"moo!" There was a flash of a shadow in the air, and then the factory "exploded"

Chapter 1492 Shadow Riding
Light-years away from the virtual reality, there is a factory on the periphery of the hunt, which is gray and white like a flame.
Its name is "Grey Fire Factory". This factory is very famous in the thallium cluster because its owner has a title that can make children stop crying, called "Butcher Grey Fire"
It is like a "law enforcer" and a "patrolman" of the thallium cluster, but his law enforcement method is not a passion for impartial law enforcement.
But cold and not hesitate to kill.
He used to be the most important confidant of thallium. Anyone who dared to harm the interests of thallium clusters against his will was directly crushed and slaughtered by him.
And he probably has an entire elite "legion"
In the thallium cluster, he is the high-powered enemy God of War. I don’t know how many times Jiang Jianglong or local strongmen have become his ghost.
Such a powerful person has to choose a team when thallium is getting old, and the object of his loyalty is his second brother.
At this time, he was holding his shoulders and quietly looking at the front in the command hall of the gray fire factory.
In front of him is a huge factory-style "display screen"
Several columns are arranged to form a huge cylindrical wall.
And those cylinders stretch and stroke to form a semi-stereoscopic image.
The gray wall has no color difference, and the displayed image has no layering. If you are not used to it, you will see a gray wall that fluctuates wildly, but it seems to him to be a microcosm nearby.
One of the ""signs represents the giant square factory, while each of the other dots nearby represents another factory.
Seeing that sign will be drowned by dots.
A cold smile appeared on the grey fire surface.
Today, the future of thallium cluster will be decided, and he will be the one who will take the throne personally!
"It’s too dangerous!" It’s a relief to see Cleisthenes factory suddenly appear and kill a world-class factory.
The factory continued to charge and jumped forward. The Cleisthenes factory flashed by and would disappear.
I stared at the Cleisthenes factory consciously.
From the first time he saw the Cleisthenes factory, he thought it was strange.
I always feel that there seems to be something lurking in this factory. More than once, I feel that someone in Cleisthenes factory is staring at him.
And it’s always elusive, and it seems to appear and disappear at any time.
But the way it appears and disappears is not the jump of a factory.
Factory jumping is like firing a cannon, which requires explosive force.
And it’s like a swimming fish sliding gently into the crevice, swinging its tail and jumping as far as possible.
And what makes it even more amazing is its strength.
From the volume point of view, Cleisthenes factory is a dirty factory. The strength of this factory is not at the same level as that of world-class factories, but it seems easier for Cleisthenes factory to kill world-class factories than sugar ball factory to kill star-class factories.
This makes me wonder what monsters are around me not far from Zhuang!
Fortunately, these guys are their friends, not enemies.
Is there still hope for them to protect themselves?
Although I don’t know what to do when I am surrounded by the enemy, I feel that I can save myself.
Is it an illusion?
Maybe … it’s not?
Without the enemy’s interference, the giant factory can quickly recharge its batteries, and a light gate will jump when it hits the horse ahead.
At this time, there was a sudden "bang" and a "village-destroying bomb" blew a cloud of smoke on the side of the giant factory, and it rose with the light of fire.
"Shit!" My heart thumped.
I’ve already hit the light door, and the jump has been delayed!
"Destroying Zhuang Bomb" is an ancient technology, and now few factories have it. I didn’t expect this factory to have one.
Compared with the main gun, it is not as fast as the main gun, but it can track automatically and there is no need to store energy.
Just now, before the Cleisthenes factory killed this factory, it desperately sent out a Zhuang-destroying bomb, which was concealed in the light and shadow caused by its explosion and completely ignored by the Cleisthenes factory and the Giant Factory.
"Never mind those cube factories and keep jumping!"
This time is not a time for women to be kind. The factory is shrinking in the core area of the whole factory. If the core factory is not shattered, it cannot stop.
The giant factory was recharged, but just then "om", another factory jumped out
The Cleisthenes factory was welcomed again.
But the Cleisthenes factory has not yet flown to the vicinity of that factory, and it has been buzzing continuously.
For four or five factories jumped out from nearby.
"it’s over!"
My heart thumped.