Li Jijun suddenly got up and was shocked. Even the table was confiscated, and the noodle soup was spilled all over the table.

Su Wei reached out and brushed the oil and water instantly condensed into ice …
Li Jijun did not clean up.
Shocked, "Really … I can really practice ancient martial arts in reality?"
No one craves strength more than he does.
At the beginning, it was not that I didn’t think about practicing Gu Wu, but he was too old and his bones and tendons were already formed, and it was difficult to achieve anything before he could transform his body into a colonization.
But he also considered that if the colonization is transformed too much, human beings will gradually lose their emotions …
Can be slightly modified
It is to transform an arm, which has been rejected by Liu Xiaoli for a long time. Finally, to please his wife and get her forgiveness, he added a telescopic and rapid vibration function to his colonization, which is to make her slightly less concerned about his colonization.
But now he is white.
Just about the same strength?
not enough
Far from being strong enough to protect your family.
Compared with colonization, this sequela greatly increases strength. There is no doubt that there is no sequela, but it is a benefit. Martial arts can make him feel warm and longing.
But because of this, every time I think about him, my heart will turn green.
At the beginning, a little petty profit was made to transform the body without authorization, which led to the fact that there is a treasure mountain in front but it is not allowed to enter …
He looked at Su Wei with expectation and exclaimed, "Can I really?"
Su Wei nodded. "Of course, the medicine you developed has been promoted several times, and now it has become a regenerative medicine. It is not a problem to regenerate the broken limb, and it is absolutely original … I will take my hand to talk to Lao Huang for you. By the way, you have been in a coma for several months now and have not woken up. What is going on?"
Li Jijun is obviously also extremely concerned about this issue.
He explained, "Because the second-generation mechanical colonization arm of Black God Machinery was forcibly torn off the body, my colonization interface was infected. Xiaoli has customized the latest third-generation colonization arm of Black God for me, but it will take two months to complete the customization."
"That is to say, if the original arm is connected to the base, there will be no big problem. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it."
Su Wei waved his hand and said that he would go to Lao Huang later.
Indeed …
Lao Huang’s original purpose was actually to regenerate the limbs of those veterans who were disabled by the battlefield.
Just in line with the situation in Li Jijun
And Li Jijun excited at the moment already handle all don’t know where to put it.
Not only can I practice the ecstasy of budo, but I am also excited to finally wake up in reality …
Being in a coma for several months and being intimate with your wife in the game always feels like drinking poison to quench your thirst through a film, which is too unpleasant.
Is it really a business tycoon who can suppress his thanks to Su Wei even though he is pleasantly surprised?
Then I cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks and went to the store door to report this double surprise to my wife.
And Su Wei once again linked up with Lao Huang and said the Li Jijun question again.