Dark leather leggings

Rarity 2
Ordinary defense
Special effects night movement speed increased slightly.
Remarks are not serious pants at first glance.
Although it can work at night, the attribute of high moving speed is very real, but after seeing the price, Feng frowned. This pair of trousers should be completely silver-finished. It is no wonder that there is no business in the store. Then Feng looked at other equipment and found that there are even weapons with rarity 3 for sale! But the price is even more expensive. It costs 55 silver.
"What do you think? Everything in Betty’s shop is the best in the city," shouted the red-haired beauty
"It’s good, but it’s too expensive." Feng was about to leave the store when she finished, but Betty grabbed her and said, "Hey, don’t leave in a hurry. Why don’t you do my sister a little favor and I’ll send you a piece of equipment?"
Oh? Is this going to be given?
"What busy?" Maple asked back.
"I need a batch of star iron now. If you can get five pieces, I’ll give you the equipment."
"Deal" maple nods
"It shows that you have accepted digging three feet."
After hearing the instructions, Feng asked Betty, "But where is this star iron going to dig?"
"It’s not far from the Blackstone Cave outside the city," Betty returned.
Feng nodded and asked, "By the way, did you buy equipment here?"
"Yes, but I have to see it before," Betty nodded.
"What do you think of this wristband?" Maple will treasure wristbands to Betty said
"Well, it’s not bad. I’ll take five silver coins," Betty said after looking at the treasure wristband for a few times
Feng didn’t doubt that Betty would cheat him. After all, this is just a piece of equipment that can be worth 5 silver coins in a novice scene, which is quite worthy of the special effect that it is very valuable.
After selling the treasure wristband, Feng walked out of the equipment store and took a look at the opposite potion store. He found that the primary recovery potion was just given by Tianma Hangke. Here, he actually sold a bottle of 1 silver and 5 quintals, and then looked at other potions. There are many powerful effects, but the price is even worse.
I’m a little puzzled to visit two stores in a row. This game store is also too expensive. Since these stores are set up, it should support players to buy it, but which player can accept such a black price? However, it seems a little white to think about the gap between NPC shops and players’ markets. All the products sold in NPC shops are really ahead of the times, and players who want to make these equipment or props ahead of time will naturally have to pay a high price.
After figuring it out, it makes sense for these NPCs to set up shops, and they will make money and buy them directly without money.
Although Feng is a little money now, he can’t afford to spend so much money, but he still wants to spend more than 1 silver. After all, the currency depreciated so fast at the beginning of the game. Today, you can buy a weapon with a silver coin, and maybe you can’t even buy two sesame cakes.
After thinking about it, Feng made another call to Tianma Hangke, "Do you have any good things there?"
"The big guest said that there must be one. Wait a moment." Tianma Hangke replied quickly, and soon he sent two things.
Amplifying agent (potion)
Consumable substance
Can make the number of times 1/1
Ordinary quality
Effective combat capability increased by 15 seconds.
Remarks to feel this short and powerful.
A scurrying medicine (potion)