When the intelligence scroll effect appears, Chen Yi has had a full drink of 125 liters of energy to restore the scroll-it turns out that no matter how expensive the water is, drinking too much will make people feel queasy, and no matter how rare things are, it is always unexpected to suddenly get many results, just like the shark’s fin in the whole car will stink, and the beauty in the whole room will get angry and the urine in the whole bag will be sour.

The invigilator’s suspicious eyes were round and long, and the tools swept over Chen Yi for a long time, saying, "Go in."
Chen Yi smiled and found his seat according to the number of the admission ticket, and then looked around and really met an acquaintance.
Dong Wang and Han Jie just caught themselves in the middle, and another familiar classmate was sitting in the front right of the classroom.
Jiangning is divided into test sites by district. Jiangning Middle School has a large number of students and a school as test sites, so they are all assigned to Zone A, where the environment and equipment are relatively new. Students who are in the lucky school can struggle in the old building.
Chen Yi walked over to say hello to Han Jie and didn’t say much. One-way put the potion cup full of energy on the desktop.
Dong Wang squinted and frowned at him but didn’t speak. If he put it in the front, he might deliberately stir up trouble and disturb Chen Yi’s mood. But with the mock exam, he consciously put himself in a lower position and worried that Chen Yi would disturb his mood.
Chen Yigen didn’t look at him twice.
The confidence of the strong lies in constantly improving themselves instead of hitting their opponents one by one, which will exhaust them.
"After five minutes of the exam, everyone put away everything." The invigilator is three teachers, the examiner is at the podium, and the other two are at the side and back of the classroom respectively. According to the 1:1 invigilation density theory, students have no chance to copy.
However, advanced devices such as headphones are not included.
The paper was quickly distributed to everyone’s seat, and the examiner once again said, "Now I’ll give you paper one. Everyone has 9 minutes to answer the questions and then I’ll give you paper two with questions …"
Chen Yi looked at his watch and made himself a level 3 intelligence scroll for 1 minute, so he ignored the examiner’s nonsense and answered the questions directly.
He will finish the 9-minute problem in 2 minutes.
A nearly 2% bonus to the accumulation of intellectual scrolls will greatly promote the performance of middle school students, so it will be a icing on the cake to make other scrolls.
Even if he doesn’t make other scrolls, Chen Yi is confident to get into Jiangning University. In order to choose a major, he needs to keep his grades at the level of mock exam, which is quite difficult.
Sasha Vujacic’s writing is eye-catching. The mass educators are like the leaders of jackals. The examiner always doesn’t like to walk away from others. The examiner said with dissatisfaction, "This classmate should fill in your admission ticket and other materials before answering the paper, otherwise it’s time to hand in the paper …"
Chen Yi didn’t lift his head when he filled in the identity information when he put the precious scroll.
The examiner took a deep breath and turned to another row. Out of sight and out of mind, he can’t accept the students’ papers, can he?
Han Jie caught a glimpse of Chen Yi, but besides wishing him success, it didn’t help much. The exam was neither too wide nor too tight, but it was an accurate calculation.
Everyone is working hard to solve mental problems.
However, two minutes later, another thing happened that affected the examination room.
Just finished the test paper, Chen Yi hurriedly filled in the name and other information, and the whole person was prone on the roll and snored gently.
There is no doubt that he is really asleep.
Over 4 years old, the examiner suddenly remembered his daughter, often called crazy!
Chapter 45 Sleeping God in the College Entrance Examination
Can I sleep in the examination room?
Even great educators can’t give an accurate answer to this question, but one thing is certain: when the examination room discipline allows candidates to distribute freely.
The three examiners whispered together for 2 seconds and then returned to their respective posts to do what they should do and continue to do when Chen Yi was not found.
The latter sleeps soundly. He wears a powerful vibrating watch on his wrist, and when it has been fixed, even if he really can’t wake up, the invigilators have to shout it when they get the test paper.
Thanks to the double insurance measures, it takes 2 minutes to complete other people’s 1-hour answer sheet. Chen Yi sleeps with peace of mind as a baby-the college entrance examination is definitely the safest and ideal place to sleep. Otherwise, people will not only disturb the record, but also take the initiative to maintain a quiet environment and crack down on wild horses that dare to fight.
At the end of the scroll, Chen Yi got the most sleep energy when he was most sleepy, and the recovery potion played its greatest role at this moment.
Nine minutes passed quickly.
The examiner clapped his hands hard and intentionally shouted at Chen Yi’s side, "When everyone puts the paper on the left corner of the desktop, there will be a teacher to collect it …"
He was about to repeat it when the wooden desktop whined.
All the students and teachers feel familiar at the same time-don’t everyone wake up in a similar alarm every morning?
Looking at Chen Yidong again, he is even more skilled. First, he will shake his watch on his head and close it. Secondly, he will take a big sip of water and rub his eyes hard again. He will pour a little water into his hand to wash his face.
Wash your face!
He is washing his face!
He washes his face in the college entrance examination!