Cloud begonia a face of worry.

How can it be okay to bleed like this?
As time went by, her face became worried, frozen and incredible, and finally she became dull and silent.
Is this a blood tank?
Is it so free?
So bloodletting is fourth-order, even if it is fifth-order but seventh-order, silver fear has long been drawn into a skeleton.
Dan zhoujia
However, like nothing happened, I recovered as usual after a short rest, and my breath was hardly weakened.
Dragon tiger!
Two characteristics make Zhou Jia’s profound knowledge far superior. People are so big, but they seem to have a statue of an ancient fierce beast in their possession.
Even if you keep bleeding, you can’t weaken your foundation.
The collision sounded from outside the abode of fairies and immortals again.
"Again" cloud begonia eyebrows a wrinkly.
"Zhou Xiong or rest for a few days."
Zhou Jia looked up and put away the refined weapons, got up and walked out of the abode of fairies and immortals, and soon returned with some cut iron ore.
Gold swallowing method!
Refining iron essence for one hour
Take a break and continue to sacrifice weapons.
When the spirit is exhausted and the qi and blood are exhausted, the corpse is taken out of the body, and the alchemy of refining treasure devours refining to encourage cultivation.
Slowly pass by
With the constant collision outside, Zhou Jia will not move.
Yun Haitang sits in the corner of the abode of fairies and immortals with a sword across his knees. From time to time, he looks at Zhou Jia and his eyes unconsciously change.
Be in danger
Zhou Jia’s back is unusually firm and steady.
Sacrificing weapons, refining iron essence, and practicing alchemy in an orderly way, a big living person can be silent for months in front of him.
Alone and bleak
She had been penalizing herself, but she could never be so tolerant of loneliness as Zhou Jia, as if she were immersed in practice mechanically.
There are so many things to do, but the progress is obvious.
Thirty-six pieces of deity-destroying gold needles make the imperial envoys more exquisite, and the golden light is staggered, which makes people feel chilly at a glance.
Taiyuan Sword Tactics-the third layer!
This is the realm that Qinglong has never reached when it took Sun Xian.
In Zhou Jia’s influence, Yun Haitang gradually got used to the noisy outside and entered the sword legal realm.
With Daoguo, her kendo background is also increasing rapidly.
Think ten swords
Already repaired the sixth sword.
I was confused in my spare time. Yun Haitang tried Zhou Jia to exchange some swordsmanship.
This is a heart move. After all, as far as she knows, Zhou Jia doesn’t want a sword, but she thinks that ten swords are incomprehensible.
Arguably, the other party can’t say how much there is something.
Never thought
Zhou Jia’s few sentences are directed at the key point, which makes her eyes shine like a cloud.
The more they talked about Yun Haitang, the more surprised they were.