’t say much. Seeing those Spaniards fall again, he quickly returned to his position.
Encouraged by the captain, Ronaldo rallied again. How can he lose before the game is over?
"Portugal has an excellent captain," Torres sighed when he saw Figo encouraging Cristiano Ronaldo.
"It’s a pity that this is his last European Cup. After this European Cup, Portugal’s golden generation is expected to retire. Maybe once they want to rise, they will have to wait for Cristiano Ronaldo’s generation to mature." Guti also regrets that after all, many players in Portugal’s golden generation are very close to each other
Torres also agrees with Guti’s point of view that "I am glad that our national team has almost completed the alternation of old and new, and our captain is also excellent. The Spanish team’s performance should be stable in the next few years." After winning the world championship, the Spanish media have a lot of confidence. Now they have reached the European Cup final and dare to shout the slogan of winning the championship.
Then, when the captains of the two teams commanded the two sides to show each other, especially at half time, one side fought harder to equalize the score and the other side fought for victory.