"I said that some people should respect everyone here!" Big honey said at a high volume that although there was no specific name call, everyone naturally looked at Ye Qing Dong’s second child and hurriedly bumped into Ye Qing. "Boss, don’t sleep. Big boss is staring at you!"

Ye Qing looked at the big honey with his eyes open and yawned. "Who dares to disrespect the big boss and tell me that I will directly smash him into a rotten watermelon!" It’ s really rude! "
Everyone can’t help but look at each other when they hear the news. It’s really rare for this fellow to have such a thick skin. He glared at him in a sweet way and said to the point, "First of all, I congratulate you on reaching the semi-finals after finishing the set goal. Your performance is very good, which makes me and General Manager Wu very satisfied!"
Mr. Wu nodded a little embarrassed. Actually, he didn’t pay attention to this contest at all. He enjoyed playing online games in the office. He didn’t fart. He didn’t talk with satisfaction, but honey had to deal with the scene since he arrived.
"Now that we have entered the semi-finals, we must set our goals higher. I hope that you will have a champion’s mind and strive for it no matter how difficult the road ahead is. Even if we can’t beat our opponents, we must not be discouraged. We must be glorious even though we are defeated!" Big honey spoke impassioned. Everyone clapped their hands and leaned back lazily in the chair and smiled. "Big boss said it well! We want to win the championship and defeat the Tiger Brotherhood! "
The others suddenly looked at him with a strange look. Honey knew that this guy was deliberately messing with himself. She held back her breath and said, "It’s good that you have this ambition, but please let me finish!"
Ye Qing skimmed the pie mouth, then leaned back in the chair, closed his eyes and dozed off again …
Big honey gave him an angry look and then continued, "I hope everyone can train well this afternoon. I’m not so unreasonable. You can have a holiday after the game in the afternoon. If you make it to the final, you can have two days off after the final. Let’s work hard!"
"wow! ? Take two days off! Great! " I was very excited and then asked calmly in cold blood, "The question is, are you sure you can make it to the final?"
"That’s true, but there’s hope at last. Otherwise, meet the Tiger Brotherhood! We Ye Ge are not our opponents in other teams! " Love with a little proud tone way aside ibye suddenly face a change and then turned to look at the other side, he didn’t expect Ye Qing now in the middle of the team is so important to know that he is such a person! He should have enjoyed the treatment, which was taken away by Ye Qing!
Big honey pretended to cough for a while and then said, "Don’t exaggerate some people in the team, otherwise he will be proud, and F is a team game, not a stand-alone game. No matter how powerful one person is, he needs other people’s assistance. I hope you will also work hard to improve your strength and don’t rely on one person in the game! Got it? "
"I know!" Team people have the strength to make big honey sound that these guys are very perfunctory. She immediately slapped the table and the earth shouted, "Be bigger! ! I didn’t eat! " Then everyone rushed to do their best and shouted, "got it!"
Ye Qing was directly awakened by fright and looked around in shock. "What’s wrong?" Everyone suddenly laughed together, even Big Honey couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh. Ye Qing was suddenly embarrassed and then bowed her head and asked Dong Laoer, "What’s the matter?"
"Nothing to shout slogans!" Dong Laoer held back his laughter, and Ye Qing took a sip. He didn’t good the spirit and tunnel, "It’s no good playing with these realities!" Then he stretched himself, got up and shouted at Big Honey, "It’s almost time for the meeting. I think it’s time for training!"
With that, he swaggered out and looked at his back. He couldn’t help but throw a note at the door in a flustered and frustratedly, and then he was very angry. "You all saw his attitude!" More and more presumptuous! A little disrespect for people is simply arrogance and going its own way! I don’t know if he is still the owner of the club! "
Everyone was afraid to respond when they heard it. Dong Laoer couldn’t help but say to himself, "The boss is the boss. This madness is endless. If you don’t pay attention to the big boss, you can come and go freely!"
"Bastard! There’s nothing we can do! Meeting dismissed! ! Get out of here! !” Big honey yelled in exasperation. Cold-blooded people rushed out, and Mr. Wu was a little embarrassed, but he also understood big honey’s mood, so he sighed and walked out of the meeting room.
Chapter one hundred and nine Dally with big honey
I club training room Ye Qing sat in the chair and entered the game. Seeing his teammates coming back from the conference room one after another, he turned his head and said, "Hurry up and train! We want to win the championship! " They all sat smiling without saying a word, picked up the headphones in cold blood and couldn’t help it. "Elymus, you are really a little awesome now. You don’t even give us the big boss’s face! However, I think your main position is hanging again! "
Leaf tilting eyebrows a wrinkly immediately reveal a wry smile way "you big ye how can I forget this thing! After that, do you think I should go to her office to apologize to her and then write a profound examination? "
"Cut!" People despise him. Didn’t he just be awesome? Dong Laoer is very authentic. "Eldest brother, I was defeated by you. Could you please think about the consequences before you play down a peg or two? Now I know I regret it? "
"Of course, this kind of thing is to seize the opportunity to play. This kind of opportunity is fleeting. If you think about the consequences, it will not have such a good effect, okay?" Ye Qing is a great tunnel. Dong Laoer laughed and ran out of the training room.
He went outside the big honey’s office and knocked on the door. Big honey shouted "Come in!" " With a hint of anger in the sound, Yuzryha felt a little scared. He pushed the door and went in. Big honey was a little surprised to see him come in, and then buried his head and looked at the file in his hand and directly looked at Ye Qing.
Ye Qing didn’t talk, so he walked over and pulled the chair opposite to Da Mi, then pulled out a signature pen from the desk pen container and stuck it in his fingers. After a few minutes, Da Mi finally looked up at Ye Qing and said, "Who told you to come in?"
Ye Qing turned his pen very handsomely and smiled. "Didn’t you call me in?"
"When did I call you in?" Big honey is very authentic
"Just now when I knocked at the door, you said come in! Then I came in! " Ye Qing was very angry because of the authentic honey. "You are!" After scolding, she couldn’t help but feel that this sentence sounded like flirting.
Ye Qing looked at Da Mi, blushing and blushing, and almost couldn’t help but look away. After all, Da Mi rarely showed shy expression. Ye Qing found that Da Mi was not fierce, especially when she was shy. She was particularly beautiful. If she had a gentle personality, Ye Qing would have been attracted to her.
"Why are you looking at me?" Big honey found that Ye Qing’s eyes were a little irritable and bowed their heads shyly. Ye Qing, a tunnel, quickly returned to his absolute being and smiled. "I don’t see your face makeup!" It seems that I have painted eyeliner? "
"Fuck off! Draw your sister! Come on, why do you want to see me? " Big honey didn’t good the spirit tunnel Ye Qing threw the pen directly into the pen holder, and then he got up and looked at the big honey with his hands on the table. His eyes were full of domineering. Unfortunately, this state lasted for a second, and he immediately squatted on the table and was very timid. "Big boss, I’m sorry, I have a bad attitude in the conference room. I review it! I hope you have a lot of adults to forgive me. I am actually a heart. I am more respectful to you in my heart, just like a monk respects the Buddha. I am very devout without a trace of distractions. "
Is this guy’s brain burnt out? Why did you come here to apologize to yourself? What’s he worried about? Are you worried that I won’t let him play the main force? Thought of here, big honey couldn’t help laughing.
"What are you laughing at? Boss, I’m very upset now. I feel sorry for you. You must forgive me. Otherwise, I can’t even sleep tonight, which is likely to affect the game! " Leaf tilting touch not clear what is the meaning of big honey smile quickly asked again.
"Are you threatening me? I tell you that no team has achieved my set goal after reaching the semi-finals. Even if you can’t play in the day, I have nothing to lose. Besides, you are also a member of the team. Don’t you have a little sense of honor? " Big honey is very cold on the surface, and she has long been happy in her heart. She decided to make a fool of this hateful guy.
"Big Boss, how dare I threaten you? Of course I don’t want the team to lose, but if you don’t forgive me, I’m sure I can’t sleep at night. It’s not good to be mentally ill. It’s estimated that drinking coffee will affect the game, isn’t it?"
"Hum so you want me to forgive you? Weren’t you very arrogant at the meeting just now? A pair of eyes don’t look at me! " Big honey snorted.
"What does the big boss want me to do to forgive me?" Ye Qing looked miserable and thought for a moment. "You should apologize to me sincerely and don’t be so glib!"
"Oh, well, can you put your ears together and I’ll apologize quietly?"
"Don’t want to learn from me. Will you slap me when I lean my face in like that? Forget it! " Big honey is very alert tunnel