Seeing that Chu Wen bought darts and came back, the temperament elder sister laughed. "Which one of the three of us does the Chu brothers want to invite?"

Chu Wen took one look at the three girls, and it seemed that they were very shy. The Queen Leng Yan didn’t look at him, but the temperament elder sister smiled very kindly.
Chu Wen smiled at Liang Jia’s little sister and asked politely, "I don’t know what to call this beautiful lady?"
Mad dog dragon chuckled. This guy really knows how to choose people.
A good little sister covered her mouth and smiled. "You can just call me Xiaoyu."
Chu Wen said, "So, Miss Xiaoyu, can we do it now?"
At this time, the eyes were focused on the fact that the two of them came to the bar. Center Stage Chuwen looked at the light box and the disc did not speak, which seemed to be in a state of concentration.
Suddenly he jerked his hand and flew out with five darts in a row.
"take it! Seize! Seize! Seize! Seize! "
After five consecutive light rings, the first three darts hit 2 points, and then the two darts slightly deviated, 19 points and 1 point respectively.
This score is not low. Men in other seats look a little envious, but mad dog dragon droops his eyelids.
However, it is obvious that Xiaoyu is by no means a semi-suspended level. She also used the same technique to fly out around with five darts in a row. The men soon looked dumbfounded at Chu Wen’s eyes and gloated a little, because Xiaoyu’s five darts were 2 points.
Chu Wen didn’t say anything and hugged his fist. "Excuse me!"
Then he walked towards the mad dog dragon. "You should be white now!"
Mad dog dragon nodded. "I always feel that I spent that one dragon coin in a nightclub much more wronged than you."
Chu Wen couldn’t help laughing. "What?"
Mad dog dragon said, "If I lose later, it will be that two dragon coins didn’t catch any bird hair tonight."
Chu Wen laughed. "It’s good to have an eye addiction at least."
Dou Bilong stopped telling him to walk to the bar and throw a lot of money. "I may order more darts later. Is this enough?"
The student respectfully replied, "No problem, sir. Go ahead and I’ll send the darts."
Tease than dragon this just swagger to three beauty field eyes fell on him again.
Men have a strange psychology. If they can’t get it, they are afraid that others will get it. When the mad dog dragon walks away, most people’s eyes are full of disdain and ridicule.
When I passed the fat position, Fat couldn’t help laughing, "Brother, can you do it?"
Mad dog dragon laughed. "Do you dare to gamble with me?"
Fat is interested. "How to gamble?"
Mad dog dragon said, "If I take one away tonight, you can call me Uncle Three."
Fat smiled disdainfully. "Are you kidding me?"
"I knew you wouldn’t dare." Mad dog dragon ignored his big thorn and walked into the booth, directly sitting on the sofa next to the jade.
"Who asked you to sit?" Queen Leng Yan stared at him coldly.
Mad dog dragon doesn’t care. "I can sit whenever I want. What if I think about it?"
You!’ Queen Leng Yan seemed to be about to get up, but she was caught by the temperament elder sister. She looked at the mad dog dragon with great interest. "This brother looks unfamiliar."
Mad dog dragon road "that’s not important"
The temperament elder sister said, "Oh?"
Mad dog dragon said, "Cut the crap and get to the point!"
Sister temperament smiled. "That brother has to invite one of us, right?"
Mad dog dragon waved his hand and said, "I’ll invite the three of you together."
As soon as this was said, everyone was surprised. Chu Wen opened his mouth wide. He felt that he had just made this friend and was crazy.
The temperament elder sister is still laughing. "That depends on whether the brothers are sincere?"
This time, Xiaoyu took the initiative, but the mad dog dragon decisively said, "Slow down!"
Jade curious way "huh? Do you have any questions? "
The mad dog dragon smiled, "You can’t!"
Xiaoyu was surprised. "You said I couldn’t?"
Mad dog dragon nodded slowly. "I said you can’t, you just can’t!" "