But fight to the death until the last moment, like a man, fighting vigorously with SK and losing vigorously.

This opponent deserves the respect of ZGDYD team.
ZGDYD team all seldom get serious after the game.
Politely shake hands with the SK team and then party all night!
The whole cologne, the whole DOA world in Germany, the whole DOA world, the blood of this game, DOAER is happy at this moment.
Because of the splendid feast and the gorgeous confrontation between Zhai Hao and VIGOS.
PS Onion is also happy to watch everyone vote for the red ticket. It will be even happier to watch everyone add a collection. If there is more ~ Haha ~ Don’t forget to collect some ~)
Ups and downs, pleasure, kindness and hatred
Chapter one hundred and nine The song will come to an end.
S, that is, Mu Xiaofeng didn’t defend in the natural disaster highland, because S was in the ghost, and Kajia had made an insight into the flute.
Will be greatly weakened.
A controlled range of vertigo skills is also unstable.
So Zhai Hao asked Mu Xiaofeng to push the tower.
Encircle Wei to save Zhao!
It’s easier said than done. In case the SK team takes off the tower in the middle of the road, then the SK team will turn around and kill S.
It can be said that Mu Xiaofeng takes no less risks when pushing the line than ZGDYD team defenders.
Time is too important for SK.
Ghosts developed and formed, but Dragon Rider didn’t.
This is SK’s only chance in the headwind situation.
SK seized the opportunity but failed to complete the comeback.
SK plays tough, ZGDYD team plays smarter.
The game has been won, but the skill is high or low.
Some people are always born to win, just like Zhai Hao.
At the top of the podium, which symbolizes the king, this has been heard from DOA for several years. On this dream night in Cologne, the king is holding the European championship trophy in his hand, and it doesn’t feel abrupt at all.
While Zhai Hao was personally interviewed after the game.
What’s in the bag is even more domineering, and the king’s wind shows his legacy.
Zhai Hao’s personal interview equals no interview.
No one has ever been able to interview Zhai Hao. If Zhai Hao doesn’t want to talk about it, then no one in the world and no reporter can pry a word out of Zhai Hao’s mouth.
This sudden comeback Zhai Hao made a simple sentence after the game
But it brought a large-scale earthquake to the whole DOA community
In the bag!
What a simple word. This is EH.
Self-confidence, self-improvement and freedom
Do whatever you want. Zhai Hao wanted to retire then he retired.
If you want anything, go for it. Now ZGDYD will be crowned king when he comes back from the European Invitational Tournament!
After the final of the European Invitational Tournament, Cologne ushered in a night-long carnival in the city.
I forgot how long it was.
Cologne has never been so crazy again
People sleep this night, and they must sleep this night.
ZGDYD, the king of the whole city focus, is completely surrounded by the crowd.
The main members of the Cologne Athletic Committee in Europe have rich experience in hosting the Games, and their experience in European competitions is definitely one of the best.
However, it was also scared by the enthusiasm of the competitive fans who poured into Cologne in the past two days.
Crazy is not enough for the enthusiasm of the spectators in this European invitational tournament.
It’s not madness. It’s madness.