Crazy patient no.1 experimental body

This man was first brought here to do experiments and suffered many inhuman tortures. Now, although he still maintains his human heart, he is no longer a man.
After several people in Yang Ye restored blood blue, Yang Ye took the lead and directly stepped into this weird ward-
[You entered the intensive care unit, which alarmed the sleeping crazy patient No.1. He will attack you. Please be careful! 】
If you come in, you will be alarmed. If you don’t come in, you won’t go to the second floor! I always want you to fight.
Detect that someone has entered the outside, lying in bed, crazy patient No.1 slightly moved his neck and twisted his head to Yang Ye, a team of several people, and let several people in Yang Ye see this crazy patient No.1.
The hair is gone, the scalp is covered with dark black patches, and the skinny and dark cheeks are deeply sunken into the eyes. A circle of eyes breaks, and the eyes seem to burst outward, and the eyes are overflowing with black liquid; His nose was missing, a piece of adhesive tape was put on his face, and his mouth was sewn. It seems that something happened when he was sewing the other half, but he didn’t sew it, and now there are still threads and needles hanging on his face. The neck is even more weird. There is a small line around the Adam’s apple. From the outside, it should be a knife wound. It is probably a scar after the operation. His head is probably broken.
When the eyes rolled and the pupils locked to Yang Ye, several people were sewed in half, and suddenly the mouth was stretched and the line was stretched for a few minutes with a miserable smile …
"Hey hey ….." Something seems to be stuffed in my throat, and something is purring.
Seeing this scene for the first time to hit a few people are a little cold.
"What is lying in the trough feels like killing him!" Wu Di touched his arm and looked like "you are disgusting"
The rest just nodded and looked at it, so they wanted to kill the goods.
"I have special skills to look at the blood volume. Let me wait for you first." Yang Ye stopped and began to work, Li Yanxin said.
"So diao? Where did it come from? Get me that line, too. Look at it quickly. "Li Yanxin was surprised. After playing the game for so long, he didn’t hear of any skills to see the boss’s blood volume. It depends on the monster’s action state, language, appearance and other conditions to judge whether the monster will fall down.
"I don’t know where to get it by accident." Yang Ye smiled and the miner’s hat was indeed an "accident."
Re-focus on the sickbed crazy patient No.1 Yang Ye carefully looked at his attributes. This is a nightmare. The difficulty can’t be careless-
Crazy patient no.1 (golden boss)
Grade 42
Crazy bite those experiments … How cool! Crazy patient No.1 pounces on the target from a long distance, and the target will be bitten by crazy patient No.1 for 6 times, causing a lot of damage and bleeding. The damage caused by each bite will increase by 5%, and the additional damage caused by bleeding will increase by 1%.
I don’t want an injection when throwing heavy objects! ! The violent emotional state makes crazy patient No.1 fall into madness and stimulate his own potential, which can throw all movable objects around him and cause damage. Throwing objects has a chance of causing dizziness, and the higher the volume, the higher the chance of hitting, the highest 1%.
Ha, ha, light! Damn it, the lights are blinding me Crazy patient 1 can skillfully turn off the lights. In the state of no lights, crazy patient 1′ s avoidance rate is as high as 5%, and the hate refresh light will be played again in 7 seconds.
Say that damn doctor. I hate him! Hate him! ! ! What what ….. He won’t continue to torture me …
(Hidden falling light dance bracelet (level 4 gold) and ventilated armor (level 4 silver))
The attribute is weak enough to drop slag, so it is also weak enough to drop slag. The difficulty of a gold level and a silver level nightmare makes this kind of thing really sad.
"The total health is 45w, and the defense is ok. The magic resistance is not high, and your output speed is accelerated." Tao Shen said.
"Got it." Tao Yangyang’s staff, his magic belongs to magic, and he doesn’t even have attributes.
Yang Ye’s side is already solemn and ready, but the boss over there is slowly crawling out of bed, which makes people want to beat him.
Crazy patient No.1 seems to be about to fall off his head and climb from a dirty hospital bed at any time. He is wearing an oversized patient, but he hasn’t changed it for a long time. He is in tatters. His body is thinner than his face, dark and full of bones, and there are many weird twists and turns. It may be a fracture.
However, his right arm is still connected to the bottle rack that fell to the ground through a thin tube, but there is nothing in the bottle, and there is no liquid in it, which has already sent light to his body.
He picked up the bottle rack from the ground and held it in his right hand-obviously this is his weapon.
"I … toy … hey … hey …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Yang Ye, a few people care so much. Now that you can fight, why talk to your boss so much?
"fight!" Yang Ye shouted.