The two men slowly descended from the sky with a large number of Taoist priests of Wanshou Palace sent by the gods and clouds and landed in the altar of the Dharma Association of Liuhe Temple.

The Taoist priest of Wanshou Palace immediately drove all the monks out and changed the Buddhist instruments to Taoism.
The altar was also broken up and a lonely altar was built again.
Ling Qing placed the wheel of merit in front of the ancestral tablet of Sanqing Daoism in the altar of dharma.
The Dharma altar still shows the Dharma realm of nine days and ten places and a group of ghosts and ghosts in it.
Make it clear to everyone.
He and Zhu Guang took over the altar and presided over a ceremony to refine and pray for blessings.
They are much worse than Master Dahui, who robbed the immortals and cultivated the capital by Lohan in the world, which easily melted the city’s ghosts.
Lingqing two people naturally also not line.
However, compared with Da Hui Zen master Ling Qing, there is one advantage.
That is, he has spent more ghost kings in Yinshan world.
These ghosts can’t earn nine days and ten places at all.
Plus he has red-violet industry fire.
Although Miaojing Emperor is not in other ways to exert his power
But it is enough to suppress these ghosts.
What makes the school even worse is Lei Fa.
And the ghost is most afraid of thunder.
With the help of Taoist priests who have practiced Leifa, it is much easier for them to become two people than it is for Zen master Dahui.
So I was still in Amitabha in the city, and I was merciful.
Have been replaced by measuring the compassion of the Buddha and the immortal teacher.
Looking at this situation, a ray of Buddha’s light appeared, and the wise elder Neng Nai met Lingqing.
I took the monks back to Liuhe Temple.
After 7749, the ghosts of the dharma circle were sent to the underworld one after another.
And the people in Hangzhou also regard them as living immortals.
These days, they already know that the two men are immortal teachers sent by the gods.
And the two emperors served by the Shenxiao Sect
One is the person in charge, the longevity emperor, and the other is the Qinghua emperor who rushed to the rescue.
Immediately spontaneously demolished or changed the Mani Temple outside the city to set up the Shenxiao Wanshou Palace.
Go inside every day to burn incense and pray for two statues.
Just as Lingqing and Zhu Guang were trying to turn ghosts into ghosts and glorify God’s tradition.
Sung river also led a magic star to attack Qingxi County, the lair of Fang La.
And Lingqing two people here also ushered in a large number of fellow.
Swing the magic Buddha, nine days Xuan Nv first
Fu Yang, Luo Zhenren, Zhang Ziyang, Shi Tai, Wang Zhongyang, Zhizhen Elder;
Taoist Ling, Tian Yong, Zhang Zhe and Tian Ying are all here.
Lingqing two people saw it immediately. This is to completely uproot the fire statue, an alien god who invaded.
Ling Qing and Zhu Guang invited everyone into the longevity palace to let the demon Buddha and Xuan Nv sit in the theme for nine days.
The rest of you sit in separate classes.