Jiu Jianxian’s blow is no joke. Like a sword, he can cut the Xuanwu Saint in half. He gritted his teeth and directly turned the Xuanwu shield red and said, "Then I’ll kill you first."

Or give up.
Is also excited eyes spray blood corners of the mouth with blood, a basaltic shield withstood the Jiujianxian sword and naturally a Jiujianxian flew away.
But I still lost all my efforts.
Xuanwu "Ow!" A call escaped in the second time. Bo shook his head, but he sprayed frost before he remembered to escape.
The effect is not bad
But this time, the Xuanwu Saint insisted on killing this group of people, so he took the Xuanwu shield to attack and shake it out, and he could also spray out the energy body.
One killed four or five floating knights.
Those masters also surrounded the past and turned into two armies against each other, but the floating knights were not afraid of debauchery, wealth and meow.
Meow meow elder sister said, "heaven city master immediately the baggage and take the journey you will die."
Xuanwu saint is laughed "that also wait and see if you can put it off until that time to kill me" take the lead in rushing.
And with the Xuanwu shield, this big killer really took advantage as soon as it was injured, and it was still fierce.
I was so excited when I saw it, I wanted to help those who helped me float the knight and killed those Confucians, and Chen Feng and Wei Yuan came over and said, "You should go ahead and help us."
I’m not good at it, so I immediately went to the sky and besieged it.
The face was a mess, and many awakened people ran to the periphery to watch, while not many people left in Confucianism and Shintoism died.
Suddenly I saw two bodies lying there.
One was a jade-faced fox that was broken by a grimace and a witch, and the other was an Iraqi woman who was blown unconscious. Both of them should have been discovered by the Shinto.
Put it there first
I jumped over and killed the jade-faced fox with a knife. If this person doesn’t kill, it will be a disaster, and nothing can be blamed for being cruel to a woman.
But at this moment have to.
But looking at the body of Qiushui Iraqis, I was a little stunned. This knife is a bit confusing.
The effect of chopping is definitely better than killing the jade fox, which saves a lot of trouble, but when I think of Jiu Jianxian’s infatuation with her and killing the enemy together when I invite the deputy to the underground palace.
I really don’t want to do it, but I know it’s time to say to myself again and again, "Don’t pretend to be merciful at this time. The witch girl is dead. You have to pretend to be merciful. Someone has to die and be regretted by it. You have no place to buy regret medicine."
When she wakes up, she will continue to help Shinto.
And it will also disturb our camp. This general, Jiu Jianxian, is the main killer, and it’s nothing. Even if Jiu Jianxian knows it, he won’t blame it.
She was trying to kill us.
I’ve been trying to persuade myself to pass all the knives in my hand, but I still gasped when I looked at the plate with a light gauze.
If you don’t cut it, "you’ll regret it."
I can’t wait to give myself a mouth, but my heart is still soft and I can’t bear to kill myself like this. It may be the best way to leave it to Jiu Jianxian and them.
I’m just going to pick it up and take it away, so maybe I can minimize the trouble, and it’s a fucking coincidence
She was in a coma for nearly several hours.
I coughed and woke up and saw it. I immediately seemed to realize what I wanted to stop or take my own weapon.
Only to be weak and fall down again "poof!" One also vomited blood.
This is the congestion. When she was bombed, she was close to the Xuanwu Saint. The Xuanwu Saint seemed to feel that she still had it, but she was still in a coma.
When the body is hit hard, it is actually a good thing to highlight blood, but it is a bad thing not to vomit.
I immediately pointed tangdao at her throat and said, "You are better than me, but I don’t care if you dare to move at this moment."
If you dare to move, I will really start work.
She actually showed a smile and said, "I’m still dead. I didn’t expect to be dead. It must be the Xuanwu Saint who saved me."
After looking at the situation, I frowned, but I still said, "You can’t stop the Shinto religion. Everything you have done is awakened. Everyone should not stop it."