But the other one is a little tall and wearing rattan armor mm, which is strange. You know who it is and what it is? I told you that all of us are dead. Do you think you two novices can live in it?

She didn’t say these words, but the expression on her face said everything.
"Brother Gua" Ding Dingyu said cautiously, "Why don’t … let’s leave first?"
In that case, he shouldn’t talk privately in front of two beautiful women and find a place where no one is there, suggesting that a mad dog dragon is not really retarded. Is it possible that he can’t hold on with the steps?
The key is the bad habit of mad dog dragon and the suspicion of Tintin fish is empty and afraid. Do you mean that if you are afraid, I will follow you? Isn’t that too embarrassing?
"Virtual camel afraid of hair! Let’s go! " As soon as Dalong turned around, he was ready to enter the hole.
Well, well, we all know the strategy and tactics of a dragon before the game, but we don’t really have to hit me first to see the situation and explore the road. If we really want to fight, I will do well on the stage if the other party is a rookie; If the other person is cruel, then fake your meaning and take a shot. Then find a chance to run away. The reason for running away must be a lot of "outnumbered, desperate to turn over, today’s state is not good, I’m sorry I have a stomachache. I have to see a doctor …"
I can always die, but I just can’t fall off my face
As the saying goes, the head can be broken, the hairstyle can’t be bloody, and the shoes should be oiled.
Dalong students’ wandering in rivers and lakes and mixing with society is "losing people and boxing without losing temperament"
"Hey, hey, don’t go in. We are kind enough to wake you up …" Tao Bao mm was rudely interrupted by Li Dalong. "You give me some trouble and I’m afraid that this woman is trouble."
Tao Bao mm was so angry that he didn’t vomit blood. What is the logic of you idiot?
See Tintin fish trembling behind Li Dalong ass into the hole Goto A mm didn’t disdain sneer at "it’s really a person who wants to die who can’t hold back and let them go in and die."
Tao Bao mm doesn’t think so. "Sister Zhen, they dare to come here to play skills without level 5, and maybe they have some strength."
"This is true!" Fujia mm mused, "The most important thing among novices is the strange man. Otherwise, let’s go in and have a look. If the situation is not right, we will run."
"Well, good!"
Chapter 17 Violent tooth Jane
This cave is a magma cave as Li Dalong imagined.
It’s almost suffocating when you enter the hole, and the heat wave is blowing on your face. It’s also a simple way to go to the end
However, after about ten minutes’ walk, they had to stop because the terrain in front was quite dangerous. A huge pool blocked the way, and the rolling magma in the pool made the surroundings look crimson. If you want to go there, you have to take the zhōng yāng "suspension bridge".
But this is not a real suspension bridge. It is just a brown Se stone that looks like a "bridge" when combined. However, this bridge is only 1 meter wide and more than 20 meters long. Don’t say that you have the courage to walk there.
On the opposite side of the bridge is a small platform leading to the mouth of the deep cave. Unfortunately, there are two soldiers wearing rattan armor and holding daggers on the ground. At first glance, they know that they are responsible for blocking the door.
Tintin fish is fragile and shivering at the foot of the bridge, but mad dog Gentian flies by when it is divided by three, five and two.
"live!" The leading soldier decisively stopped, "This place has been chartered by the Baiyun Family. Non-guild people, please leave, or you will be at your own risk."
This line is still mild, and Tai Long’s classmates just smiled. "Two big brothers, we are passing by, can we be convenient …"
Before he finished his words, the one behind him called out "garbage!" Get out! "
I āo Nima is more overbearing than I am. Li Dalong suddenly became hairy, but he didn’t start work. Now he’s not a mad dog dragon. He turned around and left others without saying anything. When he ate Yabakui, he couldn’t get away from walking to the bridge. ZH not ng Y ā ng turned around and was a whisking.
This time, it’s not chrysanthemum thunder, but earth artillery. The original damage of this thing also has two points. Don’t look at the two people opposite, who are level 5 fierce people. Even eating a few fries is absolutely unbearable.
"Pa" a exploding the two immediately felt a tear pain.
Haven’t figured out what’s going on, Mad Dog Dragon of Bridge has a burst of laughter with his psoas crossed. "Wow, hahahaha, two big * * are talking. Hey, where are you?"
While mocking, he threw a soil cannon at the platform opposite him, and the two of them were not caught off guard, but rather avoided it, so they ate it again.
"Bring it on, you will die a glorious death." Shame Dragon continued to ridicule.
The one behind me suddenly got hairy. Where did the novice dare to be arrogant here without knowing what to do, so he just made a sword.
Mad dog dragon knows well that he is afraid of you, but he is afraid of you.
Chrysanthemum thunder has already scratched the flint with the lead in his hand. This time, he didn’t throw it out immediately, but waited for the lead to burn for a few seconds before throwing it at the other side. This posture is also very chic. It is of course that the primary school students throw the shot put. Of course, it is necessary to keep the throwing posture in place for 3 seconds.
"Bang" a loud noise, a mass of fire emerged, and the rough brother was decisively blown up.
Li Dalong saw clearly that the damage was 55 points, but the damage value at the moment when Brother Mao fell into the magma pool turned out to be-exactly 1 point.
Oh, my God, it’s just killing artifacts when I go to this magma. It seems that I have to make good profits.
Brother Mao was swallowed up by magma and didn’t even come to scream. The one left on the platform looked stupid directly. His first reaction was-absolutely plug-in!
It’s also reasonable for him to think so. How can a novice have skills?
Even if you have skills, but how can this fireball technique blow people up?
What’s wrong with the federal zhengf incarnation recently? Always don’t maintain the main brain system, and now there is such a big BUG in the newcomer mage profession.
Li Dalong will probably laugh and cramp if he knows what the other person really thinks.
However, Mad Dog Dragon didn’t laugh and cramp now, but righteously shouted at the bridge, "Shallow singing loneliness, clear the field here, please leave if you don’t know anyone, or you will be at your own risk."
This is what the soldier said just now. Now Mad Dog Dragon has returned it almost intact, and the most shameful thing is that he lied about his name and cited disasters.
"Come on, why don’t you come? Are you afraid? " Li Dalong said, throwing a few soil artillery in the past and blowing each other to hide and dang.
"If you don’t come, I will come!" Before mad dog dragon grimaced, he had a good grasp of each other’s psychology. It was estimated that the other party didn’t dare to take it. Sure enough, the soldier said maliciously, "Don’t wait here if you have guts."
"Hurry up and call someone! Brother is waiting for you! " Mad dog dragon doesn’t care about telling the truth. People will probably think he is a super expert when they see his expression, but in fact, mad dog dragon is overjoyed and pretends to break his pulse. That’s an absolute bad habit.
As soon as the soldiers flash, they will have to be followed by two MM.
"Pot friend, this pot friend, let’s discuss something." Tao Bao MM accosted.
Mad dog dragon grinned and said, "What’s the matter with beauty?"
Tao Bao MM smiled and said, "Can we all form a group?"
When Tintin Fish next to him heard this request, his heart was so dark that it was normal for a man to team up with a beautiful woman. Besides, these two are high-level people.
But mad dog dragon is a psychopath, which does not belong to the category of normal men, and he shows his classic expression-"difficult"
"Well, let me see …" Mad dog dragon thought about life with a face.
It seems that the two beautiful women are always cooperating and looked at each other. Goto Jia MM said, "My friend, I’ll say this. Let’s form a team for a while and they will come. Let’s all join hands to resist our people. The road is coming soon. If you help drive the Baiyun aristocratic family out, I promise you will be rewarded."
Hearing the word "return", Li Dalong stopped thinking about life and became obsessed with money. "Can you guarantee this return?"
He bit the word "guarantee" very hard. How can people not recognize Fujia MM’s smug smile? "Our guild is in Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer. Don’t believe it yourself."
With that, she and Tao Bao MM lit up their ID at the same time, and both of them had the same prefix "Mu Zixing’s eyes-Ling Zixuan" in front of their ID.
As soon as these two showed their identities, Tintin Fish was somewhat surprised. Many of his friends were in Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer. Of course, he had heard of a guild.
In fact, it’s just that I’ve heard that it’s simply famous.
For a game, the guild power is familiar to everyone, but the difference is that the real first-class and regular guild is different from those miscellaneous organizations
For example, in the game, you guys often team up to get a guild and then recommend a person as the boss to collect the younger brother outside.
That’s right. This is the miscellaneous hair tissue.
The real professional guild is completely different. First of all, it must have a core leadership, that is, the top experts in the guild. Secondly, people have a special development route. For example, the guild is developing in the direction of a business group
This "Mu Zixing Eyes-Ling Zixuan" is not only famous in Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer, but also in the whole exile. Today, it has more than three members, among which female players are mainly recruited, which can be said to be a beauty camp.
Of course, in the ninth continent, beauty can’t be eaten as food. The overall development idea of this guild is to pay special attention to the care and training of new people and have a perfect youth training system
This is a good understanding that a new person may become a man of the ninth continent in the future, and the new person is particularly loved in Mu Zixing’s eyes.
For example, if you want to practice, you can apply for matching other professional players. You can also apply for a newcomer fund, which will help you solve problems if you are bullied outside. If you are in big trouble, the headquarters will send top experts to help you solve everything.
In this way, there are two remarkable characteristics of the guild: first, the former unity; second, the loyalty of the trained masters is extremely high; and once the masters have more guilds, will their returns and fame be smaller?