Xiao Zhou didn’t say, "What happened to talents? Even if geniuses want to do stupid things, they still can’t escape the punishment of the French open. What happened to young people now? It’s really that one generation is worse than the other, and they don’t cherish their future and life."

He is pretending to be an age-old, but the nostalgia and regret in uncle’s eyes are even stronger when he hears this.
Chou sighed, "I don’t know what this guy committed and was brought here? But at least two people were killed when they were brought here. By the way, boss, don’t you know someone in the federal court? Why not ask around? "
"What are you asking about?" Uncle Nai said, "Li Dalong’s case is said to be a Class-A Class-3 major case, which is extremely important. The Supreme Court’s trials are all closed and even auditing is not allowed. How can I inquire about it? Even if you trust an acquaintance, there is a principle of confidentiality. You can’t hurt your friends, can you? "
His words are obviously contradictory. You are not related to Li Dalong. If you don’t know the slightest wind, you come here for no reason to send someone a bag of walnuts and ask a few key questions implicitly. Did you eat too much and hold on?
However, Xiao Zhou, a teenager, is still shallow, where can he get the taste? He can scratch his head. "Hehe, the boss said that there is also a confidentiality system. Anyway, the federal court never wronged good people, and we don’t need to be too divinatory."
Uncle shook his head. "All right, forget about the car. Let’s go for a while and go to Jiuyuan Star. There was a big case just now."
Chapter 26 MuZiXing eyes ling Zixuan
Uncle sent a total of 72 walnuts in the cell, but it was a great thing. Li Dalong shared it equally with Bald and Lin Zhi, each with 24.
This evening, the three people were very happy, especially Lin Zhi. He thought that Aaron, your relatives and friends must be great enough to tell them that they have nothing to do and come to see you often. Brother Dong and I can follow you.
Of course, he wants to know who came to visit Li Dalong. It is estimated that he will vomit blood on the spot. When Uncle arrested him, he was beaten a lot and suffered a lot. He was psychologically shadowed.
One night, the great Li madman "even if there is no loud noise in the sky, labor and capital will appear in the dark." It is true that he still walks, walks and walks behind the line. This time, after eleven days of long-distance travel, the great "I am a Buddha in the West Mountain"-Stefan Maierhofer Decheng finally appeared in front of me.
This is a very spectacular and gorgeous city. Compared with the village where birds don’t shit, it can be said that it is magnificent.
It is almost a medieval European court style, which is retro, luxurious, noble and elegant. Gothic architecture can be seen everywhere. There are plane trees on both sides of the wide road, and there are flower beds and fountains at every street corner.
In the past, there were a constant stream of players at the city gate, not only carriages, cars and other means of transportation, but also occasionally flying in the magic wand. The elegant figure and gorgeous trajectory of players all made this place seem like an exile, romantic and even more like a dream of several people to fight for heaven.
Curious Dragon Hillbilly was immediately shocked by all kinds of wonders and pictures when he first entered the city. Of course, if the visitors and Xiaodingding promised to despise and look at him, "It’s silly. This is not the central city. If you see the central city of Justice League, you will be scared."
However, there is no one to lead the way, and there is no way to get those materials.
Brother Great Soul has gone to the East. Brother Great East recently left his exile and stayed at home, relying on his parents to go out and friends. Who should I find?
Thinking about Mad Dog Dragon reminds me of Xia Xiaoqing. Why don’t you send a message? Although a big shot like that may not pay attention to himself, how can you know unless you try?
Unexpectedly, Xia Xiaoqing responded quickly and the reply in the sound box was very polite. "Welcome, please wait for me at the east gate for 20 minutes at most."
After ten minutes of practice, Xia Xiaoqing’s unique beautiful image appeared in Li Dalong’s sight.
"I said that once you have a chance to come to Hoefeld, you are welcome to visit us with purple eyes." Although Xia Xiaoqing is naturally business-oriented, this makes Mad Dog Dragon feel very warm in his heart. Anyway, people like this don’t forget their promises, which is really rare.
Mad dog dragon is wrong again. For him, Xia Xiaoqing is a big shot. Yes, big shots worry about big things. I didn’t play hide-and-seek with your friends, but Xia Xiaoqing came anyway, just like the great soul brother, always carrying his own bootleg.
In that cave war, Xia Xiaoqing was very impressed with the innate attributes of Mad Dog Dragon. She wanted to pull Mad Dog Dragon into Mu Zixing’s eyes. At that time, when Mad Dog Dragon was only at Level 2, she was wooed and given reasonable training. In the future, she would add another effective fighter with high loyalty to Mu Zixing’s eyes camp. However, at that time, she was entangled in Baiyun family feud and Mad Dog Dragon flashed quickly, and the opportunity was missed.
But it was only a few days before Mad Dog Dragon took the initiative to deliver the door, and Xia Xiaoqing quickly came to join us.
Mu Zixing Eye Headquarters is a huge purple building similar to a church, which is located in the east of the city. As a whole, it looks not only beautiful but also smart. Compared with the seven characters of "Mu Zixing Eye-Ling Zixuan" on the top of the gate, it is said that it is so brilliant and colorful, and the magic stone keeps shining all the year round. People should know that the strength of this guild is definitely among the best in Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer.
Mad dog dragon has seen the world this time. After entering the door, the hall is even wider than his imagination, comparable to the football field.
There are various murals, statues and memorials hanging around the walls, which record the profound heritage and past glory of Mu Zixing’s eyes.
Listening to Xia Xiaoqing’s explanation, Li Dalong realized that Mu Zixing’s eyes had a history of 15 years since it was founded today, which is quite rare in the guild of The Ninth Continent. Although The Ninth Continent has been issued for many years, it does not mean that a guild force can stand up all the time through ups and downs. If you practice to level 1, you will die at that time, and the guild will be annihilated with the dust.
"We are three generations’ efforts to develop our purple star eyes." Xia Xiaoqing pointed to the distance and said proudly, "See that sign? We bathe in purple stars, and everyone is proud of it. It is our greatest glory that it can shine in exile for fifteen years without going out. "
Li Dalong was also a little excited. People with faith are really different. Their words are infectious.
Looking in the direction of her gesture, I saw a purple half-moon sign hanging in the center of the hall and a bright cross star hanging at the tip of the moon.
Well, is this the Chinese logo? Mad Dog Dragon poked around and found that the players in the past nodded and said hello to Xia Xiaoqing from time to time. It seems that Xia Xiaoqing’s position in the guild is not low.
"Aren’t you a senior team leader in Section 1?" Mad dog dragon asked curiously, "You should be an official, right?"
"Position" Xia Xiaoqing light way "by the way, what are you doing in Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer? What do you need to see if I can help you? "
Mad dog dragon finally got caught. When he finished telling the story, Xia Xiaoqing first praised it verbally. "It’s hard for you. It’s only level 2 that you came all the way from the novice village, but your friend is fine because of your loyal friends."
A dragon can’t stand praise and immediately gets carried away. "That’s that’s that’s that’s a friend doing everything in his power. A woman doing everything in her power, a friend doing everything in her power, then a woman and a friend …"
Xia Xiaoqing immediately interrupted him, "It is hard to buy these things in the market, but the key is the technology and production equipment. I know a np who can help you, but …"
"But what?" Mad dog dragon is forced not to ask questions
Xia Xiaoqing said, "I can recommend you to go, but people will recognize the guild and will not recognize outsiders."
"What do you mean?" Mad dog dragon is at a loss.
Xia Xiaoqing’s eyes flashed a subtle cunning "that is, he accepted our eyes and people did not accept others."
"This is too hard? Why don’t I join you and bathe in purple stars? " Mad dog dragon finally became
Xia Xiaoqing stared at him closely. "Are you really willing to join us to bathe in purple stars?"