Received a fatal blow.

I said, "The primary treatment potion is not working. Let’s get a more advanced treatment for trauma. Well, there are life-saving potions."
Tong immediately said, "A bottle of advanced therapeutic liquid with 100 points can be cured without death."
I immediately spilled it on the wound surface and gave Zhou Jiayu half a bottle, which made him feel better. There was a slight movement.
I’m relieved.
Lin Weiwei said, "I heard you say that the family members of the right door soldiers judged that Zuo Zhanzhi on the left road might be a Shinto. Isn’t it better to pull his clothes at this time to see if it is Shinto?"
That’s right
Just in case, if it is directly killed.
I got him over and looked at nothing. "I don’t think so. Well, stay back. This person must have experienced something. Anyway, I feel that their strength can advance, attack and retreat, but they can’t keep it. There must be something for him to run here alone."
He also said seriously that "it is possible to have something to do with Shinto."
There is always a feeling of being stared at, and Zhou Jiayu is not a religious person. How can he not be suspicious when he is suddenly made like this?
Lin Weiwei sophisticated also nodded, "then take it back."
Watching his wound heal slowly, he picked it up and looked at the distance. He should have come from the direction of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses. If someone wants to kill him, he will definitely come back.
I just looked at it, but there was no one for a long time
Of course, even if someone comes, I’m not afraid of being poor and angry, but I still have Xuanwu shield to clean up one, two and two.
This just took him back to our house.
It’s not shift time yet.
Lin Weiwei asked, "Don’t wake them up, let’s discuss it."
I thought for a moment, "Wait, don’t worry, let them sleep in Zhou Jiayu first. I feel that even if the wound is healed, I have to wake up early and talk about it."
Settled in the corner of the room
They didn’t wake up, so I came out with Lin Weiwei again and said, "Now the gods, players and Qin terracotta warriors and horses are all here. It’s getting more and more chaotic."
Lin Weiwei nodded and hugged my arm. "What do you say in one step? Of course, completion is the key. It’s good to go out and meet Sister Meow."
I didn’t have any idea there. I just walked one step at a time and sighed, "Now I have no idea. I always feel that there is a big net hanging over me, which makes me a little confused."
My appearance is different from that of other awakened people. After living on the earth, so many changes have taken place and Xuanwu has been arrested.
It has become a barrier to Shintoism, a demon cult leader, and Shintoism is even more god-playing.
And if we can really stop the Shinto religion and stop all this, then we will change our lives.
What is it to change one’s fate?
There are still other things. Anyway, it makes me think most of the time.
Lin Weiwei hugged my arm and said, "Then forget it and move on." She knew that I seemed to have something to guide me.
Release Hongli to participate in this vice and so on.
As for me, I said I wouldn’t tell anyone, but it’s understandable that he controls everything and naturally doesn’t want to be known.
It’s better to sigh and see if you’re thinking about what plans he has for me to come.
As time went by, the second group of people came out. It was a fire falling and Pang Bo rubbed his eyes and said, "Little Brother Weiwei, you go to sleep and we will keep it for a while."
I’ve decided not to sleep tonight.
But I feel that there are two people who want to inform me, and suddenly they are a little tired, so they say, "OK, you keep it."
And Lin Weiwei went back to the room and lay down to sleep slowly.
This sleep was not bad, and I recovered a lot of physical strength. When I woke up, it was already over 9 o’clock in the afternoon, that is to say, it was less than ten hours since the deputy really started.
Get up
Everyone knows about Zhou Jiayu, but I don’t know if I’m angry. Anyway, there are some accidents and Zhou Jiayu hasn’t woken up yet.
I said, "You don’t want to prepare for eating and washing, and you can wait until he wakes up and ask." What happened last night?
And it surprised me.
I cann’t believe that the rich and the angry dead haven’t come back yet. I shouted when I shouted, and even if I didn’t hear you clearly, I sent it out in the guild
How can it not come yet?
Maybe something happened to me, too, which made me a little confused, because if something happened to them, it would be quite big. I feel that the net has never shown up to arrest me because I was afraid that my Xuanwu shield was in my hand.
I’m so angry that I’ve taken my arms away.
If I knew this, I would be underestimating my enemy with more people. I don’t know what to do.
Lin Weiwei helped me to get the washing water and said, "Look forward to everything, didn’t we agree? Maybe I will wake up this week after I wash my hands, and I will know the answer then. "
Everything must have something to do with last night.
Just nodded, washed and ate, and the result was done.
He "ugh!" When I woke up, I really woke up suddenly, and when I woke up, I was very excited and shouted, "I will kill you all."
Thanks to the advanced healing potion, the wound has recovered well-almost 50% state "Ah!" "ah!" Yelling really got up.
"I killed him. I killed him."
Make the whole scene confused.
I immediately went to the stop and said, "Calm down, calm down, you’re all right, calm down, calm down."
Others also shouted "Nothing, nothing, don’t touch, don’t touch"
He just blinked and saw all this, and then thought about it. It seemed that he thought of last night and looked at me and said, "You saved me, didn’t you?"
I nodded and said, "Did you run here? Now the player’s deputy hasn’t finished yet, and everyone can be said to be close."
Lin Weiwei said there, "You were badly hurt last night. We used advanced treatment potion to cure other potions. Whether you are lucky or not, we just have it."
How could Zhou Jiayu not know that after he ran out, he made a lot of therapeutic liquid bases, but it was a drop in the bucket. Finally, he came here, and his life was really terrible.
Advanced treatments are hard to come by.
And Lin Weiwei and I said that, and he was very happy, so he nodded, "Thank you for saving me."
Then this just some grin.
Anyway, I broke into the ghost gate and almost died, but I was still injured.
We gathered around and said, "We escaped quickly and early yesterday. What happened? Your right-hand strategist is still quite powerful. How could you escape here alone and almost die?"
"Yes, I remember you were fine when we left at last."
I feel that it may be that I was beaten by Qin terracotta warriors and horses, or there may be someone behind me.
As a result, Zhou Jiayu also said, "We came to the right door this time, and all the deputy people died. Finally, I ran out because the enemy was a player and a group of players were desperate."
This is something we didn’t expect and we are very curious. In that case, there are players who do this kind of thing and we can’t help but ask, "What kind of players are so powerful?"
Zhou Jiayu gritted his teeth and said, "Li Chen combination!"