Big honey turned to laugh and said, "I don’t smell it!" "

Ye Qing put his arm around Big Honey’s shoulder and said, "Before going out to meet people, you should say hello to me first, whether it’s meeting an old lover or an old lover. I’m a very democratic person. Will I still tie you with a rope and not let you go out? You tell me that I won’t look for you everywhere and I won’t worry! "
"I’ll let you know what I do after I’m done, okay?" Big honey leaned her head on his chest and said, she knows Ye Qing cares about her, which is what she has always wanted. Her heart is actually very sweet. Li Zhihao has indeed become a past tense. She doesn’t want to recall the past and cherish the talents in front of her. It is the most important thing.
"I really know too little about your past. Why don’t we talk about your past!" Ye Qing suggested that Dami nodded and said, "To be fair, you have to tell the truth!"
"Of course, lying is eaten by wolves!" Leaf tilt said with a smile
The two chatted for a long time in the office. When it comes to the former things, they are all very happy and interested. As the saying goes, men are not brave in the past, but when they come together, they can’t help but want to tell their own history. Men and women are all the same.
Men always say that they were so domineering that they let girls fall in love at first sight, while women always say that they were so beautiful that they chased their own people from where to where. Ye Qing and Da Mi talked until Dong Laoer knocked at the door, which ended the topic.
Dong Laoer got permission from Da Mi and pushed the door and came in. Then he said to Ye, who was sitting on the sofa, "Boss, they asked me to ask you when you can celebrate that their bellies are already hungry, just like being nailed with a flat tire."
"Then you tell them to go to the garage to repair the tire! And celebrate a bird! You’re just a bunch of foodies who are afraid I won’t treat you! " Ye Qing criticise way
Dong second hurriedly with the wave is very wronged tunnel "I’m not like them, I don’t lack you this meal, I can’t afford to eat what? I’m here to help them. That Zhao Xiayang is an authentic foodie! "
Big honey chuckled and laughed. "All right, this meal is on me tonight. Just consider it as my AWOL punishment today! Let’s eat, drink, have fun and relax tonight! "
"Big boss is generous, so let’s go now," Dong Laoer urged.
"Go!" Ye Qing immediately got up and walked towards the outside of Da Mi’s office. Da Mi also cut her hair, then grabbed her bag and followed Ye Qing out.
This night is doomed to be a corrupt night. Everyone found a restaurant in Kuanzhai Lane and had a meal. Then they took a walk together in Kuanzhai Lane to help digest it. After about an hour, they went to kv to sing and Dong Laoer Zhao Xiayang and others were playing dice games and chatting more often.
When Dong Laoer and others sang hoarse and couldn’t shout out, everyone left kv. Then Damien really arranged for everyone to go to the sauna. It used to be a formal place, but there was no special kind. They went to Rijun Hot Spring Club to take a sauna, soak in hot springs and massage, and they could eat supper in it. The room was very rich in sleep.
Everyone really had a good time this evening. Pearl Krabs didn’t go to the sauna. She and Dami went to the hot spring and felt relaxed all over. Dong Laoer was not in high spirits. He was used to playing that kind of unrestrained place and disdained this kind of formal venue. He always felt too monotonous and almost fell asleep sitting in the sauna.
It’s already twelve o’clock in the evening when I came out from Rijun, which doesn’t affect the next day’s game. Honey told everyone to go to bed immediately after they got back, and they were dismissed by the roadside. Finally, there were four people left, Ye Qing, Dong Laoer, Zhao Xiayang and Honey. Zhao Junzhu went back because of something at home and didn’t even come to dinner.
Chapter 59 Do it or not
The night is boundless. Ye Qing took the car with Da Mi and so on. Three people came home directly. Ye Qing wanted to send Da Mi home, but Da Mi didn’t want to go back. She said that she would go to Ye Qing’s place to live tonight. Now Ye Qing’s place is full of people. Zhao xia yang can sleep on the sofa. Where did Da Mi go to sleep?
Dong Laoer and Zhao Xiayang both got the message and couldn’t help laughing. Honey went to them, and of course she could sleep in a bed with Ye Qing. Ye Qing certainly wouldn’t refuse to sleep with a beautiful woman.
Big honey was laughed at by Dong Laoer. They were embarrassed to repeatedly emphasize that they just slept with Ye Qing and couldn’t do other things. Dong Laoer laughed. "Who knows if you can do other things when you get out of bed and turn on the lights? Do we still stick up the door and listen?"
"Dong Tiancheng you go to hell! You are just like you! " Big honey shyly scolded Dong Laoer for laughing. Ye Qing held the steering wheel and looked intently at the front and chimed in, "Enough is enough, old man. Is it interesting to joke?" I really didn’t do anything and I’m not wronged by you saying that! "
Zhao Xiayang smiled in a wretched way. "Then do something tonight. When it becomes a fact, you won’t feel wronged!"
Dong Laoer also laughed and said, "It’s the boss. If you don’t do anything anyway, everyone will do it. After all, you’re lying in the same bed. Who knows?"
Big honey was blushed by these two words and looked back at Dong Laoer and Zhao Xiayang directly. "You two bastards when I am dead? You say that I will throw you from the car and crush you three or five times! "
Dong Laoer and Zhao Xiayang immediately shut up. They all forgot that Da Mi used to be a tough woman, and Da Mi was always innocent girl. Only then would she release her domineering.
Ye Qing thought about Dong Laoer’s words while driving. He felt that these two guys’ words were very reasonable. It was really wrong for him to do nothing. Others would certainly do everything. Now the weight of big honey is getting heavier and heavier in his heart. Anyway, it is impossible for the two of them to split up in this generation. It is better to just do something as Dong Laoer said.
He kept thinking about it, but he still knew that big honey should not give him a chance, because she said there would be a wedding day, but now it is limited to holding hands, cuddling and kissing occasionally.
When they got home, Dong Laoer and Zhao Xiayang were both well-informed and went to bed as soon as possible after washing. Dong Laoer also woke up very kindly and said, "There are supermarkets not far from the old building, such as Jasper and Durex. You know everything!"
Big honey is a burst of shame and embarrassment. She hurried into the room and went in. Then she saw that big honey had gone to bed and was still wearing that suit during the day. When she saw that big honey was very prepared, she knew that she was definitely hopeless tonight. He didn’t want to come to overlord and bow so boring.
He got out of bed and big honey shrank to the side. "Don’t listen to those two bad guys. Go to sleep honestly!"
Leaf smiled laughed "but don’t you think what they said is very reasonable? Even if we don’t do anything, they will think that we did it. It feels very embarrassing! "
"Don’t fool me. I don’t feel wronged. They just want us to know, right?" Big honey is very stubborn tunnel
"Then why are you so persistent in sleeping with me today?" Leaf tilt is very puzzled asked.
"Because I went out to meet Li Zhihao during the day and left you for so long, I want to stay with you now!"
"By the way, you and Li Zhihao were almost at the point of talking about marriage. Did you …" Ye Qing immediately interrupted him before he finished his words and replied very firmly, "No! He respects me very much and never touches me. We are only limited to cuddling and kissing. "
"I depend on true and false? So you still … "
"Well, I am! What’s the matter? Is it weird? Don’t let every girl be so ungrateful! "
"Don’t feel strange is think I’m lucky hey hey …"
"Do you men value this so much?"
"I don’t value it at all, but since it is, so much the better!"
"I’ll blush if you praise me so openly to my face!"
"I want to give you a piece of advice, nozuonodie!"
The two men talked a lot as usual, and then fell asleep one after another, still doing nothing.