These sects operated and owned several land industries in the era, and most of their sites were rich and powerful, and these sects were inextricably linked.

But when the Yuan Dynasty entered the country, it was also afraid to take * * measures for these Wulin sects, but it continued to take appeasement measures according to the practice of previous dynasties.
However, when Zhang Ping received the message that the Yuan Dynasty had perished before, the first thing that came to his mind was to make these sects in the Yuan Dynasty immortal. The only thing that surprised Zhang Ping was that the Huashan Sect actually took refuge in the imperial court, which made Zhang Ping’s plan not perfect.
However, the forces of the five sects, combined with the precarious situation in the Yuan Dynasty, are enough to give it a fatal blow.
At this moment, Zhang Ping suddenly said, "I want Shaomin Princess to hand over Huashan Sect and make a way at once."
At this time, Huashan Erlao, who was hiding at the back of the team, saw that Zhao Min’s eyes swept over them and saw that their martial arts were far better than their own. Both of them were easily hit by Zhang Ping and quickly pleaded at Zhao Min’s mouth: "Princess, princess, we really rely on the imperial court. You must not give up on us!"
At this time, Zhao Min looked at the performance of the two of them and looked at the strange carriage. Finally, he made up his mind and said, "This Huashan Sect is brave and resourceful, and I often don’t need such waste in Dayuan Dynasty."
At this time, the Huashan Sect first ran to Zhang Ping’s carriage and knelt on the ground while kowtowing and said, "Heroes, heroes, we are ashamed of us …"
The Taoist mind planted a demon * * and the spiritual power observed that the Huashan School admitted their mistakes and smoked their mouths, but Zhang Ping shook his head secretly. Then he said, "It’s a pity that you two have so much evil that you should have died seven years ago, but it was worthwhile to let you die and let you live for seven more years. However, you didn’t do what I thought. This kind of person is a waste to me!"
At this time, Yu Yutong and Bai Yuan listened to Zhang Ping’s words and cried. I was just about to say something when I suddenly felt that the whole air flow was followed by an amazing suction to Zhang Ping’s carriage.
At this time, mustering their last strength, the two of them squeaked and said, "The county monarch, he, he is …"
However, the voice did not fall and they were sucked into the curtain of the carriage. Suddenly, amazing changes took place in the eyes of everyone.
Seeing that their skin was still shiny, at this time, it was covered with wrinkles, and the black hair slowly turned white and dehydrated and became emaciated, while the flesh and blood of their skin seemed to melt like heavy snow, and the speed was getting thinner with the naked eye.
At this time, the hell efreet Sill was shocked and shouted: "Is this the magical power of Minstrel’s Juexue Beiming in the Northern Song Dynasty? Isn’t this magic power lost for many years? "
At this time, with the two men’s rags flying out by Zhang Pingzhen, Zhang Pingyin suddenly said, "I hope you won’t follow the footsteps of Huashan Sect for the time being. Hahahaha …" Then Zhang Ping’s carriage suddenly turned around and ran towards the ghost outside the city to be continued
Chapter four hundred and twenty Boss Yang in the desert
Throughout the ages, emperors were most afraid of losing their lives, because without life, even if there was no amount of wealth, they could not enjoy it at all.
The contradiction between Yuan Shundi’s physical death and the five factions of the imperial court in the Imperial City World War I was instantly pushed to the extreme, and the two giants finally ended one of them.
And the driving force behind all this is leisurely driving the carriage slowly towards the western regions.
It’s neither strange nor dangerous to go to the western regions, but it’s quite unstable along the way. In the final analysis, it’s all caused by Zhang Ping. After all, at this time, the imperial courts of the major sects in Wulin are already immortal, and both sides are doing their best to try to give each other the greatest blow
At this time, Zhang Ping’s arrogance has sent four waves of soldiers from the Yuan Dynasty and seven waves of Wulin people. It was a mirage from the most asking about the original reason to the later being too lazy to get in the way, so that Zhang Ping’s ears felt much cleaner.
Relying on his own poverty, he tried his best to support Zhang Ping’s carriage at this time, which was really called a thousand miles a day, but it took ten days to travel from that metropolis to the depths of the western regions.
At this time, because the believers in the western regions have won successively on the battlefield, it is only to teach a unique Kunlun Sect, Jingangmen Sect and other western sects to protect themselves at this time, and they have to declare their opposition to the Yuan Dynasty joining the teaching camp, so it has always been chaotic, but it seems very stable at this time.
When Zhang Ping went to a border town in the far west of the Western Regions, Zhang Ping finally decided to take a break and ask for a route.
Compared with the Central Plains in the Western Regions, the material conditions and economic prosperity are much worse, so the dining room here is just a few broken earth walls, a few rotten columns and a few perforated mesh fabrics.
Watching insects and flies fly over the desktop, Zhang Ping really feels appetite for the food here.
However, just when Zhang Ping was about to leave, he suddenly saw a person in whom he felt a sense of familiarity.
He is quite tall and straight, and his slender fingers still look clean and powerful despite the erosion of wind and sand. There may be many kinds of killers, but this kind of suspicion is the best one.
His facial features are very well-proportioned. Maybe every facial feature is ordinary after removal, but it gives people a very delicate feeling when combined with his face.
That’s right. Exquisite, a word that shouldn’t have appeared in the western regions and deserts, suddenly appeared in his face as if it were meant to be.
Such a man and a fan will appear in this western region? At this moment, Zhang Ping suddenly let go of his interest in teaching the Persian altar. He wanted to see what kind of mystery was behind this man.
Zhang Ping walked slowly from the carriage, and the purple Phnom Penh tunic was ringing in the western regions. The bun and the exquisite wooden hairpin made Zhang Ping wild and unruly here, and the original cloth boots didn’t seem to adapt to everything here.
Here, Zhang Ping is not a monster who talks about color change and purple blood, nor is he the most mysterious owner of purple shadow carriage in Jianghu. For here, Zhang Ping is a passer-by, a passer-by with considerable financial resources.
"What can I get you?" This fan asked the shopkeeper, perhaps because of Zhang Ping’s costume. He said it was Xianyang Mandarin with clear pronunciation and clear pronunciation. Obviously, he must have said this a lot before.
"The best wine, the best food and the best location!" Zhang Ping put a piece of gold leaf on the counter. This is a place where people come and go in the western regions. When they have money, they can often give everything they have. Zhang Ping believes that money is magical here.